Fish pike: description and also fabricated reproduction

Pike is among one of the most renowned freshwater fish, living in the territory of Russia. It is of excellent rate of interest to sport fishing, it is like fishermen-fishers, it is much valued in food preparation.

Even in Russian culture fish pike managed to leave a substantial mark by coming to be the personality of the preferred kids’s fairy tales and also cautionary myths and also Proverbs. Today pike not only captured in the wild, however are reproduced unnaturally.

Fish pike — — description and also environment Pike is the biological family members of meat-eating freshwater fish which is only depictive of the household schukovyh. This category includes various classifications from 6 to 8 independent types. (By the means, the armoured pike — — a fish of a completely various organic family as well as to this pike has no relationship).

In Russia under the name of pike, a default is typically comprehended as a kind of pike usual, which is widely dispersed in Europe, most of Siberia, Canada and North East USA.

The optimum size of a pike gets to 1.5 m and weight up to 35 kg, but in practice people greater than 1 m and heavier than 8 kg are incredibly uncommon. The fish has actually elongated round body and also large head with vast squashed mouth. Body colour is rather variable and highly dependent on the environment in which fish live. And differs not only the color (green to brown) however the pattern (possible areas and red stripes). Solitary fins pike have a yellowish-gray shade (usually discovered); combined fins are orange. Sex-related distinctions are just visible in the genital location.

The reduced jaw of the pike significantly is and extends covered with huge teeth of various sizes that helps with a secure hold of the sufferer. On the upper jaw as well as smaller teeth guided towards the throat, which prevents the retreat of the sufferers of the pike’s mouth.

The actions of pike

Pike — — fish, which trades hunting as well as absolutely not thinking about plant food. It stays in streaming lakes as well as rivers with a consistent flow, but is not discovered in tiny stagnant fish ponds and also quick rough rivers with cold water.

Pike favor to conceal near undersea thickets, where it can easily assail small fish and various other of their targets. The basis of the pike’s diet includes species such as roach, bream, gudgeon, perch, ruff, bream, and so on. While pike did not antipathy to consume the young of its very own kind. In springtime as well as very early summertime this predator take advantage of frogs and young crayfish. Large pike can get hold of the ducklings as well as small creatures (rats, squirrels, etc), for one reason or an additional locate themselves in the water. Recognized assaults pike on grown-up ducks.

In General, pike are not scared to search big prey. A sufferer of this killer is frequently the fish, the dimension of which is 50 % as well as also 60 %of the size «of most pike. Nevertheless, the typical size of the pike, about half a meter, feed mainly on the lots of « weed » fish, so this kind regularly made use of in

fish ranches to damage little ruff as well as perch. Like many various other predacious fish, pike pursues from ambush, concealing in the thickets of algae, how and lunges at his victim. Pike practically never indulges in the chase if the ambush fell short. To capture target, it always ingests with the head, if necessary, turning her in the ideal instructions. Searching pike helps not only vision, but also very delicate side line.

Recreation pike

Under natural conditions, women of this varieties start to breed at age 2 to 3 years, males at 4 years.

Generating begins not long after ice melt when the water temperature does not surpass 3-6 ° C. the Females leave in superficial water (depth up to one meter), where they begin to splash active as well as loud within the generating grounds. Each lady is come with by a number of males.

The female will lay from 17 to 215 thousand eggs. They have a relatively huge pike — — 3 mm in diameter — and quite sticky, so I typically stay with water greenery. After that many of them sinking to the base, where is their more development.

As caviar is from the very beginning in shallow water, with a considerable drop in water degree in the fish pond, most eggs are eliminated. It is regular for reservoirs, the water level which is managed by guy and also consequently extremely unsteady.

The larvae hatch from the eggs throughout the 2nd week after generating and also can independent feeding, consuming tiny crustaceans. Getting to a size of 12-15 mm, pike mosts likely to the young larvae of carp, which spawns after pike. Young five-centimeter pike finally carry on to the fish.

Remarkably, river fish pike regularly generate in lakes zaplavnoe that after the springtime floods swiftly lose touch with the river. With the lack of food in such fish ponds hatched out fry expand erratically. Agents of the very same generation may vary in dimension in 2 as well as more times. In such circumstances, the food cycle is arranged on the basis of cannibalism when extremely little pike prey on plankton as well as young fish, he thus coming to be prey for the in 2015 and older pike. This occurs especially usually in Yakutia and in the North of Canada, where these pike lakes exist on an irreversible basis.

Financial worth pike

In commercial fishing, the anglers seldom target pike. Generally it is simply a good enhancement to target enormous fish. This takes place for apparent factors: the pike is a predator, yet since in a balanced food cycle of a river or lake it is, necessarily, will be much less than various other fish.

