British longhair pet cat and kittycat

British longhair felines have the name lowlander or Highlander. This is a full sort of the breed British Shorthair. In our day the agents of this type is getting substantial popularity among pet fans.

These animals do not call for very complex treatment and are of calm as well as wonderful

character. The appearance and criteria of the British lengthy haired pet cats Professionals have created a variety of standards of appearance, which should satisfy the British longhair feline:
  1. The pet’s body is muscular, with a large upper body and also shoulders and short effective neck.
  2. Paws at British feline short, their musculature is very well developed.
  3. The tail is tool in dimension and rounded at the idea. Cosy tail is just one of the major advantages of this breed.
  4. The skull in the long-haired Briton rounded and also beefy, with rounded cheeks as well as a solid chin. A tiny straight nose shape. Huge spherical whisker pads offer a specific passion to the look of these felines.
  5. The eyes of pet cats huge and color represent the color of the pet.
  6. Of the ear set broad apart, are of typical dimension and also a little rounding at the pointers.
  7. That length of woollen is the characteristic of this breed. The coat has a rough texture as well as hugs the body snugly.
Variations of the layer shade

The vast bulk of British long-haired felines having a strong monochrome shade and also has no spots on the layer. Felines as well as cats with brief hair requirements allowed any kind of color.

Sometimes there are unusual shade variants: Tortoiseshell pigmentation indicates throughout the body uniformly spaced places of red and black shade throughout the body. Possible place cream or blue flowers.

  • Long-haired breeds, great smoky shade. Amongst them distinguish cameo, smoke, chinchilla. These animals have a white undercoat, which partially absorbs the primary color of the guard hairs. This unusual color makes the appearance of the feline extremely appealing. Normally great smoky felines have a darker back, head and also legs. Collar and also the ears are lighter, with a silvery luster.
  • Tabby– long-haired type of British, recognized under the name of harlequin, striped and ticked. This species has a distinguishing characteristic– the mark on the temple in the form of the letter M. the Main shade of the layer constantly comparison versus the areas, which gives them definite type and also expression. From the edges of his eyes depart a solid line of dark colours, which go back and run along the entire back. Thus, it is quite a distinct pattern appearing like a butterfly. Breast and neck embellished with animals contract constant rings. On the abdomen and upper legs are areas of round shape.
  • Found amongst British longhair pet cats as well as the so-called bi — — they have the fundamental color can be combined with white. The primary requirement of the standard is the area of the shade is not more than half and also at the very least one third of the surface of the entire body of the pet. To the tinted locations must not meet, white hair. Should be repainted one ear and also on the head or the face to be the mark of large size. Some high spots ought to get on the back and legs.
  • Siamese coloration suggests the white shade of the fur on the body as well as repainted tail, paws as well as ears. On the face may be the mark in the type of a mask.



There are a variety of traits integral in the majority of British longhair pet cats. As a whole, this breed is tranquil as well as grace. These Pets are extremely spirited and caring, ready to play with candy wrappers, sunbeams, etc. of the British felines are really attached to those whom they consider family members, nonetheless, unobtrusive and also not hostile.

These pet cats hit it off with other smaller sized animals can perfectly locate an usual language with people residing in the residence attractive rodents and also birds. To youngsters and their tricks pet cat is very patient.

Little kitties naturally are qualified by curiosity as well as restlessness. They extremely rapidly learn what is and also what is not. And adjust to the lifestyle of the owners. Also one of the most agitated as well as restless kitties in 2-3 years they become consistent and also reach its final growth.

To a new house as well as brand-new owners of these kittycats obtain used to it very promptly.

British cats — — only animal, they can not stroll on the street. This type can quickly get yourself a those people that are not home most of the moment. Their four-legged animal is not likely to get bored without continuous focus of the owner.

Features of acquiring a kitten and also picking The very first thing that can intrigue a possible owner of the British longhair feline is its cost. The cost of a kitty of the British might rely on a number of elements as well as differ widely. Of course, the cost of British longhair kitties in cattery and also high-end from an exclusive breeder can vary a number of times. This kitty will certainly be a perfect family pet for those that prefer harmony and also home convenience. It does not call for too much focus and treatment, yet will certainly answer to his master with love and also affection and also with satisfaction will certainly illuminate recreation.

Care and maintenance British longhair feline

Due to the fact that this breed is thick as well as lengthy coat, he needs much more treatment than short-haired counterparts.

The coat of this cat usually has a thick and thick undercoat, which is really usually created floor coverings.

  1. To stop matting of fur as well as tangles, the pet dog must be cleaned every 2 days with a soft brush with long bristles. In spring and autumn the pets have a seasonal moult beginnings and then comb them will need daily.
  2. It is not suggested to bathe this breed frequently. Particularly the Brits are normally really scared of water. Make your pet calmly approve hygienic water treatments, it is necessary to accustom to it considering that early youth.
  3. The ears as well as eyes of the British do not need intricate care — — they are sufficient to clean soft cotton swab numerous times a month.
  4. British longhair pet cats are cleanliness and are quickly accustomed to the tray. Nevertheless, the sanitation of the tray need to be thoroughly kept an eye on as well as a modern-day clean dirty filler. Otherwise, the British longhair pet cat may emphatically decline to utilize the tray as intended.

Include the British as possible in a small city as well as a personal residence apartment or condo. It doesn’t call for everyday strolls exterior.

Food British longhair

What to feed a feline of type British long haired to determine its proprietor. Some individuals favor to use natural products, others make a choice in favor of the manufacturing facility ready feed. If you get a pet that has already been discouraged from breast milk, find out what he made use of to eat from the former proprietors. It would be better if the new owners would feed the kitten of about the very same food.

If your selection fell on prefabricated manufacturing facility straw, preference ought to be provided to selections of premium, which are designed particularly for feline types longhair types. In such feed has all the required supply of minerals, nutrients and also vitamins.

If the kitten Briton eats healthy food from the diet plan need to leave out the adhering to products:

  1. Fatty pork.
  2. Any dice.
  3. Potatoes in all forms.
  4. Pickles, smoked and fried meals.
  5. Flavors, spicy and hot flavors.
  6. Wonderful food.

In the diet regimen of the long-haired Briton need to consist of raw icy beef as well as hen meat, quail eggs.

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