Neva cats: everything about the breed and caring for her

I’m sure many have seen the beautiful cat with fluffy fur Siamese color and large sapphire eyes. This breed is called “Neva masquerade“, it is very popular among cat lovers not only in Russia but all around the world.

The history of the origin of the breed “Neva masquerade”

In fact, this breed is not a fruit of efforts of breeders, as is usually the case. The first kitten is just so unusual and really beautiful appearance was born from her father-the Siberian cat and mom is Siamese cats in 1988 in Leningrad. Felinologists (zoologists who study cats) were blown away by the amazing beauty of “accidentally” the crossing and presented the kitten at the cat show.

A little later, in 1992, the breeders took this species in some of the officially registered status, and it happened thanks to the combination of the strength and power of the breed Siberian cat and beauty and refined sophistication from the Siamese cats. The name “Neva masquerade” was given by the breeders of St. Petersburg, where “Neva” means the actual place of origin, and “masquerade” indicates unusual color cat muzzles of this breed (coat color, as mentioned earlier, was through the Siamese gene).

Some zoologists believe that the breed “Neva masquerade” appeared due to genetic failure, while others believe that it was pure intentional crossbreeding. However, the official version is that this breed appeared at all without human intervention, that is, in a natural way.

However, breeders and cat breeders to this day continue to lead the debate on this matter, putting forward a new assumption that “Neva masquerade” is a subspecies of the Siberian breed. But the fact remains.

Neva cats: breed profile

The first distinctive feature of this breed is a large size. According to official data, bigger can only be a Maine Coon and the Norwegian forest cat. Thus, males of this breed weigh from 8 kg to 10 kg, and females slightly less at approximately 6 kg, which is too much when compared with other breeds. From the Siberian breed they inherited a strong skeleton and strong muscles, and from the Siamese – unusual color fur and blue eyes.

Installed, Neva masquerade cats and cats are very hardy and have excellent health, they have very good genetics, so these Pets live for 20 years.

Wool is truly the pride of the breed: long, thick, strong, which will never stray into lumps. These cats can make even the Allergy sufferers, as the Neva masquerade fur does not cause allergic reactions. But what is most interesting, the coat of this breed has a water-repellent and dirt protection properties, so this cat will not need frequent bathing.

Kittens of this breed long enough to Mature, this period is up to 5 years, after which the baby turns into an adult, and strong cat.

From the nature of these felines are the following features:

  • endurance;
  • relaxed attitude to changing environment and level crossings;
  • quick adaptation to the environment.

Now it is necessary to talk about the detailed description of the breed:

  • body Nevsky masquerade cat, large, strong, with a short neck and broad chest;
  • muscles are well developed;
  • the head of this breed has a trapezoidal shape, the nose broad and of medium length, low cheekbones, jaw well developed, the chin is big, but sevastopoi;
  • the cat ears set well apart, broad at the base, tilted slightly forward;
  • eyes large, round, set wide apart, eye color varies from light blue to sapphire;
  • the tail of this breed is of medium length, broad at the base and at the tip rounded;
  • wool Neva masquerade has a double undercoat on the back legs are fluffy “trousers”, and on the breast – lush “collar”.

The Neva masquerade cat can be any color, not only allowed chocolate-purple tones.

The most common are:

  • Forces Poynting – this cat has the body of bright colors, and muzzle, tail and paws are dark. Often found black-and-white palette, and have these representatives there are also little white “socks” on the legs;
  • Red point – these cats dark areas of the coat have red shades;
  • Cream point shaded wool have a beige color at a time as the rest of the body – cream, resulting in the impression of monotony of color;
  • Blue point – these cats dark areas are gray-blue tint, and the body entirely white;
  • Turtle point is a very interesting color in three or more colors, and they have only Neva masquerade cats, not cats;
  • Tabby point Neva masquerade these cats most adopted their Siberian ancestors, as their color are those signature stripes with patterns. They can be any color: black and blue, black, red, brown or cream.

In addition to these, it is permissible and silvery tones in the fur of cats of this breed.

Important clarification: Neva masquerade kittens are always born exclusively white, and its characteristic color only gain as they grow older. Paint only those areas which have the lowest temperature, namely the tail, paws, muzzle and ears.

