How to determine the sex of the Djungarian hamster

Anyone who is going to have a little furry animal – a hamster, should understand that to be able to distinguish the female from the male is equally important as knowing what to feed the animal, caring for his housing etc.

Hamsters a boy and a girl buy together when they want to engage in breeding rodents in the home.

The importance of establishing a floor

Breeders need to be able to determine the sex of the animal, otherwise they risk to buy two boys or two girls, and reproduction by natural causes will not work.

More than two rodents of the same sex can injure one another. Especially if two adult hamsters were placed in one cell.

So, if you have not yet distinguished the girl from the boy, it is better to keep the animals separated:

  • Not always the seller of the pet shop knows how to tell sex of hamster. Then the buyer will have to distinguish boys from girls, not to be mistaken with the choice of the animal.
  • Especially need to be careful, looking for male. It happens that the inexperienced buyer gets a female, and pregnant.
  • It is necessary to know the sex and for the selection of the name of your pet. Not knowing the animal your boy or girl, it is possible to miss with a nickname.
Fixation of the animal for inspection

It is easy to determine the sex of a hamster, if he is old enough, because the animal has pronounced sexual characteristics, which are detected visually. If you want to determine the sex of a baby, you should wait until he is 3-4 weeks. At this age already be able to determine the boy in front of you or a girl.

Pet placed so that the visible external sexual characteristics.

To determine the sex this way, you can use two ways:

  • So the rodent has shown the genitals, you need to lift it, taking the nape. The body of the animal will stretch, and will be visible to interested in area.
  • The second method is less stressful to the hamster. The animal is placed on the palm of his abdomen up and hold it gently with his thumb. Perhaps this situation will not be like the first animal, but it will be able to calm down, gently stroking the stomach. So, the hamster will relax and will reveal the “intimate” zone.
How to determine the sex of the Djungarian hamster

To distinguish the female Djungarian hamster from the male, is a thorough examination of the animal. Of course, gender is determined by genitalia examination. But to establish a floor Djungarian hamster will also help measure the body length of the animal and determining its character.

If it is a male

The representative of the Junggar breed at the age of four weeks is already visible testicles near the base of the tail. Putting the hamster belly up on your palm, gently press down on the belly, then the testicles will become visible. The distance between the anus and a member of the adult should be 1-1, 5cm and babies – about 0.5 cm.

The male Djungarian hamster is easy to find the navel, through which these animals mark territory. Upon inspection of the adult rodent on top you can see a little sharp edge back on it and it is possible to distinguish males from females, in girls that area more rounded.

If the cubs are in the groin area swelling, then ripen the eggs and this is males.

Even males from females can be distinguished by more dense woolen cover.


In females distance from anal to genital distance is approximately 3mm. Even the female Djungarian hamster on his belly to the chest is two rows of nipples. A total of 8 pieces. The stomach probe will fail.

Usually the females of this breed are larger than males, so growing at home several animals, in most cases, to determine their gender by the size of the trunk.

Even females are much more active males, they do not like to go up, and a protest against coercion, can bite.

Deciding to get a pet, we take responsibility for the animal, which henceforth will live with us under one roof.

In this regard, experienced pet owners advise “newbies” before you get a cat, dog or Dzungarian hamster, well balanced, and, of course, accurately to determine the sex of a rodent.

The conditions of detention of the male differ from the conditions of detention of females.

If with cats, cats are more or less clear, the sex of the rodent is more difficult to assess. D zhongar hamsters can be wonderful friends for children and adults. These neat animals are likely to give birth to people that have no experience in keeping Pets.

To ensure the proper care of animals happens even in children. This is a frequent cause of acquisition of these animals as a baby gift.

Djungarian hamsters sold in pet stores in Asia, Europe, rarer in the United States. Domesticated animals often have a color different from that of wild counterparts. All Djungarian hamsters has on the back a narrow strip of dark color.

Standard colour: white belly and brownish-gray fur; also has a sapphire (gray-bluish fur, white belly); pearls (matte-white coat with gray intervals); Mandarin (tan / cream fur).

Due to seasonal adaptation hamsters molt in the winter, and their fur is almost completely white (fade grey blotches, the remains of the bottom stripe on the back). The shedding process is strongly influenced by the light regime of the day: when day length is short, the hamster changes colour in six weeks.

This process occurs because production of melatonin (the hormone of the pineal gland).

Lives home Djungarian hamster is 1-2 years, but with careful attitude on the part of the owner will be able to live a little longer.

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