Bekas-16M, carbine, smoothbore weapons

On the market today shotgun help fans shooting to fully realize their desires: variety of models with excellent technical capabilities, affordability and choice in the basic configuration allow to manifest all the features of the selected type of weapon for hunting.

And among peers who have similar characteristics and have a lot of positive feedback as buyers of a hunting rifle, and its owners, need special attention in a pump-action smooth-bore carbine model Bekas-16M/ER-16M, which is recognized as the most successful in the line of the series Snipe (Snipe Auto, 12M, etc.).

Having a good indicators of fire, the carbine, designed originally for professional hunting, provides both the performance of the made shots, and safety during firing due to the existing locking mechanism and clever design. Comfort when shooting is provided by the ergonomics of each design details and the possibility of replacing the classic butt on the pistol grip enables the most convenient to operate the carbine – and it’s important for women and men with different palm size.

Overview of carbine Bekas-16M/ER-16M

The appearance of the carbine model Bekas-16M/ER-16M can be considered a classic: the absence of distracting details, a large number of features that provide unique performance characteristics inherent in the time of manufacture of the rifle and a good firing rates (these are usually referred to the targeting, the possibility of defeat far which purpose, accuracy of shots, providing efficiency defeat distance, which depends on the initial speed of a bullet) made the model particularly popular.

Paying attention to themselves by buying a carbine Bekas-16M/ER-16M never ceases to amaze and in the process of its operation. The reliability of the whole structure, the possibility of quick partial disassembly and tuning ensures that the demand for the model.

Application in the design of the carabiner of natural wood high quality makes his “appearance” is especially memorable: the special treatment of natural materials helps to ensure the preservation of the attractive appearance of the model in a long time, protecting it from the effects of moisture and temperature.

The trunk, which is one of the most important structural parts of a carabiner made of aluminum alloy, which makes it particularly easy.

A method of making the barrel method (cold forging) allows us to speak about the guaranteed safety of its perfect straight shape and strength, which is especially important when frequent mechanical impacts on the trunk, which is inevitable during active operation of the rifle.

Advantages and disadvantages

Longitudinal-sliding forend, which is the basis of pump-action reload for hunting, is especially convenient for these goals. The ease of recharging process and its simplicity allows you to use the carbine to Snipe-16M/ER-16M even novice shooters.Also to consider the positive qualities of the variety line of Snipe should be considered the following parameters:

  • a great external data – classical performance in the best traditions of using natural wood attracts the attention of buyers and gives pleasure in use of the rifle;
  • ergonomics details and reasoning of the whole structure is an important component of the successful application of the model;
  • the possibility of replacing the conventional buttstock to the pistol grip gives you the opportunity to increase the level of comfort;
  • easy and fast fitting weapon for a specific arrow;
  • a simple device, which allows to apply the model Bekas-16M/ER-16M even for beginners. For this reason, combined with the ease and simplicity of reloading gives you the opportunity to use it as a relatively simple learning model;
  • the compactness and relatively low weight allow easy transport of the rifle – this quality is especially important in active operation.

And if to these positive characteristics will add the perfect firing rates and affordable cost, you can better see the quality of execution and use the rifle for hunting Snipe-16M/ER-16M.

However, for a full assessment of the qualities under consideration a hunting rifle should be reviewed and existing shortcomings, which can be a consequence of manufacturer defects and carelessness of its use. And the disadvantages of the model Bekas-16M/ER-16M some owners include frequent loss of the cartridge from the chamber when reloading, which is a serious drawback in the process of firing: in self-defence, such a loss could play into the hands of the attacker. However, with some training and bringing the shutter until it clicks, the probability of the cartridge from the chamber is reduced significantly.

Also a drawback which has been identified during practical use of this model, some owners attribute the jamming of a cartridge in the chamber. To stabilize the situation should be made a little more effort, however, when using the carbine a woman or teen may encounter an extraordinary situation.

Photo shotguns Bekas-16M/ER-16M


Manufacturer model Bekas-16M/ER-16M was originally conceived as a hunting, but while using it found that the carbine some great shows and sports competitions in accuracy, and entertainment. Also in its capabilities, it can be used for self-defense.