Neva masquerade cat: character and intellect

Representatives of this breed is harsh in appearance, so the appearance has their famous Siberian ancestor. But no matter how considered the most, their nature is not reflected: cats and these kittens are very friendly and loyal to his master. This is a very sensitive, emotional Pets that will find a common language with all family members and even other animals.

Neva masquerade cats have three positive qualities:

  • patience;
  • mind;
  • intelligent behavior, gentility.

Regardless of age, whether kittens, young or Mature individuals, they are very playful and agile, and their ability to jump in height and length will soon be possible to classify the records: these Pets show a real master class on acrobatics. It is worth considering the fact that the Neva masquerade kittens (and kittens, they are considered up to 5 years of life) will throw off from the shelves and take away around the house all the small items, a kind of furry outlaws, so we should just move all valuables.

Proud by nature, with a sense of self-esteem, these Pets will not tolerate a condescending attitude, because they really consider themselves equal to man, and future owners need to understand this. Touchy, but easily appeased. Will not take revenge. I love all the members of the family, like any pack animal, choose a leader to the authority and attached to him more than to other people in the house.

But prying these cats do not favor. If the home came guest, it is not surprising that a pet will be hard to show off in front of him, but won’t even try to get close to him. Any attempts by outsiders to establish contact with the fluffy splendor will be strongly suppressed by the latter.

Neva masquerade kittens, cats and cats love children, sometimes allowing them a little more than normal. This pet can be trusted with their child, because this breed is a wonderful nanny who will watch the kids and if necessary to call adult owners.

Another positive feature of these cats is unobtrusive. “Neva masquerade” always ready to accept affection on the side of his master, but will never require it. She is independent and does not require excessive attention. The affection will respond with a purr and, if necessary, will be a good interlocutors: such pussies love to hear stories of his master.

The owner for this cat is the leader, the authority. Unlike its counterparts, it will be tied to him and not to the house.

If you make several of these kittens, they will immediately begin to distribute each other on the hierarchical ladder.

Neva masquerade breed is good for the fact that its representatives are not tearing the furniture to shreds with his claws. And don’t even try to do it. They do not spoil things. By nature intelligent animals, they have a high enough intelligence to understand what is good behavior.

If in early childhood a kitten of this breed to call only by name, it will remember it and will always respond. For example, the other cats have such feature very often.

Care of the Neva masquerade is very simple, from the attributes it will require only a slicker brush and the appropriate shampoo from the vet shop.

These Pets are very clean, so much effort to make their hygiene is not necessary, however, you will need to follow certain instructions:

  • comb pet need 1 time a week, and during the seasonal molt 2 times a week. Tail kotofei to not touch it as the hairs will be combed for a very long time to grow;
  • also during molting pet necessary to periodically bathe: this procedure they suffer stoically, although I don’t love her;
  • be sure to conduct regular hygiene of the ears and the eyes;
  • it is necessary to trim the claws of their Pets, with ordinary pliers.

And the bit about the toilet: the tray must be kept clean, because a cat will never go stale filler.

Neva masquerade and their feeding

For this breed acceptable diet is considered 2 meals at 120-120 g per day. Importantly the quality and of the food, because it will depend on the appearance of a pet. If the choice falls on dry and wet food, they should be only premium.

It is important to know! Ordinary food with a “human” table full of salt, sugar, spices and other additives is strictly not suitable pet!

From dairy products you can give furry friends the sour cream, milk, yogurt and cottage cheese if they average fat. Of meat – beef, rabbit, poultry and pork, but the pork and fish should be excluded. Precautions should feed the cat the liver, as it can affect the color of the animal.

Be sure to include in the diet of porridge and boiled vegetables with small amounts of vegetable oil, then cat food can be considered balanced.

All products must be fresh, dried up and withered pieces pet is already gone.

About the health of your pet

Neva masquerade cats have excellent health, that their physical side, and it’s all due to the fact that this breed was bred naturally. But of course, vets has not been canceled, so owners should periodically visit toclinical for scheduled inspections and do all necessary vaccinations.

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