Grape snail in nature: just how the snails live

Among enthusiasts of unique Pets broad popular grape snails. They are plain in care, to check their life quite interesting for both children as well as grownups.

And if in the gardens, these slugs cause a lot of trouble gardeners, in your home these snails make terrific Family pets. Who are

they, allow’s find out. Structure Helix pomatia comes from the course of land mollusks. This is just one of the biggest snails of Europe, leading to its spread from Southeast or Central Europe. The body consists of the torso, containing a head and legs, and also ribbed shell.

Thanks to the ribs becomes possible to collect even more wetness. In nature, usually the proprietor of a brown-yellow shell stripe, but the color might somewhat vary from the age of production, the living conditions and also specifics of nutrition. So, older clams progressively get a grayish shade near to white, covering. Yellow shade of the coverings discovered in snails residing in arid climates, as well as brownish — the homeowners of a damp atmosphere. The size of the shell depends on the age: Young specimens diameter of not over half an inch as well as has simply 2 round; The adult obtains a covering diameter of 5 centimeters or 4

turns of the spiral. The stamina of the shell, consisting of a permeable limestone relies on the living conditions of the mollusk: the drier the climate, the more powerful. Weighs this « residence » a little bit. The shell is a very vital part of the body of a snail

, since under it there are her interior organs — the kidney, the intestinal tracts. If it is harmed, the clam is destined devastation. The soft body «is put inside theshell. Clam carries out a gliding motion because of the tightening of the muscular tissues of the legs while relocating — creature both horizontally and also vertically. This is feasible because of the truth that glands in the body of the snail secretes a special mucus that permits the shellfish to cling to trees, rocks and wall surfaces. Shade of head and legs yellow-grey, and the sole lighter. To the inquiry how many legs do snails, you can address one! Typical leg size — from 3 to 5 centimeters. On the head of the clam put the horns of the two pairs, while they have different features: the top — of the eyes; the lower lips. Famous for helix pomatia a great deal of teeth, which are positioned on the tongue, rubbing food, like a brush. Grape snail in nature Life grape snails in

nature These outstanding members of the class Gastropoda can be discovered in nature practically everywhere and in backwoods,

and in parks, streets, roadsides, they

favor sides as well as thick shrub thickets. The major condition of stay is high moisture and lots of plant. Necessary grape snails and also chalk, limestone soil, where they will certainly be

able to lay eggs, and also reinforce the

sink, making use of limestone intake. The number of live snails? The typical life expectancy of the garden of the clam — 8 to 10 years, yet not all individuals are able to wait for « seniority », as gastropods have a lot of natural opponents: moles, reptiles, shrews, snakes,

some types of bugs, which permeate right into the respiratory system. Nevertheless, there are separated cases tape the lifetime of 15-20 years, but frequently it is the

Pets are bordered by care and interest. The champion of the yard shellfish in — captivity has left this globe at the age of 35 years! Time energetic at night, that’s when the clams begin to feed and also replicate in the dry period of development fall into put on hold animation. Intriguing wintering procedure: when the thermometer drops below level 7 ° C, the opening in the sink is

gathered an unique mucous, which during solidification ends up being very strong, virtually equivalent to shell. In this asylum gastropods can survive frosts as

low as -10 ° C. But in order to endure at lower temperatures, a clam buries itself in the dirt to a deepness of 30 cm the shelter clam will leave just with the beginning of heat. What to consume escargot Yard clam describes a herbivore, its diet contains: dropped leaves; fruits as well as berries; cabbage, grapes; veggies; humus( both natural as well as vegetable fruit); young shoots. Usually the pet need to consume the soil to saturate the body with calcium. The specifics of reproduction

Yard snail is a hermaphrodite that is one types integrates the man

as well as women sex cells. Reproduction happens in spring, 2 of the mollusk doing the love dancing, then signed up with soles. This is sexual intercourse, the period of which can

take about 2 hours. Trading spermatophore, mollusks crawl. By the place, the clam digs a small opening as well as lays regarding 40 small white eggs, with a diameter of a half centimeter. Crumbs are birthed about the 26th day. After regarding a week, their shells become solid and also the youngsters leave the nest. The farming of snails Snails are quite often bred at home: these Pets are particular in food and do not call for certain knowledge for treatment. For keeping snails, you must

buy an aquarium, the bottom of which cover them with dirt with the addition of granules of triggered carbon as well as housing looked good, you ought to put at least a few eco-friendly plants. The snail has to have irreversible access to clean water, so the fish tank needs to be furnished with a little storage tank. Water must be altered daily. Do not neglect — gastropods take a breath very easy, therefore the dirt ought to not be turned right into liquid mud

. In order that the clam does not fall under hibernation, you should offer it with maximum temperature level as well as moisture, to cleanse the walls of the container from the sludge. Consume home-made grape snail is fresh veggies and fruits: cabbage, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers

, tomatoes. Ought to immediately eliminate the remnants of food that have actually already begun to rot. If you want to reproduce snails, it is needed to increase their daytime with incandescent or UV light. It is recommended to offer the Pets and also the ability to fall into anabiosis — the supposed duration of rest, then they will not stray from the details nature of rhythm. These shellfish are commonly reproduced for the food industry. Their meat is considered a special, rich in healthy proteins as well as amino acids. And mucus of mollusks is typically utilized medicinally as a superb solution for burns as well as to remove verrucas.

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