7600 Remington, pump-action shotgun, rifled gun

Among Russian hunters they, because of many reasons, among which not the last role stereotyping, have not received wide distribution. Familiarity with pump carbine Remington 7600 might be a pleasant surprise. The idea of using the forearm as a lever for reloading was born in the U.S. and spawned a whole family of so-called pump-action guns, including shotguns and rifles.

Description carbine Remington 7600

Pump action rifle with removable bunker store located under the receiver.

You can say goodbye to the stereotype that you have of this kind of weapon ammunition stacked in the tube.

  • The construction is a semi – automatic carbine Remington 750 Woodsmaster. They are similar to the smallest details. Until that trigger is present, the lever arm of the sealing delay, although in this case it can be considered a vestigial organ.
  • Instead of the gas engine – shortened the fore-end connected to the frame of the Adjuster, the same as the Woodsmaster. Reloaded shift forearm back and return to its original position. A bolt with three lugs and rotating cylinders.
  • The barrel is of chrome-molybdenum steel, the top covered with blueing. Produced by cold forging. Is the rear sight on a prismatic base with a remote line and fixed metal front sight. Possibility of installation of optical sights, which on the cover of the receiver made four holes.
  • Polupoltina bed, solid American walnut, oiled. At the front end of the forearm, at the bottom, engraved with a letter R logo of the brand Remington.

Photo 7600 Remington (Remington 7600) POLICE

Advantages and disadvantages

Good workmanship, robust and indestructible construction.

  • Beautiful, pricedata bed with pillow “Monte Carlo”.
  • Very quickly you can reload, at a certain skill even distracted from the line of sight. Rate of fire shotgun is superior to the traditional bortovoy rifle. Well, guess the Americans to equip a foregrip spring that it came back, the Remington 7600 carbine is not inferior to the Browning Maral, and are very close to self-loading semi-automatic.
  • A movable fore-end somewhat limits the scope of a shotgun. On the bipod it will not install, and shoot the rest. somewhat problematic. This weapon is for shooting offhand, unexpected encounter with prey literally nose to nose.
  • Valve with rotating cylinders, which securely locks the barrel by three lugs.
  • Quality chamfer on the muzzle improves the ballistic qualities of the gun, makes combat arms a heap.
  • In addition to fuse a security system that allows you to make weapons available for uncontrolled use. For this purpose, the safety button has a groove shaped key.
  • It is possible to install any optical sights.

Of course, he also had some design flaws.

  • For example, the magazine release is extremely small, and he himself have to pull out of the receiver. In cold or wet weather, this step can be difficult.
  • Not much more lever lock forend in the locked position, located on the left side of the receiver above the trigger guard.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated. It is normal for a semi-automatic weapon when you need a strict balance between all parts of the trigger. For manual recharge like foresight are clearly excessive.
  • The slot of the rear sight is narrow, it is completely covered by the projection of the flies, so is difficult to aim. It would be nice, guess the designers to equip these devices are fiber-optic filaments.
  • Recharge is accompanied by a rather loud clanging, which is not always appropriate for hunting.

For the arms used on sea and battue hunting, it’s hard. Although this is a consequence of descent from a semi-automatic carbine.


Used for hunting, including large ungulates and predators, as well as for self-defense.


The rifle is available with wood or synthetic stock. With a caliber 30-06 Sprg can be shortened to 18.5 inch barrel.

Also available in “police” version with the index and the name of the 7615 Police. She has a short barrel and the rear sight in the form of a rim-osprey, mounted on the back plate of the receiver. Bed plastic.

.243 Win . 308 Win 30-06 Sprg 30-06 Sprg
Type Repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding forend
Barrel length (mm) 559 470
The pitch of thread (inches) 10
Shop Box, removable
Capacity 4+1
Length (mm) 1082 993
Weight unloaded (kg) 3,4 3,2

A rifle with a longitudinally sliding forearm (“pump action”).

