Tray for cats. Litter box with high sides

At first glance, choose the cat seems a simple task. There are certain features of each kind of cat litter that are worth paying attention to.

Cats are fairly clean animals and choosing a place for their cat’s they are very finicky.

What to look for when choosing a pan

When choosing a cat, you need to consider all the details. Because accustomed your kitten to the tray, already to retrain an adult pet to another will be much harder.

There are times that you need to pay attention to:

  1. Price. The price range on the trays varies. Makes no sense to take a very expensive toilet as too cheap. It is better to choose a mid-priced product, which will last a long time.
  2. Material. The material should be lightweight but durable. Most often, to make cat trays used plastic.
  3. Size. When choosing size it’s better to focus on the dimensions of an adult animal, not a kitten. The cat should be placed in the toilet as a whole, then the dimensions must be appropriate. Especially this aspect of the tray selection for the closed tray for cats (e.g. house), since in adult life the roof of this house may be a little short for a pet.
  4. Weight. Cat litter should not be too easy, otherwise, during pocketing it tips over along with the contents of the tray.
  5. The presence of defects. Before buying you need to check the goods for any defects, e.g. roughness of which can hurt a pet.
  6. Cleaning of the toilet. An important selection criterion will be how easy to clean the toilet. Just to clean out all the corners or will have to make an effort? There are special types of trays that dress up disposable bags prior to filling. Enough practical.
  7. The type of construction. Depending on the nature of cats, you can pick up a toilet with a roof or without. In this house the pet will feel safe. Often such houses are comfortable, because when pocketing nothing poured out.
  8. External characteristics . At the initial examination to exclude from a selection of trays, which have a pungent smell of plastic or bright colors. Probably, these goods are made of cheap plastic, so their lifespan will be short.
The types of cat trays

There are different types of trays for cats. Not all of them will appeal to your pet, so you need to take into account both advantages and disadvantages of the trays. From a properly sized toilet for the cat, as well as seats in the house depend on whether the pet to visit him or fundamentally will “shit” everywhere, but not in the toilet for cats.

Plastic toilet with rim

The design has a rectangular shape and low sides


  • compact;
  • takes up little space;
  • economy version;
  • easy change filler;
  • simply wash.


  • when pocketing the filler is poured on the floor;
  • weak smell;
  • cannot be used without filler.
Plastic toilet grid

This toilet is presented in the form of a container which is equipped with a plastic mesh. It flows easily through urine and feces left out.


  • can be used without filler;
  • when you visit the pet tray is not dirty;
  • easy to clean.


  • keeps bad smell, if you do not use a filler;
  • need to wash;
  • not every pet will agree to use it. Some people like the process of pocketing.
Tray for a kitten with high sides

This cat litter is additionally supplied with high sides, so that the content of the toilet is not poured out. Usually they are attached to the main tray and are advanced. Using the high sides are convenient to use disposable bags, which is enough to remove after a visit to a cat and throw it in the trash. At the same time the toilet remains clean and pack just replaced.


  • when pocketing the contents of the tray are not discarded to the outside;
  • easy to clean.


  • much larger in size than the counterparts of other species. It is necessary to allocate a special place where it will be.
Toilet with ventilation

Due to their design, these trays filler dries quickly and the smell is almost imperceptible.


  • economical version of the composting toilet;
  • there is a pan with holes, through which the air penetrates;
  • fast drying filler;
  • the smell is almost imperceptible;
  • does not need daily cleaning.


  • take away the filler on the legs;
  • need a cleaning.
Closed toilets

Such trays are also referred to as toilets, houses. This cat litter is perfect for those Pets who prefer to do their business alone. In addition to this the toilet the kitten will be able to dig in the pleasure.


  • well inhibits the spread of odour;
  • nice appearance;
  • not getting enough sleep out;
  • suitable for the timid and shy animals.


  • high cost;
  • for a long period of adjustment to a new tray;
  • in cheaper models the weak ventilation, which means the kitten will breathe stale air.
Self-cleaning toilets

The most high-tech means of hygiene for cats is a composting toilet. This device is connected to electricity and running water, making the process of cleaning the cat tray is fully automated.

Of course, the main disadvantage of this device is its high cost.

  1. All necessary connection parts are included in kit.
  2. Thanks to the washable granules cat it is convenient to adjust the toilet to fit your preferences.
  3. With the help of a special tube urine is drained into the sewer once it becomes available.
  4. Thanks to a special device, cat feces is ground and washed into the sewers without any problems.
  5. In such a device has several modes of rinsing: several times a day; after each visit; manually.

Choosing a place of solitude for your pet, it is important to proceed not only with the quality of toilets for cats and their types, but also of the preferences of the pet. Quite often this subject becomes an indispensable part of his life for many years.

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