The uninvited passengers of the plane-dragonflies

For photos of dangerous and skillful hunter, a predatory storm all flying insects – the dragonfly. But she may be in danger, not only from larger predators, birds for instance.

Note the small detail that I didn’t notice when shooting, but found only in the analysis of the photos. Look closely at the place under the right wing of a dragonfly. I see a bunch of swollen red balls? It ticks a few found weak spots in the armor of a dragonfly at the junction of the chitin plates, stuck there and drink the hemolymph.

And if one or two of the tick does not cause the dragonfly of special concern, a lot of them can lead to very sad consequences, as in the previous paper mites Tortured bumblebee. Moreover, in these places, on the banks of the Vyatka, apparently, the outbreak of a dangerous insect mites that even in the photo, where dragonflies have sex, you can see a few stuck to the body of both dragonflies mites.

Enlarged fragment

On these sex dragonflies, too, can count no less than 7 ticks.

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