While sporting activity angling pike is one of the most desirable trophies, which purposely prey many anglers. The need to capture a pike that is intrinsic to the sporting activities anglers, not just since it is a large fish, however likewise due to the fact that it is not so simple to capture. Being a worthwhile opponent even for the skilled fishermen, pike it enforces a lot greater requirements than bream or carp. To capture a pike can only be one that has the ability to exercise resourcefulness, care and also persistence. On top of that, the pike household of fish is big in size, so to obtain her out of the water, occasionally it takes impressive stamina.

Finally, this killer is a blessing for fish farms. If you prepare to adjust the reproduction of a huge natural fish pond, first it is required to reduce the populace of garbage fish — perch, roach, crucian carp. For these functions, the storage tank run pike one to 2 years» has the ability to « bring back order » in the pond. Likewise pike can get rid of the populace of industrial fish from the ill and also weak people. Nonetheless, always need to be watchful that the mass pike is not knocked harvesting fish, as well as in any case you require to catch big pike, hurting the fish organization.

Pike in cooking

Given that old times amongst all the freshwater fish the pike has actually constantly been considered a special. No superb feast can refrain from doing without one or more meals of pike.

Medieval physicians declared that it was one of the most effective fish, due to the fact that it has excellent usefulness for wellness. Over the past century, the clinical viewpoint on this issue has not transformed significantly, however just found extra clinical verification. The flesh of the pike has numerous b vitamins (beneficial to the nervous system), potassium (regulates high blood pressure), magnesium (good for the heart), phosphorus (impacts the mind) as well as other materials.

Like all fish, pike is a dietary item. It only has one percent body fat, yet healthy protein as high as 18%. The energy worth of pike meat does not surpass 84 kcal per 100 g Thus, the pike is ideal for those who are watching a number.

This fish is a little completely dry, but tender flesh. Moreover, experts guarantee that the preference of the meat the better, the bigger the pike. Nevertheless, a very large fish fairly dry, so cook it to saturate with wetness. Stew with vegetables, packed with bacon, meat and vegetables, cook soup, and so on.

In General, the selection of pike is completely large as well as the culinary custom of cooking this fish go back centuries. Pike baked, deep-fried, stewed, boiled, stuffed, allowed to soup, make meatballs, crowns, etc the Only downside of the pike, for which numerous do not such as, is its harmonic.

Synthetic reproduction of pike

As adheres to from the summary, the pike is a fish of target, so it can not be made use of Malkovich as well as baby room fish ponds with carp. It is not made use of in trout fish ponds. But it is well materializes itself in the all-natural lakes, rivers and also ponds, where a great deal of trash fish, which she will eat.

Pike can be efficiently reproduce in lakes with financial institutions abundantly covered with plants. In such locations is always a lot of tiny fish below, pike will be very easy to quest. However in bad vegetation waters where little forage fish to efficiently breed the pike will not work because of the hunger it eats its own young.

In the man-made reproduction of pike putting on weight four times faster than in all-natural conditions. In the wealth of forage fish fingerlings of the pike evaluate approximately 400 g, as well as the private instances often two times.

Breeding of fingerlings is expanded in grow-out ponds are usually in addition to the carp. Numerous farmers in the list below year, leaving only rearing, and also all the remainder of the animals are sent for sale. StorageTek pike is permitted to reproduce in the nursery ponds carp, where they will certainly eat the fry of carp and wild carp. In winter, pike sent out in earthen ponds, where it put fifteen to twenty of fingerlings of carp as well as cockroach for one pickerel.

If fisheries do not very own broodstock, to obtain a young use wild pike from all-natural reservoirs. Moreover, as a result of the peculiarities of their physiology on the one lady you need to take a minimum of five men. For breeding use of earthen fish ponds or small ponds with plentiful benthic plant life. Pike will certainly generate.

Larvae from cages capture on the 3rd day after their look. Not behind the fifteenth day after hatching, the larvae are sent out to grow-out ponds, where they can discover food. The larvae in the process of the catch from the generating premises left on the undersea greenery, it is first necessary to remove.

Because the reproduction of the pike in ponds is an extremely bothersome job, even more ideally making use of unique device in which eggs Semenets and better bred artificially.

Indicators the survival rate of juveniles in grow-out fish ponds reach an average of about 50%. Optimally to put fry in the exact same proportion: in ponds where there is an abundance of trash fish — — no greater than 400 per hectare; where it is little — — not greater than 250; where it reconstructs to 120 fry. In large reservoirs, curled every 2 years, per hectare of water surface area decrease from three hundred fry of pike.

Productivity pike in the 2nd year of cultivation gets to one and a fifty percent quintals per hectare.

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