The materials of snails: the Achatina reticulata, various other and also immaculate

If you have no time at all for strolling a pet dog, playing with it, checking out exhibitions and a vet center, and feeding appears to be the instance frustrating as well as costly, you can have as Pets a few big snails of the species Achatina.

Place these wonderful animals require a bit of noise they develop, yet watching them ispretty intriguing. Origin and also summary

The all-natural environment of the clam is the warm Africa.

In the wild snails for their quick development.

Throughout the year their shell has the ability to expand in dimension to 20 centimeters. The snail has a relatively large body, so in an exotic Achatina appearance unusual and attract the attention of all that come.

All shellfish varieties reticulata shield looks the very same.

It is an off-white shell with a ribbed surface, painted in brownish stripes as well as places. Differences are observed in the body shade, there are three sorts of Achatina reticulata: Standard, which has a light body and also a brown head. Blackheads– the title promotes

  • itself. The head of the shellfish is black as well as the body has white bordering. Albino is totally without pigment molluscs with head
  • and body white.

In addition reticulata there are various other kinds of snails Achatina: Immaculata; albopicta; balteata; have irately; Fulica; the marginata. Each of them has small differences in the body framework,


or pigmentation of the flesh and the shell. Several of the types are fairly new in domelem web content, others are grown

for fairly time. The conditions they required the same. The materials Achatina A house for snails, outfitted with all the regulations, called a terrarium-olitorium. Build it out of typical glass or plastic fish tank with dimensions 60 x 40 centimeters. Over there ought to be a cover glass or a mesh

, so the snails really did not. All-time low is lined with wet soil, containing peat, pieces of sphagnum moss, vermiculite. It is occasionally sprayed from the spray space temperature water so the wetness is preserved. For Achatina reticulata enough to preserve temperature parameters at +25 ° C, albino a temperature level somewhat higher(27 ° C). Achatina take it as unfavorable problems as well as can reduce or hibernate activity if the values are considerably lower or greater. For heating utilize a light with the bulb or special termokimik. It will certainly be enough to heat only fifty percent of

the cage to another component of the Achatina can crawl, if it gets hot. Inside ought to constantly be a bowl of tidy water for drinking as well as bathing. Caring for snails Like any type of other living creature, Achatina routinely defecates, and additionally leaves traces of mucus on the walls of the terrarium. All care is minimized to regular cleaning. Two times a month the dirt is entirely changed, and also the walls extensively cleaned without using chemicals. Daily care is decreased to the cleaning of food deposits, waste matter, as well as replacement of

the fresh water. After cleaning up the terrarium can redeem snails straight under running faucet water, they love this procedure. Bear in mind to submerge them in water completely difficult, Achatina can choke. When you took the animal in his hands, the skin would continue to be sticky traces. To do away with them, it is enough to wash away the scum with water from the tap. Feeding Achatina All type of Achatina fed alike

. And reticulata, and Immaculata would certainly enjoy to eat: all type of greens(lettuce, parsley, spinach, dill); root veggies(potatoes, carrots, and so on); tomatoes, pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers; the leaves of plantain, dandelion, yarrow; any fruits and also berries; grains (buckwheat, rice, barley, oats, corn ). Snails that expand, have to get food everyday

, grownups are fed twice a week, yet if essential they will easily take a week-long cravings. We should not forget that the snails want building products for its shell.


  • Young people give daily powder from the shell of boiled eggs, grind in
  • a coffee mill, or put on all-time low of the
  • terrarium chalk stone. Average college chalk for these functions is not appropriate, due to the fact that it includes the cast
  • . Recreation Plain Achatina openly reproduce in captivity and are fairly prolific.

To spawn the little snails at one year of age. For the 1st time Mature private raises to 300 eggs. Some dog breeders freeze the part of the stonework, and then in milled type to provide to moms and dads as feeding to maintain the shell in good problem.

If you prepare to breed Achatina, parents require to transplant, they can consume eggs. For that reason, you will certainly need a 2nd cage. By

the way, these snails are hermaphrodites. Each person can contribute of mommy as well as dad, and they

are able to expecting. As you can see, nature is extremely appreciate their survival. Children come from eggs on the 10th– 16th day.

They remain to contain in a different terrarium while the dimension of the covering will be around 4 centimeters. Smaller children parents can conveniently consume. Tiny snails in the type of feed to offer mashed veggies, huge items they can not eat. Actions Individuals have a tendency to presume that snails do

n’t have minds as well as they can’t think. Maybe partially so, but to develop snail reflexes is feasible. Those who maintained Achatina insurance claim that they are easy to educate there at the very same time, if you give a dish of food at the very same hrs. It is believed that Achatina energetic during the night, so feed it is better to offer at night

. The place of

the bowls they are additionally simple to bear in mind. In addition, the owners mention them as beings, neat and also curious. Achatina person is not afraid and also would be happy to creep on the hand of your hand, if you take it in hand. Generally, this is the excellent pet dog: no noise, no smell, not burning out

, interesting to observe. To get Achatina can be fairly cheap the breeders-lovers on the advertisement on « Craigslist » and also various other comparable websites. Proprietors will more than happy to attach in good hands numerous offspring.

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