What to feed snails Achatina and also what conditions they require?

Today, the variety of Pets may shock you. Cats and canines have actually ended up being normal animals. Today it is coming to be more and also much more prominent terrariumistike. The supposed content various type of Pets in aquariums — — terrariums.

They do not call for unique treatment are unpretentious and beautiful. In recent years people increasingly have snails Achatina. Unlike their traditional counterparts — — they are large, stunning coverings as well as unpretentious. If you have a snail

For maintaining the snails do not require special problems: this enough container of plastic or glass. It put an unique coconut substratum as well as sprayed with water once daily. Unlike snakes or turtles — — snails are not demanding a temperature level mode. But despite its obvious simpleness, Achatina requiring food. Some foods they don’t eat, and some can trigger significant consequences including death.

A bit of background

Before proceeding to consideration of a question «« What to feed snails?»», let’s look into its origin. Achatina homeland — — Africa. In exotic forests they are located in huge quantity. There their main food — — earthbound plants, woody moss, dropped leaves, etc For an excellent shell they need calcium as well as in nature they obtain it by eating the bones of dead animals.

Regardless of the idea of some Kapparov (the so-called owners of unique animals), snails are not killers. Also in the wild they do not consume carrion, just the remains of bones. Homes are their major diet plan must consist of vegetables, fruits, herbs.

Properly composed diet regimen

House snail is impressive for its size. For the appropriate development they require large container. It is believed that a person specimen of adequate volume of 15 liters. At reduced volumes the snail is not likely to be huge. The condition of long life and well — — being of the family pet appropriate feeding.

  • To do this, adhere to a few straightforward guidelines: Give food in the evening is a nocturnal animal. Uneaten remnants have to quickly get rid of, or else the midges will certainly not keep you waiting.
  • Any type of items have to be fresh — — inadequate and rotten high quality of vegetables or fruits can damage the snail.
  • Calcium needs to be easily offered to the snails.
  • Some products are debatable in safety for Achatina and provide with care.

In time you may notice that some snails like specific foods and have food habits. Because of this, it is not advised to make use of the very same components. The diet needs to be varied.


With year-round access to fruits — — Kipper ever have troubles with what to feed snails. Any time at the stores, you can discover bananas, kiwis, mangoes and also various other fruits. No much less helpful for snails apples, pears, melons and more. There are some bookings. The snail Achatina conscious some types of fruit. Persimmons, cherries, pineapple guava, oranges and tangerines can be provided only with caution and just after checking on the ripeness.

The fruit has to be sweet, non-viscous, non-acidic. For the last factor it is impossible to give any kind of sour berries (cranberries, cranberry, etc) as well as acidic fruits (lemon, pineapple, pomegranate, etc).

Huge fruit cut into slices or tiny items and also put in the terrarium. So as not to spoil the dirt — — they can be put in a bowl( you can purchase it at the pet store). Vegetables

Along with fruits, to feed your animal fresh vegetables. They are affordable and also readily available year round. It is feasible to offer tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, pumpkin, pleasant potato, peppers as well as even more. Innovation, such as fruit — — vegetable is cut into pieces or little pieces and also placed in a terrarium. The proprietor of the snail can be observed as his animal crawls on the product and bites off little pieces of vegetable.

Attempt not to buy greenhouse vegetables. As a result of the addition of fertilizer in cultivation they can carry the cochlea a poor influence. With treatment, you can provide the eggplant, potatoes, turnips, olives. In any case, do not offer onions, garlic as well as any kind of spicy vegetables!

Calcium in the diet regimen

In order for the snail shell was strong and gorgeous, she needs calcium. It needs to be in the everyday diet regimen. It is a prerequisite the web content of the snails in the terrarium.

There are a number of options for calcium supplements:

  • Cuttlefish, or rather, its covering. The most popular alternative. Appears like a white oval things. Sufficient to place it to the snails as well as view just how they feed on.
  • Fodder chalk — — low-cost fertilizer in powder type. They can be sprayed on veggies and also fruits.
  • Crushed right into flour eggshell.
  • Seashells.

In any case. do not consist of in the human diet plan calcium. It will just injure the snail. It is difficult to give college chalk and mineral stone for parrots, because they have the risk to the health of Achatina.


Along with fruits and vegetables, it is suggested to include environment-friendlies in the diet of Achatina. You can offer the tops of the plants and also greens from the garden (except the onions) and street herbs (dandelion, nettle and even more). All collected plants ought to be completely cleaned in water. Collected from the street (away from roads) it works to scalding warm water. It is very important for the prevention of parasitical illness.

The main policy of supply — — megacompany diet regimen. For this we require to combine different vegetables, fruits, herbs as well as be sure to add calcium. As protein foods experienced chippery suggest to utilize gammarus and also Daphnia. They have not a problem to find in shops with products for aquarists.

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