Norwegian woodland pet cats

The Norwegian forest feline combines all the top qualities most liked person: the beauty, calm, sophistication and also restriction, friendliness as well as intelligence.

This type showed up on the globe stage not as long earlier, however has currently won thehearts of numerous. It is interesting to all: from origin tale to independent and also freedom-loving character. Origin story

The precise background of the origin of these gorgeous pets is unknown. There are two versions.

According to the very first, as soon as in Norway in the company of Vikings show up Angora pet cats, which after that began to interbreed with the local pet cat in the Diaspora. The resulting offspring needed to endure in challenging atmosphere, so animals had to develop the stamina as well as agility as well as to learn to openly climb trees. Furthermore, they needed a great cozy undercoat, which they effectively got.

In the second version, the Norwegian forest cat — — the offspring of the unions of routine pet cats with the Bobcat. In favor of this view state ear tufts as well as a solid aggressive claws. And the ability to take a trip with the trees, also, mean wild feline forefathers.

The beauty as well as dignity of these animals has brought about the interbreeding with different types, the objective of which was to acquire a new one. In the early XX century such excitement nearly led to the full disappearance of a full-blooded Norwegian forest cats. Such going across was prohibited.

Enrollment of the breed took place in two stages. In 1939 it was formally acknowledged in Norway, and just in 1977, in FIFE — — International Federation of cats. In our days the Norwegian forest felines are recognized by nearly all feline companies.

Norwegian woodland felines produce an extremely strong impact due to its quantity. Yet this is only noticeable. The measurements of these charms is quite standard, body weight differs from 5 to 7 kg. the Impression of enormity created from abundant woollen cover.


Norwegian forest cat looks comparable to something between representatives of Siberian cats and also Maine coons.

Officially established following breed criteria


  • : medium or big versatile body with well developed muscle mass; long muscle legs and well tufted in between the toes, the back legs longer than the
  • front; cosy as well as long tail, comparable to the follower;
  • huge, vast, high ears, aimed at the pointers situated woolen tassels, evocative a lynx;
  • straight nose of medium size, in pet cats it can be smoothly bent;
  • the head in the form of a regular triangle;
  • long right account;
  • solid well established chin, tool dimension;
  • muscular neck, can be srednedlinny or short;
  • large, oval, somewhat slanting eyes any type of shade;
  • glossy hard coat of medium size with a thick undercoat;
  • long large collar on the neck;
  • guard hairs with a water repellent on the sides and also back;
  • color can be practically anything, not just approved Siamese, delicious chocolate and also lavender.

« Persistent, Nordic personality» — » — this quote is the best fit representatives of the Norwegian woodland breed. Tranquility as well as client, they act smoothly also under intense running dogs and also kids.

The Norwegian woodland feline is really friendly, and also their pleasant mindset extends not to one master, and the whole family members. When a new person in your home family pet is usually startling, yet as experience loosens up and also comes to be as pleasant as taking care of the family.

Regardless of the independent nature of these cosy charms like to participate in all household issues, virtually without leaving individuals. To the affection and also interest they are treated very favorably, however on knees as well as hands adult pets do not like to sit. Kitties you can pet dog forever, they will not mind.

Wild searching past frequently reminds himself, so Norwegian felines do not get on in the same residence with birds, fish, rabbits, hamsters and also similar tiny creatures. Also in the visibility of cells one way or another tragedy. Forest felines are smart, agile and solid, so the thin twigs for them is not an obstacle.

Content attributes

Norwegian forest pet cats enjoy freedom. For that reason, in a metropolitan home, they will not be also comfy. A lot more appropriate for an exclusive home with its own plot. There, the pet cat will have the ability to walk easily, climb trees and capture birds, and also to satisfy their searching instincts.

Of training course, the Norwegian forest cat can live in a city home. It is preferable that the house was a large area that the pet does not really feel confined. Keep in mind the Norwegian love of pet cats to the elevation. It’s not necessary to grow in the flat tree, simply sufficient to hold on the wall surfaces much more shelves. You can place them at different elevations and also outfitted with different toys hanging from the rope. This destination will certainly appeal to an adult Norwegian forest feline and the kitten.

As a whole, care of these hairy Pets is extremely easy. They are unpretentious as well as do not require the production of any special problems.

