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Having excellent technical capabilities laid down by the manufacturer, the rifle Izhevsk factory model bars-4-1 is of interest from both professional hunters and beginners of shooting firearms.

And this is not surprising since it was this rifle intended for hunting big game (deer, ROE deer), is now offered in a version with more advanced features, enabling production of middle and small game. This has significantly enhanced its capabilities for use.

Modern design and appearance, the use of natural wood in the treatment of butt attract the attention of buyers, and familiarity with the model bars-4-1 allows to estimate due to the possibility of firing rates: rate, range of a bullet. Many owners respond extremely positive about this model due to optimal combination of its qualities, ensuring ease of use and effectiveness and impact of each shot.

Overview of the rifle bars-4-1

Great location on the shoulder of the butt is due to the ingenious shape of the rifle, ergonomics of every detail. Modern polymeric materials used in the creation of the rifle, determine its strength, resistance to external influences and negative influences of the environment – sudden changes in temperature and humidity, the ingress of water to the body of the rifle. This is especially important when using the model in field conditions, and it is in the application of the rifle in hunting.

Thanks to its compactness and relatively light weight carabiner is often used to teach shooting skills and its fairly easy to transport.

Advantages model bars-4-1 stands out among other similar carbines that may have the same wide usage. The benefits allow you to stop it your choice for those who appreciate the maximum usability of the rifle, its capabilities due to the parameters laid down by the manufacturer, and attractiveness of appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we consider the model of the rifle bars-4-1, in terms of advantages and shortcomings, according to numerous reviews of the owners of the rifle to his main advantages are his qualities:

  • the possibility of using both for hunting, and to receive initial skills of shooting from a firearm;
  • the appeal of exterior design;
  • the ergonomics of each design details and thoughtfulness of all parameters of the carabiner;
  • the possibility of easy transport due to the relatively small size and low weight of the weapon.

Many owners noted the simple structure of the carbine model, the bars-4-1, which provides ease of disassembly when the need for a little upkeep of the rifle. Smooth running of the trigger does not cause discomfort when making a shot, and simple design of the store and the possibility of its replacement with more volume gives you the opportunity to improve shooting.

The disadvantages, according to buyers include the high cost of this carbine. However, the price is a relative concept, and combined with excellent technical characteristics and significant features of the rifle of this model cost is quite reasonable.

Photos of the rifle bars-4-1

  • Use the model bars-4-1, may professional the hunt for the extraction of both medium and small game, as well as to participate in competitions in sport shooting.
  • With its simple design carabiner bars-4-1 can successfully be applied in teaching beginners, the ergonomics of the butt allows the maximum comfort to train in accuracy to both men and women regardless of their physique and hand sizes.

Today for hunters and fans of shooting from hunting weapons sale originally created by the manufacturer version of the carbine bars-4, and – improved model bars-4-1. Both species are adapted chambered in caliber .223 Remington, which is striking in even a large target at a considerable distance.

Also available are models bars-4-1 at the appearance of natural wood, which decorated the butt of the rifle. This can be either a birch or walnut, which are coated with high quality varnish that protects the material from the negative impact of environment and mechanical impacts, inevitable during the operation of the rifle in the field.

Technical characteristics of the rifle bars 4-1 223 is given below.


Having excellent technical characteristics, the carbine model bars-4-1 has wide possibilities for use. This increases the level of demand, explaining the excellent performance of fire even at a moving and very far away from goal.

The following are the main technical parameters, which are laid in the production process and provide an opportunity to assess the capabilities of the rifle.

Specifications Carbine Bars-4-1
Country of origin Russia engineering plant, Izhevsk
Appointment Hunting, shooting, fun, target practice
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges From 5 to 9
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Modern and attractive due to its exterior design, carbine model bars-4-1 proved to be excellent in hunting, in field conditions and when used for training accuracy. Range and accuracy are determined by the inherent technical characteristics of the rifle bars 4 1.


The optimum design determines the ease of use.

  • The existing butt pad and cheek made of rubber, provide comfort when shooting, and the smoothness of the trigger ensures that committing accurate shot.
  • The barrel is made of high quality steel, its length is optimal for this model. Varnished stock, made of wood (birch or walnut) that is pleasant to use and retains its appeal due to high-quality treatment.
  • The store attached to the carbine in basic configuration, involves the building in it 5 rounds, which are arranged in a staggered manner. If necessary, the base shop can easily be replaced with a larger one.
  • Also can be additionally equipped with more powerful optical sight for carbine bars 4 1.
Picking and packing

The base set is sufficiently large, and many owners characterized as sufficient for comfortable use of the rifle. It goes:

  • the carbine
  • 5-charger shop
  • optical sight
  • fly,
  • handguard and cleaning rod, is required for regular cleaning of the rifle.
The principle of operation

The use of the rifle is simple enough, which is determined by the lack of complexity in its design.

  1. Before application should be completed in the store ammunition in the amount of 5 pieces (in basic configuration), install all hardware and adjust it.
  2. Finding the target using the sight, should, upon distortion of the gate to send the cartridge in the barrel and pull the trigger.

Smooth running of the trigger, the important advantages of this model, providing a good aimed fire.


Define a simple design easy dismantling enables the quick replacement of part of the mechanism of the rifle. Inserting the bolt from withdrawal from it is abstraction ago, then the fuse is attached to a vertical position, and can then be removed from the stem box the shutter.

Detachable 5-shot box magazine is also easily dismantled, which enables the filling or replacement with a more capacious model of the store.

Next, we consider the tuning of the rifle bars-4-1.


Changes in the carabiner can be produced due to the installation of more efficient parts. For example, using an optical sight, 4 times approximating the goal, ensures a long shooting range and shooting efficiency from the rifle.

Also may be replaced by the store, which in the basic configuration comes with a capacity of 5 rounds.

The price and the reviews about this hunting rifle bars-4-1 223 rem given below.

The product price

The cost model bars-4-1 already at the beginning of production was relatively high, but today with the introduction of improvements in its design the price was not much lower. Model bars-4-1 proposed different sellers at a cost of 9 to 12 800 540 rubles.

Owner reviews on the carbine bars-4-1 223 REM given below.

Owner reviews

Most of the buyers and the owners of the model bars-4-1 speak of it as a powerful and convenient weapon, which is easy to disassembly and improvement. Attractive appearance, good technical ability – the main advantages of the model, which determine the level of demand for the carbine.

Good firing rates with maximum ease of operation allow to use it for different purposes. A compact size and easy transportation due to light weight give the opportunity to speak about the comfort when using it even Teens and women with fragile complexion.

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