Toyger lady: description of the breed, treatment and upkeep

The toyger is a type of pet cat, whose name is equated as tiger-toy or a plaything tiger. The breed is uncommon, high-status, costly and an indicator of status and also respectability in society.

Judy Sugden, the author of the breed, has actually established itself the job to bring the sort of cat that most resembled their appearance tigers.

Experiment dog breeder took care of. Performing breeding job, Sugden said that her designer type is to remind individuals concerning the tigers, if these unusual animals will not be able to shield them from extinction.

Description of the breed

The creator of the breed, Judy was brought from India in 1993. The shape of the head and also ears of a cat I was like a tiger. Cautious breeding has brought about an effective end result. In 2000, for the very first time, the toygers were acknowledged officially. The global feline Association have consisted of animals in their lists in 2007.

The breed is extremely young and the requirement is still under advancement. Dog breeders constantly make every effort to bring people with smaller sized eyes, more rounded ears, light fur on his belly as well as rich orange stripes. Efforts to breed with the standard white (silver) shade to acquire white toyger is not albino. At the phase of development of the breed of toygers were crossed with Bengal pet cats. Breeding was required for repairing the physical attributes of the type. After the main acknowledgment of the « ornamental tigers» » such interbreeding was restricted. Currently produced a stiff scheme of reproducing toygers assists to maintain the pureness of the breed.


The norm in TICA for the toygers is:

  • Body weight. Pets are huge samplings. The weight of ladies and males varies from 6.5 kg to 10 kg depending on sex.
  • The framework of the body. Body with well developed muscle mass, sports kind with broad chest. The height between the surface area as well as the breast need to be equal to the height of the real estate. The general shape is smooth, strong bones.
  • Head. The skull is rounded, of tool size.
  • Face. Has the shape of an upside down heart. The jaw and chin with clear shapes, bite the standard form. Nose expanded from the nose to the nostrils. The very best choice is, if the width of the nose amounts to the range between the eyes. The bridge of the nose may be a little scooped.
  • Eyes. Little or tool, located at a small disposition about the ears, wide-set, extreme blue, amber, environment-friendly.
  • Ears. Medium-sized, « brushes », rounded with thick hair on the ears as well as temples.
  • Arm or legs. The shoulders are smoothly, establishing his paws wide, claws of the exact same length. The fingers are large and long.
  • Tail. Low surge, long, dense, adaptable.
  • Color and also hair. Color — brindle tabby. Short, soft, elastic woollen has a printed result which was attained with the presence of long hairs of a darker color. A sign of great type is an extra thick cover on the cheek bones, holy places. The undercoat might include gray hairs. Hair has to be of consistent color. Iridescence of the coat is allowable only in the case that do not conflict with the contrast color.

Cat breed toyger has features uncharacteristic of conventional colour mackerel tabby: Contrast is an important function of coat shade in cats toyger. The major coat must be brilliant red practically orange shade acceptable shade variants including brown shades. The cat may have a dimmed back, yet the dark stripe along the spine is void. Omitted the presence of clear circles, areas, parallel bands of color.

  • Visibility on temple area, celebrating a butterfly is required.
  • Eyes, lips, base of hairs noted with a black eye liner. The tail and also feet skin ought to be black.
  • Dark bands deviate in the neck, not rounded as in conventional shade black tabby.
  • The white «» points » on the face an indicator of reproducing.
  • The shade of the body enables a restricted number of elongated spots. Invite to the broad red stripes on the body, which can bifurcate to create small weave.



The nature of the pet cat type toyger absolutely not « tiger ». Feline proprietors consider them to be outstanding great. Toygers — — family members Pets, they hit it off with participants of the « pack », be it dogs or youngsters. Outgoing and also caring, lively, yet always feeling the desire of the owner alone, Pets are remarkably comfy for keeping in personal house and also home.

The reaction of the predator — — not the solid side of the type, yet the searching video game is consisted of in the everyday tasks of toygers.

Unlike the majority of breeds of domestic felines, « plaything tigers » love water as well as strolling on a leash. Pets at a young age can quickly endure a relocation, traveling, travel. In the more Mature age of toygers increases accessory to the real estate. Animals do not like spatial restraints, so it takes some time to accustom them to bring.

The toyger requires physical activity, the feline will certainly decline to run on harsh terrain. If the proprietors are mosting likely to leave the pet for a long time alone, then they should take care of your leisure animal.

Pet cat breed toyger responds well to training, they rapidly discover the policies of conduct. Typically on the sixth week of life the kitten is able to grasp the art of utilizing the tray.

Home made tigers are experiencing a mental crisis during the duration of teenage years. Matured kittycats going through hormonal surge that influences their actions. Pet can test the owner, wishing to demonstrate their maturity, self-sufficiency. « Riot » will quickly come to naught if the right to handle animals, enabling the teenager to « discharge » periodically.

Referrals for use as well as upkeep

Toygers challenging breeds, they require the classic treatment that includes typical hygiene treatments, choice of ideal food, focus to health and wellness, safety.


Hygiene treatment demand: Wool. To take care of short coat of toygers very easy, the particular treatment and exclusive showering is not required. It is advised to clean your animal as needed moisturizing hair shampoos. « Cubs » are normally themselves efficiently caring for hair. Assistance is needed just throughout the molting period, when the old undercoat is removed making use of an unique brush.

  • The ears as well as eyes. Eyes wipe with a cotton swab dipped in warm water, eliminating any secretions. Ears treated with a cotton pad soaked in fluid paraffin. Sanitary procedures are performed weekly.
  • Claws. Toygers have sharp and powerful claws. Kitty as early as possible, it is advised to educate him to develop claws. Clutches frequently trimmed.
  • Teeth. Tendency to diseases of the teeth of toygers no. Like all felines with age, the risk of Tartar formation. Eating dry food partially solves the issue. Munching pellets of completely dry food, feline wipes, a primary plaque. Required to conduct routine exams and precautionary cleanings teeth.



The major demand to the power of toygers — — conformity with equilibrium. Unique interest is offered to sufficient intake of micronutrients, offered the strong bones of the animal. Baby rooms made use of to feed dry food costs as well as incredibly costs course.


It is thought that as an outcome of selective reproduction toygers were robbed of the instinct of discovering a trace. Consequently, if « house» tiger » is shed, he will not have the ability to return residence.

About this feature of the type, it is recommended to do a severe focus on the observation of precaution, also if the cat does not go on walking. All pedigree pets kiperousa not be unneeded to accustom your pet dog to the collar with an address token as well as a bell.

Health features

The implementation of the recommendations for treatment and also upkeep guarantees the toyger long (15 years) and filled with health and wellness life. Rigorous control matings offered the breed an absence of hereditary illness and problems. Such troubles prominent types of cats as allergies, digestive system disorders, vulnerability to dysbiosis as well as weight gain for the toygers is not pertinent. The animals well endured the inoculation. Pregnancy and childbirth typically occur without issues.

The purchase of kittycats

Breeding work on the enhancement of the type together with Judy Sugden disappear than 50 nurseries worldwide. Prior to sale all kittycats are disinfected as well as offered as Pets. Mating never invest at home. All the crossing is heavily controlled. The kittens toygers were acknowledged just with a clean pedigree. Mating with other varieties of felines is purely restricted by the writer of the type. These situations clarify why this pedigree toyger can only be bought at a specialty baby room.

Toygers are considered a rare type, so the cost of a purebred « house tiger» » high. The price of a kitten ranges from 1 thousand to 3 thousand dollars.

Plaything tigers road, but as a result of its elegance, sophistication, joyful personality are preferred, and also the passion in them is not quenched.

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