Develops shoes and also paintings made from fish skin

A resident of Ingushetia Akhmed Shadiev the globe’s very first well established industrial innovation for the production of footwear and also accessories from waste handling.

Ahmed Shadiev the very first in the world designed the modern technology of tanning the skin of a giant squid. For the previous 14 years, he is establishing techniques of handling of skins of sea pets, turning them right into products with high consumer homes.

In 2011 he arranged in Ingushetia, the first and also the only Russian commercial business on manufacture of fish skin with the brand and Shadi in addition to his companion Alexander Mishin has a store in Pyatigorsk, where stitch a selection of fancy items of leather salmon, carp, sturgeon, trout as well as carp.

« Fish skin is three times stronger than favorable. The skin of the squid as gold leaf, it can cover any type of product. Reptile to represent — — expert can not identify. As an example, cow’s leather with Top and also croc-embossed with the squid. Normally, the thinner the skin, the « richer» » it looks and squid is five times thinner than anything else that makes modern-day market,» » he says.

The far Eastern individuals for centuries made clothing and also footwear from the waste of angling. Yet the product they utilized, practically called skin is difficult. It’s raw, it’s simply dried out in the wind and also crushed skins of sticks. Products of them can be washable, as well as soft they various.

Ingush business owner found out how to produce fish skins so that product is consistent with modern criteria expensive deluxe natural leathers.

As well as most notably — — the initial in the world created for this is not artisanal, and also industrial modern technology.

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