Feline type British chinchilla

Cat breeds a terrific many. One of one of the most elegant is thought about a British chinchilla. This is a type of feline with a specific coloring of hair as well as brilliant blue eyes. They are not like various other felines and are of an incredibly lovely layer.

Chinchillas are very healthy, tranquil cat, yet they require unique attention. In this short article we will review the breed thoroughly.

The history of

In the 19th century dog breeders tried to get the unusual color of their hair by going across Persian cats with the British. Ultimately started to present pet cat tabby, that are known for eco-friendly eyes. The shade still transformed out not so, as intended, so the dog breeders Persian pet cats were introduced right into the crossing, and also that was the verdict of such a stylish color British chinchillas.

Now chinchilla color are British, the Persian, and also Burmese pet cats, though the first holder of this layer was a Persian feline.

Characteristic of the breed

British chinchilla is fairly a large pet cat evaluating up to seven kgs. Chinchillas substantial bright eyes as well as thick fur.

These pet cats are caring as well as tranquil, they love to play with youngsters and also owners. If you don’t pay attention to them, these cats will certainly feel lonesome and come to be tired as well as sad.

Do chinchillas actually value personal room, and also if their Pat presently when they do not desire, the pet cat right away escapes and also

might also scratch. Definitely need to regulate the power of the British chinchillas,

  • since they are vulnerable to weight gain. Other attributes of this breed include: These cats are very cute, they show their knowledge and also can also interact with the proprietor. Their normal meowing can be spoken in different voice and various modulation that in some cases proprietors believe their animal with them chatting.
  • They have excellent manners and also actually value their personal space, so they will certainly enable themselves to be pet or cuddle only on the state of mind.
  • They effectively understand the leadership of the proprietor.
  • They are rather spirited as well as love the business of his owners.
  • Chinchilla will not live peacefully in your area felines, they extremely hardly ever also make good friends with people of the breed.

Since chinchillas are the owners of thick hair with the undercoat, they need a more extensive care of his coat. British chinchillas must be thoroughly brushed two times a week, specially brush. There are likewise special tools for the pet grooming of such animals. You can use a completely dry hair shampoo that assists to cleanse hair without water.

British showering chinchillas is recommended not regularly 2 times a year. Also constant water therapies can create issues with hair and skin.

Sure weekly is needed to examine the ears of the pet and also make sure that there is no collected dust. To clean the ears need a cotton bud. Eyes cat must be wiped daily with a soft towel dampened with cozy water.

To stroll any type of certain feline on the street or to invest a lifetime in the apartment or condo– it’s a specific question as well as it is solved by the host pet. These pet cats will like to play in the road or the garden. In this instance it is necessary to use a cat collar from bloodsuckers.


Food British chinchillas need to be differed, and also, most notably, enriched with all necessary minerals and vitamins. You can use ready to feed premium. Most definitely the pet cat ought to always be a dish with clean alcohol consumption water.

If the person hosting decides not to buy feline food as well as feed your family pet healthy foods, then the

  • diet of felines ought to appear like this
  • : beef and poultry steamed;
  • the greens as well as various veggies; eggs; fish low-fat varieties.

Yet still require to give choice to poultry, rabbit as well as various other lean meats. Fish can not offer greater than 2 times a week and just prepared. Dairy products (yogurt, sour lotion, home cheese) is likewise not advised to give very commonly. You can offer porridge, steamed vegetables.

To feed a pet cat needs 2-3 times a day in small sections, to not overindulge, as this type is susceptible to obesity.

If you feed your feline the foods which contain vitamin a, snow-white hair, it can darken. Vitamin a is discovered in such products:

  • red as well as yellow vegetables and also fruits;
  • the yolks of the eggs;
  • butter;
  • milk.

If the food fit the pet cat it will be seen by the condition of its layer– it will certainly be shiny as well as silky, as well as the pet cat is active as well as playful.

Disease British chinchillas

These pet cats have fairly good health, yet still this type has weaknesses. The majority of chinchillas get sick:

  • kidney disease;
  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy;
  • diseases of the retina;
  • conditions of the teeth.

