The mosquito– galloping Taconic

Who do you see in the image? Like a little yellow-colored iconage Midge, undoubtedly even the blood does not consume, eats nectar. But, no! In the image — — a major killer which of these gnats for lunch a number of pieces of consumes!

Galloping Taconic( lat. Empis stercorea)It is, certainly, of the order Diptera, that includes flies and insects, and also comes fromthe family members of tolcheniki, or empidid( lat. Empididae). Probably, the picture trotting Taconic(lat. Empis stercorea). He, like CTiR, I was telling you about earlier, catches its take advantage of the fly and also draws out its withins, and also occasionally the prey can be bigger than the seeker. Although in appearance and not state: subtle and also classy, comparable to an insect body yellow-colored, little head with short antennae, long wings as well as back with dark red stripes. Is that proboscis looks really predacious…

… Tolcheniki (lat. Empididae) is a household of two — — winged insects (Diptera) from the short-suborder (Brachycera). These generally really small flies are commonly painted in an unnoticeable brown or gray tones. The head has a round form, with men usually located raised eye. The proboscis in some varieties exceptionally long and also serves as mosquito for puncturing as well as drawing the victim. The legs of these pests is reasonably lengthy.

They are frequently called gnats. And not just mosquitoes, yet likewise mosquitoes-tolcheniki. It is judged, what will be the climate. « Gnats are dancing rejoice excellent weather,» » claimed previously, and still commonly say, seeing the « dance of the gnats ». Prior to poor weather, when the air is humid, these bugs do not « dancing »: the slim wings quickly swell as well as not allow you to fly… … that flies. Yes, it flies, since gnats-tolcheniki — flies. As well as flies is challenging, however aggressive.

Their sharp and long proboscis, a terrific heel as well as lined with backs the front legs — — «an excellent « clip », which tolcheniki hold their prey. Dancing flies, these do famously, carrying out airborne elaborate «»tricks ». Yes, commonly with a load of men lug a « bag » or « bags » with dead flies or gnats. On the rainy day they stocked up on food. This is a tribute to the ladies. Women dancers are extremely hostile as well as voracious. Here the men and bring about simply in situation offerings — — you never recognize what could take a concept in the head of the picky girl.

After all, hungry, she will certainly not think twice to devour her partner. It is their own organization. It is very important for us: « the mosquitoes dance» — » — it won’t rain! Tolcheniki feed primarily on various other insects which they normally capture on the fly, and also whose entrails they suck. It frequently assaults on much bigger pests than themselves tolcheniki, satisfies and also cannibalism. At the same time, agents of the subfamily Empidinae during evolution changed to floral nectar and also taking animal food only at the larval stage and also during breeding. Significantly raised mouthparts of the genera

Empis as well as Rhamphomyia has advanced right into a sucking proboscis. Larvae of Tolkunov also are predators as well as consume different insects. To their tracheal respiratory system is open just ahead and also back. They stay in the water or, much more frequently, in damp dirt. There happens the improvement of the chrysalis. Predators are grown-up flies of the household and also their

larvae that stay in the soil. The nectar of flowers, which are frequented by grown-up flies, is for them an extra source of supply. Lengthy needle-like proboscis of Tolkunov just as well adjusted for drawing pests and for the absorption of veggie juices. Prey on small Diptera — captured by the front legs, and also hips are embellished with — studs, and also Shin to follow him securely, creating a strong forceps. Out of proportion small round head and slightly pubescent body enhance the personality of members of this family members. Particularly a kind of « dance » Tolkunov throughout the mating flight.

They are not only rather intricate in its execution, yet remarkable in that males bring currently, the smooth « parachutes » or elliptical « cylinders » with foam wall surfaces, within which is a dead target», a little fly or a mosquito. Before breeding, the male supplies the female the manufacturing and also even conserves his very own life, since hostile females commonly eat men after copulation. These « dances » are observed in agents of the most common birth — empis (Empis ), hilara(Hilara). And lastly, a quote from the book Gerald Durrell « the Aye-Aye as well as I »: Some of the flies-Tolkunov intriguing to observe the captivating mating ritual when they care for an attractive woman. Future fan captures an additional insect and that puts a sort of silk veil

, which produces from his very own body. He after that takes this present and also dance with him prior to the girl of the heart; the last, charmed with his kindness as well as focus, quickly reciprocates. While she consumes a wedding celebration gift, the gent makes a deal. Nevertheless, in various other situations the holders are prudent and hard-hearted: they discovered that a lady can win a lot easier. You are no tiring quests for a wedding gift — it simply removes the shroud and also dancings with it. The woman, captivated by the charm of shrouds, planning for the wedding event. The knight casts a shroud shows up prior to the Queen in their all-natural shades, and also the girl is given to his enthusiasm. Generally, life as well as various other kinds — of flies as complicated and also unbelievable as any soap Opera on television.

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