Exactly how to obtain a certificate for the storage and transportation of hunting weapons

In conformity with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated December 13, 1996 No. 150 “On Weapons”, any kind of smooth-bore tool goes through obligatory licensing and enrollment.

Everything pertaining to weapons should be carried out by diligent and responsible people just within the framework of the present regulations. In instances of offense of relevant requirements, problems may arise with the police.

This consent makes it possible to make use of for searching and protection such sorts of smooth-bore things as single-barreled and double-barreled shotguns, handguns, pump-action shotguns, sporting activities tools, revolvers and so forth. All these kinds need compulsory licensing, consisting of enrollment. Permission can not be acquired in the absence of a permit.

Resolution is of 2 kinds:

  1. storage space of a searching rifle without the right to lug it;
  2. for storage space as well as bring.

The initial sight makes it feasible only to keep the weapon in the house. Its transportation is restricted, with the exception of its export to showing off events.

Files for searching weapons in the second case enable how to save it and also bring it with you. In addition, you can make use of the gun for particular, legal objectives outside the residence.

The image reveals an example license for storage and also lugging weapons:

The treatment for the acquisition, storage space and carrying of tools is recommended at the legislative degree. Considered that this area is laden and major with a considerable share of danger, the control over all processes is with law enforcement agencies. The issuance of licenses (authorizations) for the procurement of smooth-bore weapons and also further bookkeeping is carried out just by the cops.

Prior to purchasing the picked kind of tool (smoothbore, hunting), you must obtain a license (special file) for the right to purchase, after that you obtain the appropriate approval to store and usage.

Depending on the objective as well as sort of tool, there are different regulations for obtaining such authorizations (administrative laws of the Russian Guard for releasing licenses). Prior to purchasing directly from the seller, inspect the needed conditions.

How to obtain a paper for acquisition?

After you have actually picked a type, for instance, a smoothbore weapon, meant mostly for hunting or self-defense (BUT HAVE NOT BOUGHT IT HERE yet!), You need to speak to the neighborhood authorities department, and specifically the licensing and licensing division, and also apply for a permit for acquisition of searching weapons.

According to the content in the application, there is a field for loading under the name “brand name” — — there you can show that it is intended to buy a civil smooth-bore weapon.

For every unit of weapons, one permit is issued. In total amount, they can be gotten in amounts of up to five items.
This is just how the receipt of a certificate for the procurement of weapons looks briefly.

Validity as well as renewability

The certificate for the acquisition of smoothbore weapons is valid for 6 months. Is it feasible to prolong? If for the specified period of time for numerous reasons the possibility to obtain tools was not recognized, the expansion of the procurement license is allowed. To do this, you require to re-apply to the relevant law enforcement agencies.


An application for an authorization for a hunting (smoothbore) gun have to be sent to the qualified cops department at the place of your enrollment.

It will also be needed to affix a plan of files to the application, that includes:

  1. Medical findings:
    • certificate from narcology;
    • certification from a neuropsychiatric dispensary;
    • assistance develop No. 046-1 (on the absence of contraindications).

    These certifications can not be obtained at any facilities, but just at organizations certified to perform professional medical tasks. Normal area centers are among them.

  2. Information regarding the programs required to obtain knowledge on taking care of tools. A certification of successful passing the test on the guidelines for keeping, handling as well as lugging smooth-bore weapons is released upon conclusion of unique training courses that will require to be taken at a certified Training Center (training period is 3-4 months).
  3. Searching ticket — — it verifies that the seeker has the ideal understanding on using tools, understands the policies of searching and also possesses security equipment.
  4. Passport and also its copy.
  5. 2 3 × 4 pictures.

In order for the records to be approved into the work, it is necessary to pay the state charge.

Paper for the ability to store a gun in your home

Just how to obtain such permission?

A paper for the ability to store a gun in the house is issued after:

  • examining individual bio;
  • looking for feasible administrative as well as various other offenses;
  • evaluation of the designated storage space location.

There must be a risk-free or a metal cabinet that can be secured. Weapons must be kept in conditions ensuring their safety and security of storage space. Accessibility to it by unapproved persons, including family members, must be totally omitted.


Authorization is released for 5 years. At the expiry of the above duration, the permit can be expanded without failing to remember to collect the required papers. We advise getting in touch with the licensing division in advance (at least 3 months beforehand), since if you ignore the revival due dates, you will be sent out a penalty.

How to renew and what records will be needed? The procedure of restoring a license for smoothbore tools resembles the process of its initial acquisition, with the exception of one point. A certification of training in the use of weapons is no more given. An expansion of an authorization is generally issued in one month.

If during the renewal of the permit you locate infractions (greater than 2), after that more than likely you will certainly be rejected.

Obligation for Absence

What obligation waits for storage space of smoothbore weapons without approval? In the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation there is no punishment for storing smooth-bore searching weapons, in which instance administrative obligation will be used.

Based on paragraph 6 of Article 20.8 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, the prohibited (that is, without a permit that has actually not yet expired) purchase, sale, transfer, storage, transportation, or carrying of noncombatant smooth-bore firearms and firearms of limited damage — — will be approved by a management fine citizens in the quantity of three thousand to 5 thousand rubles with confiscation of weapons and ammo for it, or management apprehension for a period of five to fifteen days with confiscation of tools as well as ammo for y.

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