The crawler Latrodectus, or black widow

Spiders– among the oldest land pets on our earth have actually sprung from kremoobraznogo ancestor. Currently a squad of crawlers includes more than forty thousand various kinds.

The black widow comes from the course of arachnids, a squad of crawlers, is a representative of the category Latrodectus venom of these crawlers are fatal to pets as well as people.

The habitat of the black widow

The environment of the Latrodectus consists of the regions of exotic Africa, Central and Western Asia as well as southerly Europe. In our country these spiders stay in the Caucasus, the Crimea, in the South Urals, yet in recent times their array has actually broadened northward. They satisfy in the Moscow region, in Rostov-on-don, Orel. The black widow suches as to decide on the marshes in the abyss, on the financial institutions of ponds.

The structure karakurt

The framework karakurt does not vary from framework of other spiders. His body is separated into 2 sections: front Department of the trunk, with four sets of eyes, covered with a hard chitinous shield. The second section is the abdomen, which is covered with an elastic sheath. Spider glands lie in this section of body. On the head part of the trunk has two sets of modified arm or legs– the chelicerae as well as pedipalpy, behind which are walking legs. Their crawlers have 8.

The chelicerae consist of one extremity at the end of which is a claw, with poison gland. They are created for grasping and holding target and for

protection from adversaries. Pedipalpy like legs, but much shorter. They are the organ of touch, activity generally do not get involved. In Mature males. They are somewhat modified.

Karakurt: male and also female

The major difference men from ladies in karakurt, is the size. The female is nearly two times the male. It can get to two inches in length, while the male greater than 7 millimeters does not grow. Furthermore, the abdominal area of the male has red places. The female body is painted in a deep black shade.

Widow, like other spiders, good runners, as well as can cover a huge distance and also at broadband. This is all the more unusual, due to the fact that the arm or legs of the crawler are completely missing in the muscle fibers.

Additionally the motion utilizes the spider legs for digging burrows as well as netting. Also on the legs there are tactile and also olfactory organs.

Widow, like all spiders are killers. They capture their target with their webs. To catch victim crawlers stick chelicerae, creating venom as well as gastrointestinal juices. Oputa target with a web, they leave it for some time. Digestive juices quickly absorb the prey, after that the spiders suck out the resulting soup.

The marital relationship video game

The female black widow, before mating, leaving nest, as well as is in continuous movement, leaving behind an unique dual string, which male it is.

The procedure of mating is preceded by a rather lengthy dancing. The male trembles abdomen, briskly relocates pedipalpi.

Approaching crawler to your companion with the greatest care, but ladies show aggressiveness only when not ready. Females don’t assault companions, as well as favorably accept the courtship.

The competition of the men during the breeding period prevails. One female gathers close to 10 challengers battling each various other. One of the most strong and also dexterous repel various other males and transfer to the marriage video game.

Throughout mating the women black widow remains in a state of catalepsy and remained stationary for a very long time. In this state it is for the man not harmful.

After, the female suddenly out of his stupor and triggers companion a few strokes of the chelicerae, and after that the partner becomes a tiny swelling. The female removes the departed companion and the courtship takes the next Challenger. Regardless of the weird look, this feature of the behavior of karakurt for the types all at once has a favorable worth. Males are capable of mating only when in a life time. Left to life they would have made the competitors also scopulariopsis men, hence complicating the reproduction of the species. Review our write-up: Why the black widow eats her other half?

Caring for offspring

A nest of black widow

Caring for children in women karakurt articulated during the incubation period. To start with, they are searching for a location for the future of stonework, tearing the nest in the ground or adjusting to this abandoned burrows of rodents. Before getting in the nest she draws lovchie networks. And then lay cocoons of eggs. Women remain in the nest the whole period of incubation. Juveniles typically shows up in April.

With the development of the spawn of mother’s functions performed women as well as juveniles affixed to the internet, is brought by the wind. By early summer the young of the black widow gets to maturity and also has the ability to mate.

Natural enemies of black widow

The karakurt numerous opponents in the wild. Herds of grazing pets squash the lawn and also destroy the nests of karakurt. Jerzy, are not vulnerable to the poisonous substance of karakurt, so eat them fearlessly. A a great deal of beetles and wasps lay their larvae in the cocoons of spiders, ruining the brood.

Karakurt and the people

The poison of Latrodectus is made up of the neurotoxin as well as impacts comparable to toxin of rattlesnakes. In the area of the bite there is redness, which promptly goes away. A quarter of a hr show up acute pain in the abdomen, upper body, numb feet. All this is accompanied by psychological excitement convulsions, headache. Heart beat slowing down, arrhythmia shows up in the pee there is a blood healthy protein. The sufferer’s condition comes to be crucial. The majority of reliable is protivokashleva lotion. With timely intro, the patient’s problem swiftly stabilized.

It needs to be kept in mind that widow never ever attack first. Spiders are hostile only if they are disrupted. The most hazardous are attacks ladies. The greatest number of attacks occurs in June-July– the yearly movement.

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