  • Store the box, is removable, is located in the receiver. The barrel is of chrome-molybdenum steel, blued, made by cold forging. On muzzle chamfer countersink.
  • Receiver is machined from solid blocks of metal, it is rectangular in cross-section, the lid is domed, fixed.
  • The return mechanism is a rectangular metal frame consisting of two rails, bolt, and bushing, which is attached directly to the forearm. Cylinder rotatable shutter with three lugs. For fixing the slide and the recoil mechanism during transport or transitions provides a lever located on the left side of the receiver above the trigger guard.
  • Store the box, removable. His latch located on the right side of the receiver above the trigger guard. The store has springs, it should pull out.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated, with no idle warning.
  • The safety button located in the posterior branches of the trigger guard. She shifted perpendicularly to the axis of the barrel. Position to the far right – “Fire”, the button appears red circular marker. On the left side of the button is shaped groove of a security system that blocks the trigger and does not allow to use weapons to random people.
  • Set the outer sighting devices consist of a rear sight on a prismatic base with a remote line and fixed metal front sight. For installation of optical sights on the cover of the receiver has four holes.
  • Bed polupoltina, wood American walnut or plastic. Butt with a pillow “Monte Carlo”. The shock-absorbing recoil pad, fixed.
Picking and packing

The rifle is packaged in a cardboard box with foam absorber. Supplied with one store, two shaped key security and manual.

The principle of operation

Before bringing the weapon into the firing position it is necessary to press on a lever located on the left side of the receiver above the trigger guard. It unlocks the forearm, after which it can be pushed back.

The shutter is operated by a longitudinally sliding forend to which it is linked by two metal guides. While driving back, the larva shutter rotates and unlocks the barrel. Next is the engagement of the trigger projection on the stem of the shutter and a platoon of trigger. Returning to the original position, the cylinder bolt picks up from the store cartridge, Doyle it into the chamber and turns around, catching lugs for the breech of the barrel.

Before loading the carabiner is placed on the fuse (the left shift button, the red marker is not visible). For the Department store is pressed the lever located on the right side of the receiver above the trigger guard. Simultaneously with this movement it is necessary to hooked his fingers over the flange of the store and pull it out. The cartridges are stacked in a staggered fashion, the store is inserted on a regular place and latched.

Fifth, additional, the cartridge is charged through the window of ejector sleeves that open at the shift of the forearm backwards. The reverse movement of the forearm paddle delivers the cartridge into the chamber and locks the barrel channel. If there is no need to fire immediately activate the lock forend.

System security allows you to block a weapon, make it inaccessible for unauthorized use. To enable this, put the fuse in the “Stop” position (shift to the left, the red marker is not visible), insert shaped key supplied with the J-shaped groove on the left side of the button guard and turn it so the risk has coincided with a white dot. In this position not only blocks the sear, but the hammer.


The pins have a conical shape, it is necessary to knock them on the right side.

  1. Remove the magazine from the receiver, unlock the fore-end and discharge the weapon, sliding it back.
  2. Knock the two pins attaching the trigger and remove it from the receiver.
  3. Remove the screw at the front of the forearm, a movement to muzzle the cut to clear it.
  4. Give the frame the recoil mechanism forward. The tube opened under the clutch mounting of the forearm, find the through-holes. Insert them in a metal rod. Movement counterclockwise rotate the tube until it comes out of engagement with the bolt receiver.
  5. Pull the barrel Assembly to the frame of the recoil mechanism of the receiver.
  6. Turn the frame the recoil mechanism around the axle shaft at 900 and remove it.
  7. Knock the pin on the back plate of bolt and remove the firing pin spring and cylinder lock.

Prices and reviews on the 7600 Remington carbine (Remington 7600) is given below.


Depending on caliber Remington 7600 is from 52 to 86 thousand rubles. On the website of the manufacturer listed the starting price of 918 $.


The carbine is a reliable and safe operation. It is convenient in the case when you have to shoot fast and not particularly thinking, for suddenly appearing and quickly receding target or under direct threat of life. Longitudinal movement of the forearm allows you to shoot with greater rate of fire than the classic bolt rifles.

The accuracy and effective firing range is higher than semi-auto. According to this indicator, fits Remington 7600 1.5 MOA. Manual reload allows you to use ammo of any quality. The only restriction is that for a .308 Win is better to use standard NATO ammunition, as the drilling chamber already imported than domestic.

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