Moth clover

The photo small, but with the unusual color of the butterfly. Its wings are covered with geometric black and white mesh or lattice pattern. Looking closely on the increase, you notice the yellow accents of the lines, but a cursory glance in the first place catches the eye is black-and-white drawing.

Moth clover (lattice), Chiasmia clathrata

This is a butterfly of the family Geometridae and it is called the clover looper or looper lattice (lat. Chiasmia clathrata, Semiothisa clathrata). Medium-sized butterfly with a wingspan of about 1.5 cm Can have different forms and varieties. The color can vary from yellowish to white. Lives mainly in open spaces: in fields, forest edges.

Flight time: may-June and September. Larva food plants: various species of clover (Trifolium pratense, Clover tillage, etc.), also alfalfa Medicago sativa. The Russian name of moths, like German (it. Spannern) comes from the similarity of movement of a caterpillar with the movements of the hand of the person measuring the length of the span.

The Latin name of the family Geometridae – Geometridae (from Latinized Greek “the surveyor”) is also given in connection with this feature.

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