Puppy, crow, as well as his angry parents

In late springtime — — early summertime on the ground amongst yard it is feasible to satisfy a little grown, however not yet able to fly Chicks. Do not feel sorry for them, « the inadequate point fell out of the nest », for many birds it is a regular stage of advancement.

Chicks a lot, they are huge in size, almost adult bird, in the nest they all simply not fit. Such juveniles concealing in the turf while their parents is constantly somewhere nearby, watching the security of offspring and bring them food. Roughly the very same photo I saw on

this rainy careless at first of June. From damp grass to the pathway appeared uncomfortable young adult with drenched plumes — considered crow. He with rate of interest checked out the world without worry. At this time the area was strolling her young puppy, who quickly picked up the prey, crow attempted to smell, as well as started to bark at him

. The proprietor not did anything, apparently for reasons of « allowed pet dog you? » prior to he made the remark. Yet the parents of the crow, which was constantly someplace near elevated panic —! The ravens croaked noisally once more, raising her wings and also nuhoglu beard under the beak, jumped down upon a canine, in impotent rage as its effective beak broke short branches from the tree on which he was sitting.

And this noise has included not only the true parents of «this crow, as well as» all the surrounding crows close to.

This phenomenon is called jostling when in instance of risk one bird makes a noise and panic, et cetera arrive to see what had actually occurred, and ultimately a huge business away harmful adversary. And also, the majority of the sound is small birds, in the hope that bigger neighbors take note of the trouble.

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