The benefits of snails

American scientists have found that mucus secreted by sweat glands on the body of the snail is able to rid the skin of acne, heal scars, and to produce an overall rejuvenating effect.

Now these natural cosmetics is already used by many SPA salons. They offer such treatments with rejuvenating masks and other cosmetics. A very large number of women and men have been able to afford to appreciate the power of the slowest animals on Earth. Oddly enough, all were satisfied and willing to come to their next procedure.

Such a remedy is known to mankind since ancient times. Mention of it can be found in the writings of the Greek physician Hippocrates. But really, before the snail was only used to bring acne. Now, they treat all kinds of scars and burns. And, most importantly, this treatment is quite effective.

All over the world began to produce different creams and masks that would contain the extracts of this animal. But, according to experts, the only effective treatment of the fresh snail slime, as, with time, it completely loses its properties.

Thus, if you want to look young as long as possible – not tightening, run a SPA salon that deals with the treatment by snails.

If we talk about the price of exotic treatments, it must be said that its value is slightly higher than other types of rejuvenation. But, say the employees of SPA centres, if a person has the money to buy a Parker or a Mercedes, you own a beauty he will not skimp.

Snails in the garden are unobtrusive neighbors in the area, these animals are the worst pests.

During the daytime snails in the garden and snails in the country is almost imperceptible, as in the hottest time these mollusks hide in secluded places. Which is always cool and humid.

The damage from the snails in the garden is that they are able to destroy the crops of cultivated plants. These slow-moving animals are voracious and eat everything from weeds to cultivated plants.

Snails belong to the class Gastropoda.

Damage of gastropods for the garden

Don’t underestimate the damage caused by slugs and snails. These pests in visiting the garden and orchard damage the fruit and vegetables and berries. Not every farmer and cottager knows how to combat these pests.

It should be remembered that the damage from gastropods on the dacha is not only the immediate eating of plants. In addition, the snail is able to move between the rows of vegetation to carry the spores of fungi by infecting them healthy plants.

Damaged fruit become vulnerable to the spread of many diseases affecting cultivated plants.

If you do not get rid of such pests of the garden, as helix pomatia and its closest relative, the slug, they can cause great damage, which is as follows:

  1. Young plants gastropods are able to eat fully at the root.
  2. The leaves are subjected to nibble slow down the process of photosynthesis, leading to slower growth and development.
  3. Pests love to chew the buds, resulting in a significant reduction in yield.
  4. Pests damaging fruits, eat the shell surface, making them unattractive and unsuitable for storage.
  5. Snails are carriers of not only spores capable of striking plants, and worms affecting the body of animals.
  6. The slime left on the surface of fruits, produces rapid spoilage, the fruits are quick to rot.

In the diet of grape snails and slugs includes more than 150 species of plants, so almost every area there is greenery, which attracts gastropods as food.

Ignore the mass occurrence of gastropods in the garden or village is unacceptable.

How to get rid of grape snails and slugs on the home site?

If you do not take appropriate measures for snail control, so they can hurt both cultural and ornamental plants that they stop their development due to the slowdown of photosynthetic processes.

In addition, the harm is the significant reduction of yield.

There are three ways of combating these pests. Which are the most popular and common among horticulturists and gardeners.

Such methods of confrontation of gastropods are:

  • mechanical;
  • chemical;
  • environmental.

The mechanical method of fighting involves the collection of snails by hand using tweezers. To facilitate the implementation of the procedure, it is recommended to make some traps. Such devices will help to lure snails from their hiding places.

Traps can serve as pieces of cloth or burlap, soaked in beer, and laid between the rows of plants. During the daytime snails will hide under these covers and in the evening they can be easily collected. For pest control you can use normal saline or soap solution.

Ecological way of dealing is to attract to the area natural predators of gastropods. In nature there are several species for which gastropods are a source of food.

Such natural enemies of snails are:

  1. toad.
  2. Jerzy.
  3. Birds.

Condition for attracting toads to the area is the construction of a small pond. To attract hedgehogs on the site, it is recommended to spread out the dog food or put bowls of milk.

A good option in snail control is to use parsley. Sage or garlic. Planting these plants allows to get rid of the invasion of snails in the area. The smells of these herbs are unacceptable for slugs.

Chemical methods to control snails lie in the use of special preparations against them. This connection is such as metaldehyde. This type of chemicals is also bait for slugs and poison them. When using chemical methods of control should be particularly careful, as the chemicals can be harmful to Pets and humans.

During the treatment phase should be secured on the treated area for children and Pets.

The application of preventive measures on the garden and dacha

With the invasion of the gastropods is quite difficult to fight, so it’s easier to use preventive measures can prevent the occurrence of these pests in the garden or yard.

In the first place should be the garden environment unfavorable for the existence of these creatures.

For this purpose, the site should remove all the extra rocks and building materials, which can be created acceptable to live gastropods conditions.

Should be timely to treat the land to control weeds. It is desirable to promptly mow the extra grass.

To deprive of the ability of molluscs to hide in the cracks it would be better to loosen the soil, especially as it relates to period of active vegetative growth of plants. After harvest, should be qualitatively clean the garden by getting rid of all plant residues.

Cleaning the land from plant residues will be deprived of shellfish possibilities comfortable winter garden or vegetable garden.

Fight against harmful shellfish is an important step in obtaining full yield. Therefore, serious consideration should be given to carrying out all preventive measures.

The fact is that, despite its small size, gastropods are able to severely damage all species growing in the garden or in the garden.

How useful snails to humans?

Gastropods, such as helix pomatia, can bring not only harm but also benefit.

Useful than snails?

The use of snails is secreted by them of mucus. The mucus secreted by the mollusc, contains a large amount of useful biologically active compounds.

These components of mucus have on the human body beneficial effect.

In the composition of mucus provides the following useful components:

  • allantoin;
  • glycolic acid;
  • vitamin a;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin E;
  • collagen;
  • elastin;
  • complex compounds with antibacterial properties.

Due to the presence of mucus allantoin secreted by the mollusk mucus has strong regenerative properties.

The use of this compound allows quickly recover damaged with burns or wounds, the cells of the skin.

In medicine is also well known for the antioxidant properties allatoona.

Collagen and elastin contained in snail mucus, hydrate the skin, These compounds are able to maintain youthful skin, maintaining its natural elasticity.

Glycolic acid is useful for moisturizing the skin surface, it enhances the process of producing collagen.

Vitamin complex contained in the mucus, improves nutrition of the skin, soften it and reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process on the skin.

Helix pomatia is also used in cosmetology for rejuvenation of the facial skin, the presence on the surface skin of stretch marks, while eliminating age-related changes in the skin and to remove wrinkles.

Studies have found that the mucus secreted by the clams, is a real treasure for people looking for a state appearance. Its composition has pronounced antioxidant properties and promotes rapid healing of minor wounds and cracks on the surface of the skin, helps restore the microcirculation of blood in the layers of the epidermis.

Through the use of mucus, evens the complexion and boosts elasticity of the connective tissue.

Components of mucus are used in the manufacture of regenerating tools that can be used to facilitate the flow of the rehabilitation period after plastic surgery, peeling and polishing of the skin.

Some expensive salons offer exotic service, which consists in coating the face of snail mucus by placing the living gastropods on the surface of the skin.

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