Taking care of snails Achatina: description exactly how to care

Those people who wish to have residence hassle-free pet dog give birth to snails Achatina. They are animals that reveal friendliness, while undemanding in care. The important point to make sure for them problems of high moisture and also diet regimen that requires to include nutrients and minerals.

If it is, after that snails will certainly grow well and beautifully recreate by laying eggs. These Pets like the business of various other pooches, So if you decide to maintain residence snail, you ought to acquire not one

but numerous people. Short summary of the snails Achatina

These are creatures that replicate by eggs, they are discovered in Africa in an exotic as well as subtropical climate. Scientists to day have determined 60 types of these mollusks. Among the residential types include snails policy and also reticulata. The snails Achatina body is quite soft, as well as the shell has a pointed type. Some mollusks in the size it can get to 30 cm.

Representatives of this varieties can have color the following shades:

  • black;
  • brownish;
  • marsh;
  • brown with dark bands.

Along with these colors, in nature there are also snail-albinos, whose characteristic attribute is the white colour. The size of them is smaller sized than that of snails with a different color. What will be the color of the shell in bivalves mainly relies on the diet regimen that the animal gives the owner. Grownups have a carapace with a greenish tint.

The peculiarity of these animals is that on they are optic body organs. 1 centimeters snail Achatina sees. Even from a distance of 1.5 m it can scent the smell of your preferred cabbage or lettuce.

The weight of each individual is 0,3-0,45 kg. These creatures are quite fun and also are particularly watchful. His master they bear in mind rather promptly as well as can later on identify it from other people. Normally individuals acquire a home snails Achatina the breeders. Less typically they are bought in family pet stores. Among the attributes of these mollusks is that they lay a great deal of eggs. Because of their high fertility frequently the proprietors give these shellfish cost-free.

Snail at home: how to have?

In nature, the main habitat of these animals are: Asia, Tanzania and Kenya. In these countries, the temperature is at a comfy degree for shellfish. The neighborhood vegetation acts as a fantastic supply base for these snails.

If you have actually earned the snail Achatina, it is essential to create comfortable conditions to develop.

It will certainly have to accomplish the list below conditions:

  • you should purchase a terrarium;
  • fill it with a quality substratum;
  • to offer the snails a great nourishment;
  • to abide by all rules of health.

In some instances, snails Achatina you can even create a go through his own home. Nevertheless, before permitting your pet, you ought to thoroughly evaluate the surface on which he would certainly do his stroll. On-site walking must not be barriers, mud. Various other things that can hurt the skin of the clam need to also

be missing out on. When the material in the house of the snail Achatina, unique focus needs to be paid to the absence of draughts in the apartment or condo. These molluscs are really conscious temperature and also humidity. For that reason, to permit them only a brief walk so as not to damage their own health and wellness.

While the content of the snails in your home, you likewise require to focus on pet nutrition, to check the air temperature in the terrarium. If the diet of the mollusk controlled by poor quality food or in his residence is extremely completely dry, it can cause the shell of a clam will certainly degrade and also break.

Temperature mode

For agatino are house to the hot tropics, so caring for them must provide for Pets ideal temperature level in the terrarium. She must remain in the array from 20 to 28. To attain the wanted temperature program, one ought to not put the terrarium directly from the battery or heater. This can result in overdrying of the substrate. You also need to focus on the individuals are not caught the sun’s rays as this can trigger the temperature comparison, which for these undesirable creatures.

If we speak about winter, in order to keep the terrarium temperature, use the special heating lamps that are made use of to care for reptiles.

Light for these shellfish does not truly issue, so no demand to renew to them light day. You need to constantly remove the resources of light outside the terrarium to leave out crawling of their Pets on the lights.

The humidity level

These creatures in nature stay in the Equatorial forest, so humid atmosphere along with the temperature level need to be appropriate. To guarantee this, it is needed a number of times a day to spray the wall surfaces of the cage, and additionally to dampen the trash, utilizing water from a spray bottle. For the typical presence of shellfish humidity in the terrarium must be at the degree of 75-85%. Sometimes, for example, if you keep the snail albopicta, the moisture level ought to not drop listed below 90%. What is the moisture for your pet is most ideal, largely depends upon what kind of snail living in your house.

