In our time the variety of sunglasses is so extensive that it is almost impossible to leave the store without buying. Of course, I want glasses not only protect eyes, but also looked at the face stylishly and in harmony with the other elements of the wardrobe.

If you do not consider buying cheap imitations that with the onset of spring is sold on almost every corner, subject to certain recommendations to buy sunglasses appropriate model and not much to spend.

Both women and men, the main criterion when choosing sunglasses and other glasses is their attractive appearance. Quality glasses are characterized by a clear symmetry, and all the details should be rigidly fastened. Even if the frame is made of plastic, in the process of operation, it should not become scratched, and the colors will not fade and lose brightness over time. Metal frames are considered more reliable, so often used in classic eyeglasses for vision correction.

Also often you can find frames made of combination of metal and plastic, although metallic elements in this case perform more decorative function.

Range of women’s models are often more diverse than men’s. For women, designers have resorted not only to more refined or Vice versa futuristic forms, but also abundantly used elements. Inlaid with rhinestones, a combination of different textures and colors, more bold colors lenses trends change every year, and ladies do not get tired to replenish its stocks of seasonal novelties.

Among men in the increasingly popular still classic. Men rarely chase fashion, because they are primarily interested in the practical side of the issue. Rectangular sunglasses in thin metal frame or oblong plastic sports style are two constant favorite, which enjoy stable demand regardless of the season.

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