Growing fish in a man-made pond

In a sand quarry for cultivation of fish are utilized not only fish ponds, and also various other water bodies of synthetic beginning, in particular sand-pits. The hydrochemical routine of these water bodies in lots of respects more favorable for reproducing fish than in peat quarries, and also reservoirs of complex purpose and also even in fish ponds full-cycle fish ranches.

Water in the sand pits is cleaner, as well as includes a lot more oxygen. That’s why they can expand the fish species that are a lot more demanding of hydrochemical regime, consisting of Peled.

Expanding fish in a synthetic fish pond

The following explains the experience of Mature people Peled in the profession of Constantine Kalinin area. It is understood that the development of reproducing stock of this species in fish ponds is associated with regular transfers fixation as well as animals producers from summer season fish ponds to Zimbali as well as back, as it creates trauma as well as a big waste of fish.

Regarding 6 km from the city of Kalinin, near the town of Konstantinov, for a number of years extracted sand. Right away growths have actually formed the quarry area of about 90 hectares, filled with water. Juvenile Peled in this quarry planted when sand removal was still taking place because of the irregularity of all-time low of the Seine rejected, as he dug in the sand. It was as a result determined to apply the set network in the period of pre-spawning focus Peled as well as collect the eggs, choosing the fish from the nets. Capture it in November with internet with a mesh of 40-45-50 mm.

8 days in his profession was recorded concerning 4 thousand copies. Peled. If at the beginning of the generating season, an average of one entangling web was 16-17, in the end, just 4-5 pieces of fish. Due to the cold snap, December 2, fishing was quit.

There were 29.2 million pieces of eggs. The collection of eggs in 1982 favored climate condition (air temperature was 2 °, of water — — 1.5 to 2 °). Shipping fish in open water to CADCAM took no greater than 1 h. Eggs from 539 ladies were taken immediately after harvest. Grown to Mature samplings a few days after harvest were additionally ready to spawn. To capture the calf used 1367, or 87 % of females.

Expanding fish in an artificial pond

Along with Peled, in his occupation was captured several samplings of various other types of fish: pike, perch, cockroach, IDE, Chub, carp and also pike Apparently, they were captured in the Volga river and also released in the quarry anglers. Unauthorized moving fish passed spontaneously. Their number in 1978 was minimal. Predators damaged before released to the quarry larvae Peled. Just equipping segoletki enabled to grow in it, Mature Peled.

This example plainly shows how hazardous all-natural stocking of ponds. And the appearance in them of killers such as pike and also perch, causing a sharp reduction in the variety of species, and also competition from roach and also carp in the use of fodder.

As a whole, the experience reveals that in the sand pits to grow valuable fish as well as producers of useful species.

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