They need a basic collection cat stock:

  • the tray and scraping article, to which you need to educate your kitten from an early age;
  • bowls;
  • toys;
  • comb.

On the last factor it is worth saying in more detail.


The coat of the Norwegian woodland cats are very beautiful, yet requires unique focus. Combing demand to generate regular and also during losing in springtime as well as autumn — — on a daily basis. For this procedure, you need to buy a quality rubber, brush or metal. Plastic will certainly not work, because long hair touches with it will certainly be amazed as well as perplexed. Quality brushes are, naturally, a lot more expensive, however last a long period of time, and also making use of them much more than low-cost.

Also Norwegian pet cat requires normal showering. Thus it is required to make use of unique hair shampoos, items for men can damage the hair as well as create troubles with the skin. After bathing the animal should be brushed up until completely dry. To promote this treatment will assist special sprays and conditioners for feline hair, sold in animal stores.


Norwegian pet cats in the past obeyed searching and also fishing, so the best food for them is raw meat and fish. It is desirable to not give steam a product, and had existed for a number of days in the fridge freezer. Otherwise, it could be infected with worms.

The diet plan can be diversified and various other products, yet to ensure the cat gets a lot of protein. This task can efficiently carry eggs and milk — — obviously, not instead of meat as well as fish and as supplements to them. As ingredients can be given wheat or cat grass that you intend to pre-germinate.

If you do not intend to bother with food, you can give dry food. It is much easier. Besides, it has a balanced composition as well as consists of a great deal of required nutrients. Just if we are chatting regarding the demanding costs or super-premium course.

Economical affordable kinds never appropriate family pet. Their usage will definitely impact its appearance. From this power fades the coat, which is the major benefit of appearance of the Norwegian felines. There are situations when inexpensive food causing extreme allergies, kidney rocks, as well as even other a lot more severe health issues. Consequently, the cost savings on food can result in massive expenses for therapy. As well as well also if the outcome is successful.

No matter, the pet eats healthy food or completely dry food, it ought to be kept track of. If the layer starts to drop or discolor, this may suggest an absence of nutrients in the body. Especially typically this issue takes place in spring and also autumn. In such situations, you need to give the cat a separate vitamin-mineral facility, which can be bought at an animal shop. If the animal will certainly not change, after that you require to reveal it to the veterinarian.

Feasible health problems

Reps of the Norwegian breed urging good health. This breed has only one feasible hereditary condition glycogen storage space illness type IV. She appears in Norwegian forest kitties either immediately after birth or at 5 months of age. Sadly, this disease is not dealt with. Kittens born from its speakers, regardless pass away.

In General, Norwegian appeals are solid as well as sturdy, consequently, are not frequent customers of veterinary facilities. Exterior problems not do anything to them: these animals stand silently and drafts, as well as cold. The life-span of a Norwegian woodland pet cat with proper treatment is approximately 15 to 17 years.

Getting a kitten

As an animal usually like to take a kitten and also not an adult pet cat. First, the baby is much easier to accustom to the policies of conduct in a specific home. As well as secondly, in the case of the Norwegian Pets function plays the cost. Kittycat costs concerning 12,000 rubles, yet the purebred feline with the proper collection of records — — about 70,000 rubles, and also occasionally extra costly.

Despite the price, to obtain future family pet is much better still in the nursery. When buying from private individualsthat can not present the necessary files feline, there is a danger that the pet will certainly not be purebred. Naturally, if we are talking practically a pet, then you can take the threat, because the purity of the blood in this instance is still not crucial. If the strategies include exhibitions, titles as well as reproducing, to get a kittycat needs to be in a reputable resource.

When buying you must take note of the following aspects:

  • the reputation of the nursery — — you need to pay attention to the length of his work as well as to see testimonials from purchasers;
  • compliance with kitty type requirements;
  • the existence of all essential documents;
  • the visibility of all vaccinations, which were called for age;
  • healthy and balanced appearance and also task.

Each of these minutes is really important. If we pick healthy and balanced pure-blooded Norwegian kitty and after that to surround it with love and care, it will certainly become classy, strong, caring pet cat that will bring a lot of heat and also favorable emotions to all family members.


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