Today in specialized hunting shops offers several modifications of the model, which differ in technical characteristics and firing rates through the use of cartridges of various caliber.

The varieties of models Bekas-16M/ER-16M include:

  • RP-12M/16M-00 – complete with a 680mm barrel and butt of the hunting variant;
    • model RP-12M/16M-01 – picking, having a barrel length 535мм and the butt of the hunting type;
    • model RP-12M/16M-02 – complete with a barrel length of 720mm and butt hunting variant;
    • a kind of RP-12M/16M-03 – complete with a barrel length of 750 mm and the butt of the hunting type;
    • RP-12M/16M-04 – complete with a barrel length 535мм and pistol grip buttstock;
    • RP-12M/16M-05 – complete with 2 guns, each of them has a length of 535мм and 680 mm, the set includes the buttstock and pistol grip;
    • RP-12M/16M-06 – version 2 trunks with a length of 720mm and 535мм, the set includes the buttstock and pistol grip;
    • RP-12M/16M-07 – complete with 2 guns 535мм and a length of 750 mm, the set includes the buttstock and pistol grip;
    • RP-12M/16M-08 – complete with 2 barrels with a length of 680mm and 750mm, the set includes the buttstock and pistol grip.

All the varieties can be used for hunting medium and large animals, and for self-defense, as well as for entertainment and training accuracy.


The following technical characteristics you can get an idea of the capabilities of the model. Thanks to the sophistication of this carbine, it becomes possible to not only defeat the purpose (even very far away from), but also the effectiveness of novice fire arrow.

Specifications Carbine Bekas-16M/ER-16M
Country of origin Russia machine-building plant “Molot”
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Pump-action smooth-bore carbine
Capacity cartridges 6 in the “long” store with the possibility of adding more alyemeni
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

The caliber used in the shooting of the rifle, provide even lose the big game.


The relative simplicity of the design of the model Bekas-16M/ER-16M enables maximum comfort to make operation of the rifle, which will be important for beginners shooting professional hunting guns.

The modular design is, in the opinion of the majority of owners Bekas-16M/ER-16M , the most easy to use and maintain. The main structural part of the carbine to Snipe-16M/ER-16M can be called stock, as the trunk. The barrel and the butt well withstand temperature changes during operation of the rifle in the field, not afraid of mechanical influences, and this allows them to maintain an attractive appearance both when the temperature changes and high humidity (that’s what the indicators have the greatest impact when hunting).

Picking and packing

Depending on the wishes of the customer Bekas-16M/ER-16M can be equipped with 1 or 2 receiver boxes. Can also attach pistol grip and the butt. “Native” the stock is tubular, with a capacity of 6 rounds. Sights – front sight and rear sight.

Is packaged such a weapon Snipe-16M/ER-16M at the time of its sale in plastic packaging and cardboard box. On the box there is information about the model name, manufacturer.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the model Bekas-16M/ER-16M relatively simple, making it easy to work with him. “Native” can hold six cartridges, which when you press the trigger move the trunk. Using flies is determined by the target, the optical sight gives you the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of each shot.

“Long” can hold 10 cartridges, which enables more rapid implementation of successive shots and their series.


Disassembly can be made for repair, when cleaning the barrel. Mount the stem to the body of the box is a screw which easily Unscrew.


The improvement of the rifle may by reinstalling the stock (replacement for the pistol grip) that provides maximum comfort when using the model either with the installation of an optical sight with a higher performance.

Reviews and price on shotgun Snipe-16M/ER-16M cars is given below.

The product price

The value indicator of the model to be consistent with the quality of the rifle. Different sellers price is about 15 130-17 020 rubles in the base set. In the money will cost you, for example, a Gun IZH-59, MP-153 saiga 20S, MTS-21-12, MP-43, saiga 410К-01.

Owner reviews

Owners, and buyers, first noted the attractive appearance of the rifle. The use of natural wood, properly treated for the conservation of its species, increases the interest to this kind of butt.

Comfortable and sophisticated design, combined with excellent firing rates provide a constant interest from the buyers, and the affordable cost makes the model Bekas-16M/ER-16M most popular today. Positive feedback deserved and a variety of modifications of the Bekas-16M/ER-16M.

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