In an initiative to supply the necessary pet wetness, it is required not to exaggerate the spray of wetness, as in this case, a high danger of coming to be environments of the types in the swamp. In order to comprehend whether the existing degree of moisture for your clams, you need to focus on their behavior. If Achatina beginning to climb up the walls of the cage higher are on them frequently, then it is a signal to the host that the terrarium is really humid atmosphere. If they burrow into dirt or conceal under the lid, this suggests that the moisture level is very reduced and needs to improve.

Where to consist of the snail Achatina?

For clams of this species do not require to create any special framework. You simply need to make use of an aquarium without water or take a container made of clear plastic. You need to prepare for them a fish tank with an ability of 20 l or an unique box if you prepare to put in your terrarium 4 individuals. Since snails have the capacity to definitely crawl on any kind of surface area, it is necessary not to fail to remember to cover their real estate lid. You need to do a hole in order to have Pets in a terrarium was a great circulation of air.

To their residence in a new residence comfortable, you ought to on the bottom put soil in which they can dig if required. The perfect litter for snails Achatina is coconut or Orchid substratum. If you remain in the terrarium are grownups, you can pour the substrate layer in the 5 see For young shellfish will certainly be enough 2-3 centimeters Combination of big loose sand with non-acidic dirt — — perfect litter for snails.

If you wantto the cage, which included a snail, look attractive for your visitors, you need to put into the plants. The option should be made for brush or ivy.

You can additionally make use of:

  • no deteriorating timber items;
  • moss;
  • terracotta fragments.

In this case, the environment your Pets will certainly be improved as well as will look initial. Furthermore, this design of the cage will certainly work to the beings, because the air in the terrarium will be filled with oxygen, and also their diet is extra varied.

The components of the snail Achatina in the residence: feeding

At this moment, you should pay unique interest. To worry about food for shellfish is not essential, due to the fact that these animals are totally picky. It should be noted three main item, which in these mollusks are the most favorite: apples, cucumbers, as well as lettuce.

However, it is not needed to give them only these items. To them life was long and delighted, you require to make the menu selection and also give an additional carrot, and to include in the food selection the cabbage leaves. Potato snails are not particularly fond of. The only exemption is the vegetable in prepared kind. In the summertime you can give your Pets a range of fruits and berries. Vegetables these molluscs are additionally not averse.

Among other items Achatina like the following:

  • tomatoes;
  • bean;
  • zucchini;
  • melon;
  • mushrooms;
  • boiled eggs.

It should be kept in mind that in the diet plan of these snails can be allowed, not all products. Shellfish ought to not take fried, sweet or spicy food. Its usage will cause the fact that people will rapidly perish as well as eventually pass away.


Multiply snail Achatina egg laying. You ought to understand that domesticated species reproduce rather well. We keep in mind that they are hermaphrodites. This indicates that the offspring they can bring even without a heterosexual companion. If you don’t want your family of snails is full of new types, the eggs that have postponed the snails, rinse. They stand for eggs in mini. If you have any type of passion in reproduction of molluscs, it is necessary to meticulously cleanse the terrarium, so as not to accidentally remove the eggs. And afterwards to increase the nest their Pets can not be thought about.

Born little animals in the initial days of life need to be given mashed carrots, and clover, which consist of calcium. In this instance, they will certainly expand healthy and balanced, as well as their armour will certainly be strong.


When there is a desire to have a residence pet, some people choose a feline, the other a parrot. And get some snails Achatina. These Pets, living in an apartment or condo with his master, make no noise. They do not call for expensive feed, so everyone is able to consist of in the house Achatina. Taking care of them is to maintain the cage in optimum conditions of temperature level and also humidity as well as regular feeding. If all this is made sure, then the clams will certainly live lengthy and also happily, pleasing his master.

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