The Burmese Sacred pet cat Burma

Burmese feline type leaves no person uncaring: it is necessary to look into those shining eyes of sapphire blue, which highlights the dark shade of the feline’s face. This kind was obtained by crossing the Persian breed with the Siamese, and the end result is a lovely outcome.

» These pet cats have actually acquired from their ancestors a lavish long layer as well as a thick « collar » on the neck(this is from the Persians), along with a delicate dark face with exceptionally lovely eyes( Siamese, respectively ). The special beauty of these felines provide white

socks on their feet. The breed « Sacred Birman »: origin story Already

from the name of this breed is obvious that these felines are « urozhencami » of a state like Burma, currently called Myanmar. This country is located on one of the many Islands of Indonesia and in Europe the very first time they appeared in 1919. In 1925 the Birman was officially presented to France. Regrettably, throughout the Second world war the species was practically lost, and also to restore it was only in the 2nd half of the 20th century with the crossing of Siamese and Persians. Because of this, to date, dog breeders and also fans of pet cats have the opportunity to have these wonderful animals.

Why such type is additionally called the « Sacred»Birman »? On this account there is one legend which reviews:

« In ancient times on an extremely high mountain was a Buddhist temple, which housed the statuary of thesiren CUN Huangze, patron of the spirits of Buddhist monks. CUN Huan was the owner of lovely eyes, sky-blue shade, and also its job was to accompany spirits of the dead priests in the other globe. Mun Ha, the earliest monk of the temple, was the proprietor of a cosy white pet cat named Sinha, and together they safeguarded the Church as well as safeguarded the sculpture CUN Huan. These white cats had the temple almost every monk.

Once the temple was struck by burglars as well as all the monks, consisting of the oldest mun Ha, took on his protection. The forces were unequal, and also mun Ha passed away in battle. His white pet cat leapt on the head of her master as well as hissed noisally. Now, its fur began to shimmer in gold, as well as honey eyes are skies blue. The burglars in fear left the holy place and also pulled away. Brave cat continued to be next to the body of his dead master, and also after a few days their souls were reunited in paradise. After that, all the pet cats of the holy place had actually gotten a Golden shade and transparent blue eyes. And also to stress the sacredness of these animals, they were provided white gloves and also socks on feet.»

» Since after that, Burmese has become to be called « Sacred»Birman

». Summary of the type « Burmese pet cat » Due to the lengthy selective writings of scientists-breeders has actually been reproduced the breedas close as feasible on the outside are their sacred forefathers, is Burmese.

The fur of these felines is smooth and also really smooth, has no undercoat, and its length varies relying on the place on the body of the animal:

  • on the back, tail and also «» collar » felines layer is quite lengthy; the legs as well as the tummy the hair is somewhat shorter.

As for shade, below can be extremely diverse. Burmese cat can be found in the gray-blue color, lilac, delicious chocolate, cream, and additionally with the so-called acromelanism color (the effect of temperature levels on parts of the body coat shade). Generally, acromelanism reps have a darker face, paws as well as tail. Today amongst such Pets can be found and those that have the red tint layer and tortoiseshell.

Size white handwear covers as well as socks are additionally constantly the exact same:

  • handwear covers constantly brief socks, white hair on the front legs of cats does not expand past the joint of the wrist;
  • socks slightly longer handwear covers, they look like boots with stimulates in the kind of the letter « L » that gets on the bottom and also does not reach the shear joint.

As a rule, proportion, white gloves as well as socks always purely followed nature. Fascinating is the fact that such a stunning color of the breed « Sacred Birman » obtain only as they expand: when they’re born, babies-kittens has a pure white color throughout the body. In the very first months of life start to reveal supposed « shade factors », i.e. the darkest darks on the face, ears, tails as well as legs. After 3 months of life start to appear white places on his legs that will eventually become the icon of the solemnity of legend. The last saturation of shade becomes, when the kittens turns 1.5 years of life.

About body felines

The body of Burmese tailed has a solid skeleton as well as well established muscles, the body of these animals is a little lengthened and also stocky legs while fairly effective and also large, have an ordinary length. The Burmese pet cat is an adult weighs about 3 kg to 5 kg, the pet cat, consequently, will have less weight.

