Turkish Angora: summary of types of pet cats

The Turkish Angora is quite an interesting type, these pets have an unbelievable dedication as well as kindness. In this type it is difficult not to fall in love, they are lovely as well as wise, and their peculiarity is the truth that really commonly such a feline is discovered different eye shade.

The Turkish Angora does not require unique treatment that allows them to make this cat despite no experience to take care of the animals.

This post tells carefully about the beginning of the type, the character of the pet as well as concerning the basic guidelines for the treatment of the Turkish Angora.

The origin of the type

Appeared Angora breed in the XVI century on the area of modern Turkey. The type’s name was in honor of the country’s funding– Ankara. Lots of think that forefathers Angora felines are Persian cats. After some time, the Turkish Angora fell in Europe, where several Royal royal residences willingly brought these Pets. Due to the appeal of pet cats amongst the high authorities, regular peasants were not enabled to maintain white Angora pet cat in their houses.

In addition to the distant Europe, at the court of Russian Emperor additionally liked these wonderful creatures. In 1860 the type was first explained by the zoologist from Germany Alfred Brehm, where he noted that agents of this breed are some of one of the most gorgeous pet cats on earth.

Summary as well as characteristics of the breed

Conventional as well as accepted requirements tint Angora pet cats– white. The body of a feline proportionate with long legs and a bushy tail, appearing like the form of a plume of an ostrich, having a narrowing in the direction of the end. Head pet cats have wedge-shaped, little dimension, neck of tool size. Ears rather short, with the existence of a percentage of hair in the sink as well as pointed at the ends. Eyes meaningful, almond shaped, eco-friendly, yellow or blue color. Along with the timeless white shade, fulfill Angora feline with black fur and also skin, and also in nature there are felines of this type with a blue color hair. Stubborn belly Angora pet cats hair is curly, as well as on the hips woollen formed tiny collections, which can remind the trousers.

Often in nature there are Angora pet cats with white hair and also various colour eyes. The weight of the Angora is from 2 and also a half to five kgs, with the males always consider greater than ladies. As a whole, the representatives of this breed are moderate size, as well as the framework of the body depends only on the sex of the animal. The body of the Angora feline long, symmetrical and versatile, the bones slim, the back is fairly muscle. The back legs of Angora pet cats is longer than the front.

The nature of Angora type

As with any family pet, an Angora cat has its benefits and also of course disadvantages.

Advantages of Angora:

  • affectionate and extremely calm nature;
  • intelligence as well as mental abilities;
  • the capacity to offer moral support and empathise with its proprietor and also member of the family;
  • sociability;
  • task;
  • great perspective to kids.

Shortcomings of the Angora as well as features:

  • freedom (which is discovered in lots of participants of the cat family);
  • excessive level of sensitivity;
  • possible threat of deafness (opportunity of this truth can be embeded in the age of the cat at the reception at the veterinarian).

In General, the Turkish Angoracan be attributed to the phlegmatic pet cats , it is rather sluggish and tranquil. It is very important that the pet cat has excessive love for his master. Angora feels mental state of a person and always seek to comfort him. To various other animals is simple and can get along with them in the same area.

These felines are really playful, even being in a big age representatives of this breed do not miss the chance to have fun with toys, specifically in the company of his master. Angora is quite curious, like guests, are constantly delighted when they come, conveniently go on get in touch with. Generally, the cat initially is gradually concerning a new person as well as begins to sniff it, and also if the person reveals a reaction tender response, after a while the cat could easily attend on my knees. Because of the living character of Angora, to have such an animal in your house also if there are kids.

The Turkish Angora is a very sensitive animal and so they constantly require focus, regard as well as self-reliance. Alone cat can invest a couple of days, she will certainly wait on the host, and then a will certainly react positively to his return. If you remain long with the pet cat following as well as not pay focus to her, after that she will certainly start to advise people of her visibility by meowing and purring. Angora chooses to observe flying birds, high to rest, and also often even to resist an ambush. Many thanks to sharp mind, reps of this breed can discover to open up doors in between the areas and Cabinet doors.

Ladies are great mommies to their kittens, they are extremely quietly acting after the birth of the offspring, tenderly as well as patiently taking care of kittens.

The big dogs certainly require the adhering to guidelines for

  • the careof her: Bathing. Cats are fairly ready to accept bathing, but bear in mind that showering can just special tools designed only for pets. When showering the animal is strictly forbidden, to utilize means of bathing for the individuals. Bathing cats need to invest one to 2 times per month.
  • The combing. In order, their hair was constantly well-groomed, they need to brush unique brush with antistatic finishing, which can be acquired at a specialty animal store. In General, felines are rather tolerant to tolerate such a treatment. Begin combing have to be from head as well as end with tail, paws and also stomach. As a rule, one brushing each week suffices, however throughout losing this treatment must be repeated at least two times a week.
  • The eye treatment. When observed by the eyes of the pet buildups of any secretions, very carefully remove them with a cotton pad or a soft, lint-free towel. Fabric or cotton pad can be dampened in preparation of chamomile.
  • Take care of the ears. Sometimes you have to utilize cotton bud to eliminate the finish from the inner surface area of the ear, but regardless not the within. It is important not to trigger discomfort to the pet a strong end of the stick.
  • Treatment of your teeth. Should be 2 or three times a week to clean the pet’s teeth with an unique tooth paste created for animals. This treatment will wash to stop the appearance of Tartar in the mouth of the pet.
  • Care claws. It is very important that the cat had a plaything that she can play as well as at this moment, stitch the claws. It can be a round, scraping message or any various other toy.
Wellness koshey Angarak

As stated previously, this type can meet instances of pathologies of hearing, but thanks to the most recent selection of this aspect was considerably minimized.

On top of that, there are unusual instances of Angora pet cats with the list below diseases:

  • ataxia;
  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy;
  • sores;
  • the appearance of fleas.

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