Recreation of the predatory snail Helena, the components

Snail Helena is a killer, she is a killer. It is simple to identify, as it is extremely various from others in their appearance. Snail covering somewhat extended, its shade is an alternation of strips which have light and black brownish shade. On her head is a little elongated proboscis.

Snails that stay in the aquarium, bring him a lot of great, specifically snails, as Melania, they have the type of a pipeline. In the aquarium, they do the same as rainfall worms in the ground, i.e. the soil is cultivated, moving on it.

Thus they make the avoidance of such troubles as acidification of the soil in the aquarium. And also they are extremely beneficial for algae and also other plants that expand in the aquarium, they allow you to do the oxygen to the substratum.

In addition, the tiny occupants of the aquarium come to be scavengers, they remove food, that eat fish. Nonetheless, not to overfeed, since when the snail feels extremely complete, she started to lay eggs and also ultimately of the spawn get a lot of. And afterwards there is a problem such as an organic reboot of the aquarium. He just ends up being cramped for its residents.

To prevent this, it is necessary to regulate the flow of food in the container, as well as this, subsequently, will enable control over the recreation of snails. This might be sufficient, as these little animals and also feed on algae. You can try to manage their numbers by eliminating them by hand.

As well as also you can come other residents of the aquarium, such as snails eaters, these include tetralone and also early morning glories. If not helped by it, you need to utilize special chemicals that damage their children. Lately in pet shops there was such a pet as the snail Helena, she is a killer of others like themselves who live near it.

The origin and also actions of Helena

Helena resides in the fish tank with fresh water, it can be discovered in Southeast Asia. Its home is Indonesia, Malaysia as well as Thailand.

Basically she stays in little fish ponds, it can be different ditches or ponds.

Suches as locations, where there is clay or sandy substratum. In specialty shops, these predators-killers appeared concerning eight years back. Because that time, these animals became preferred and also started to spread quickly. These animals are really confirmed reputation of the killers, they may be a few months to clean up a tiny fish tank, which has several coverings. After resolving in Helena fish tank of undesirable snails will remain among the shells.

Helena-the awesome suches as to rest and also wait while she digs in the ground as well as awaiting their target. Enjoying these snails attractions. The proboscis dig right into her body and also suck her when they captured up to the possible victim. They actually like young snail.

Has a snail Helena about 2 years, and also if it is good to care also longer.

The materials

To keep Helena in the fish tank, its size needs to not be less than one hundred 10 gallons. If you are going to breed these wild animals as well as simply desire to have one or two specimens, the aquarium will fit smaller sized, so its size was about twenty litres. Do not fail to remember that these snails are really vulnerable to water top quality, to ensure that the material was correct, change it frequently and also it is well to clean the aquarium.

Fish tank consisting of snails, must consist of sand or soft ground, as Helena love to dig into it and sit there in wait for his victim


Generally Helena-assassin eat other snails and worms, but can eat as well as other foods that fall under the aquarium. This number includes the remains of fish as well as invertebrates of tiny dimension. Furthermore feed them is not required, just if with them there are other snails. Helena’s love online food, and that it was frequently readily available, you will have to further weaken the little snails in another tank.

For the feeding and Helena will fit: coil: Melania;

fish pond; in rare instances, little ampulyarii. If you’re not living microorganisms feeding Helen, they can come a straightforward fish food, but like they give protein food.

And satisfied to be there:

  1. salt water shrimp, frozen;
  2. mussels;
  3. the flakes, which provide the fish;
  4. different granules;
  5. feed containing algae;
  6. sinking feeds, which are made for shrimp.
Reproduction snails Helena

Helena not hermaphrodites, among them, there are men as well as women. To establish their sex is nearly impossible if you wish to deal with their breeding, you’ll have to buy at the very least 6 individuals.

During mating, animals link about twelve hrs. After mating, the snail, the women lays eggs, they are single.The eggs can be seen throughout the aquarium on the glass and also decorations that are in it. Eggs has a square form and also it has a brown dot, which remains in the center.

Primarily, the eggs hatch anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks, it can impact the hardness of the water. After the fry hatch, conceal in the ground and also stay there up until they reach maturation. They become Mature at the age of six months.


All snailsthat reside in the exact same fish tank with Helena remain in danger, as it eventually will ruin them, except those who have big sizes.

But Helen require to be afraid large types of cichlids, as they do not mind to consume them. Shell snail killer will not save her, if it will constantly strike.

Helen can be kept in any aquarium where there is greenery, because it is not boring. Not resolve them in fish tanks for reproducing fish because the snails can consume the eggs.

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