The tail of the Burmese type has an average size as well as rather thick « cosy », uniformly dispersed from the base to the idea. The shape of the skull in these pet cats is very fascinating: it is wide and has a spherical shape, with a slightly beveled back, and also at the base of the ears are level locations. The ears of the Burmese pet cats are extremely unified: they planted a sensible range, have a base size, ravnoapostolnoy their size, their ideas slightly rounded.

Face Burmese pet cats have rounded, has articulated cheeks and also well developed chin. Nose is tool in dimension as well as size, a little convex at the tip as well as having a minor impression at the base. Fur on the muzzle is constantly brief, however, for cheeks it begins to go and also lengthen in lush collar-frill — — one more business card of these attractive members of the pet cat race.

The nature of the Burmese

Burmese, as already pointed out earlier, has a 2nd name — — Sacred Birman. As well as it ought to be claimed that this is a non-empty word, for the nature of this elegance is absolutely Holy. They are versatile, tranquil and also well balanced. These pet cats will never ever be what is called kink and also amaze their owners unsuitable antics. They swiftly locate an usual language with all the household, including toddlers and also other Pets.

In the cat’s nature is investigative and also very playful, they will certainly never molest his master, demanding attention: clever as well as sensitive Burmese pet cats patiently wait up until their individuals are without their situations and also will certainly be able to completely communicate with them.

Self-worth from the Siamese ancestors and phlegm gave birth to a peaceful as well as really well balanced mind: Burmese feline will certainly appropriate for lodging in a silent and also calm family where there is a dispute and also noise. From all external stimuli, the animal will certainly hide in dark and remote places, while experiencing stress and anxiety. These pet cats absolutely need a relaxing as well as soft basket with a cushion or a special pet cat house where they can relax from the outside world.

Extremely tame, extremely caring, the Burmese will be a terrific enjoyment to climb on my knees your guy as well as approve his affection completely measure. They are playful and nearly never ever utilize claws and also teeth. I love youngsters and also children enjoy them. Smart. Understand the articulation, so you should to choose the appropriate manner of speech when interacting with them. Able to recognize human speech, so they can even discover straightforward commands.

Just how to care for a Burmese feline

As currently understood, the Burmese feline has an elegant layer, so she will certainly need appropriate treatment, but it is quite simple:

  • with the assistance of unique slicker pet dog brush every 3-4 days. It is significant that not having an undercoat, their hair will certainly not form tangled mats;
  • tool for hair removal from the intestine — — a mandatory feature of your home of the owner of such pet. These pet cats are very clean and regularly lick themselves, leading to their gastrointestinal system gets a substantial quantity of their own stack;
  • typically bathe this trailed beasts don’t have: once again, these felines are very clean as well as usually are not followers of nature walks. Sometimes bathing is needed, yet just if layer is really dirty, and also will require a special hair shampoo for cats of this type.

An additional essential attribute to the scraping blog post, as the Burmese female require a place to grind your claws. And naturally, the basket or your house as a sleeping area, it went also higher. You need to put it somewhere reduced, as the agents of this type also sedate for acrobatic acts and « climbing ».

Burmese pet cats are very interested, so I ought to offer a minute like insect nets on the Windows: due to their curiosity and also some naive kitten may not approximate your capabilities, as an example, viewing the home window for birds.


Right here is very intriguing is the reality that the agents of this type is not particularly prefer unique food, they a lot like natural product: meat, fish, cheese, etc. If all the very same to give a cat for a range of completely dry as well as damp food, then purchase still better than the premium product (it does at least ensure an animal’s full nutrition).

Burmese cat always understands just how much she needs to consume, so there will never ever have problems with overindulging and excessive weight. Obesity — — not an unusual phenomenon amongst agents of « Sacred of Burma»».

A couple of words concerning the wellness of Burmese felines

As a result of the fact that breeding of this type was carried out for a very long time, these Pets have no variances have good health. The only hereditary disease, and unusual is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (heart problem). On this account much not fret: this illness shows up in Burmese is not most likely than various other representatives of the cat world. As well as yet, if the pet cat is really sluggish way of living, and after the games, she observed the shortness of breath and also coughing, immediately see your veterinarian.

In General, the veterinary center needs to be the main aide to look after the pet dog: routine scheduled examinations, vaccinations as well as deworming will be the foundations of a healthy life furry pet.

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