Inoculations British chinchilla should have from the age of 1.5 months. Re-vaccination has to be finished in 3 months. Additional vaccinations ought to be done annually.

Vaccinations are from:

  • rabies;
  • rhinotracheitis;
  • distemper;
  • kalitsiviroza.
Purchasing a kitty

When purchasing British chinchilla you require to focus on the moms and dads of the kitten. If the shade of their hair does not fulfill the conventional, then, probably, the kitties from them will be even more non-standard color.

Definitely need to ask the dog breeder regarding the parents of the kitten genetic or chronic diseases.

Cost is a wonder to be depending upon the conditions of detention, the schedule of origins as well as the function for which the kitten is purchased. In the nursery, you can discover a kitten for 2000 rubles, as well as if you need event kittycat with an excellent pedigree and also the most effective food, the amount will certainly be about 25,000 rubles.

Knit British chinchilla

Because of the truth that the mating of this breed possible deviations in color, dog breeders lower chinchillas in a really narrow circle of people.

Nurseries for British breeding chinchillas is extremely small, so discovering a partner is bothersome and extremely pricey.

To chinchilla selected as pair for mating it is essential to carry out a facility of steps concerning the wellness as well as appearance of cats.

Certain animal need to prolistovat, pass the examination at the vet. Additionally, unique interest needs to be paid to woollen as well as the look of the cat. It requires to be regularly cleaned and also to follow the diet regimen.

This breed integrates the charm of plush playthings and also proud noble character. Not to state that this cat is simple to preserve. But to those that will appropriately feed her as well as care for her, she will certainly settle you with devotion, affection and inflammation.


Gold British chinchilla gave me for my birthday. This is most likely the very best present of my life, my wonder. She’s much like a toy, hair Teddy. And also her lovely Golden color just does not take his eyes from her. She has ended up being a member of our household. I feed her Royal Canin with. She likes. We see that the food came. Her coat is shiny as well as she is very active. Getting fat truly rapidly.

Our neighbor resides on top of the cat-chinchilla. They purchased it somewhere at the program. I think this breed is called silver chinchilla British. The next-door neighbor does not let him outside due to the fact that our backyard many regular cats, scared to harm the pedigree. We in some cases took the youngsters to see it. It is simply wonderful. His silver fur and also very brilliant eyes make him some kind of creature. It appears that it’s fake. He very rarely meows, so calm, attractive pet cat. We envision this, naturally, deny, since they are afraid the kids will certainly satakat. And, naturally, we’re all in love with the neighbor Patrick.


I never recognized there are such stunning pet cats. When my hubby revealed me on the internet the cat Golden chinchilla as well as asked if I wanted this, I responded that, of course, Yes. We went to look for this in the nurseries, it was not so simple. Gold is such a handsome male a great deal of cash. Care it is simple, we feed him unique food, sometimes cheese as well as fish. Currently thinking about buying an additional silver chinchilla, yet I’m scared they were dealing with.

This is our fourth year of living silver chinchilla British breed. We named him Sam. All this time we lived in a house and really did not let him on the street, and also in 2014 we relocated right into the house. Tried to stroll our silver good-looking on the street. For him it was just a huge tension. He holds on to the planet and mostly all the moment spent was short ears and tail, regularly checking out. Hereafter incident he lived only in one room, as well as later began to appear. Now he is totally walking on the street, outside the gate, not out. In General, the feline silver chinchilla extremely homely as well as tranquil. She the majority of the time asleep or relaxing. In some cases our put on around the residence like mad.

We have in the entryway a female bought at an exhibit of feline Golden chinchilla. She is a very accountable strategy to the option of a pet dog and also constantly wished to participate in exhibitions with this pet cat. When she brought her residence, we asked the new bride. Such lovely pet cats I have never ever seen in my life. The cat is not simply Golden, it is a copper-peach-Golden. Each of his hairs stretched color slope. And the touch is just extremely soft deluxe plaything. Now cat is 2 years as well as the proprietor brings it on a range show, where he occasionally obtains the top place.

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