Benelli Argo rifle gun

Self-loading carbine Benelli Argo, failed clone of the Browning BAR

In 2002 the Italian Benelli arms company began producing rifles self-loading carbine, have received the General name ARGO model is patented by the type of self-regulating venting system.

It is largely copied from the Browning automatic rifle (BAR). For example, he has the same type of build and gas piston located under the barrel.

Description of the carbine Benelli Argo

Self-loading carbine, operating on the principle of the gas piston. Vent system is located under the barrel, similar to the Browning rifles.

Despite certain similarities, Italian gunsmiths has created a unique weapon because of the design features can be attributed more to the technical curiosities, which now and then appear, but they live a relatively short time. Popularity also Benelli ARGO and its presence in the market for one and a half decades can be considered an exemplary result of aggressive marketing.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The first thing you notice when meeting with a technical description of the carbine, is the fact that the manufacturer has limited effective firing range two hundred meters. For weapons that have, for example, caliber 30-06 SPFLD, it’s incredibly small. Rifles BAR the same parameters allow to hit targets at distances up to 400 meters.
  • The reason for this, and the fact that many hunters complain of very low accuracy of the battle is observed when the acquaintance with the design of the rifle.
  • Indeed, the Italians invented a special system gas outlet, located as close to the chamber, which can adjust the pressure and adjust to different bullet types – light or heavy.
  • But they made a trunk that does not have a rigid connection to the receiver. He has only two places of attachment: on the back plate of the receiver and at the point of discharge of the gas, which is a hollow cylinder made of light alloy, forming a gas chamber. The latter plays the role of a fulcrum lever of the first kind, and the trunk with the cover of the receiver has a certain degree of freedom relative to it. Vibration when firing, with semi-automatic loading they do not have time to go out, and thermal distortion, is quite significant at high rate of fire, lead to the fact that the barrel wavers like a reed in the wind. Any innovative manufacturing technologies, which saluted the manufacturer, it is impossible to completely stop these factors, which is contrary to the laws of Newton’s mechanics.
  • These same laws say that in place of mounting the gas chamber on the barrel forms a point of concentrated load, perceiving almost all the energy of the shot. In fifteen years of operation, cases of failure of the trunk mount is not registered (or they were carefully hidden), but completely to exclude such opportunity it is impossible.
  • Patented venting system ARGO is made of dissimilar metals, ferrous and nonferrous having a different coefficient of volume expansion, and the piston seal uses rubber rings. Therefore, cases of improper operation of the mechanism of recharge and even his seizure are not uncommon.
  • You say something nice about Benelli ARGO? Fortunately, the designers left the same type of shutter as Browning BAR. He turns in the lock, ensuring a good seal of the chamber.
  • A controversial advantage, because tastes differ, is that the safety button, the lever of removal from the slide stop and lever cap store is located on the front branch of the trigger guard (Browning BAR they posted). Hunting in the heat of passion it’s possible to confuse which is which.

The actual advantage of the carbine is the aesthetic appearance. Fine crafted wood bed from noble walnut, handguard unusual shape with a longitudinal undercut for secure retention, quality polished blueing of metal parts, Nickel-plated (optional) receiver. In General, the Italians have created a weapon that is good once a year to go hunting a couple of times to shoot and show everyone what a “tough guy”.

Carabine Benelli Argo E Pro


With this rifle you can hunt large ungulates. The distance of effective fire up to 200 meters.


In addition to the basic model ARGO E also produced a model E, ARGO PRO and ARGO Comfort, which is a polymer stock and adjustable height comb of the stock.

Type Self-loading rifle with gas piston
Gauges 30-06, 308W, 300WM, 7×64, AND 9.3×62 30-06, 308W 30-06, 308W, 300WM, 7×64, AND 9.3×62
Barrel length (mm) 510 and 560 for 9.3х62 510 510 and 560 for 9.3х62 and 30-06
Bed Hazelnut wood Hazelnut wood Technopolymer
Total length (mm) 1070 1120 1070
Capacity 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 2 or 5 2 or 4
Weight (kg) 3,25 3,35 3,45

Self-loading carbine with the system of reloading on the basis of gas piston. The trunk with the detachable cover of the receiver.

  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated, the force on the trigger 1.8 kg. the Box fuse is located on the front branch of the trigger guard is a button that is moved perpendicular to the axis of the barrel. There are levers slide stop and open the lid of the hopper store. Trigger guard is polymer.
  • Bed polupoltina, butt with a comb, recoil pad rubber, interchangeable. Handguard is a housing of the venting mechanism.
  • The outer sighting devices are adjustable rear sight with two green fiber-optic strands (optional prismatic unregulated, with a white stripe along the line of sight) and open front sight with red fiber-optic thread. Possible installation brackets and brackets under the scopes.
Picking and packing
  • The carbine comes disassembled, consisting of two units: the Lodge, handguard, receiver; barrel, receiver cover, bolt.
  • Supplied with interchangeable zatulinki of the stock spacers to change the angle of installation of the devices for cleaning. Usually it is all Packed in a soft case. Optional hard carrying case.

The package is supplemented by manual.

The principle of operation

The reload occurs under the action of the gas piston, taking part of powder gases from the bore. After shooting the last cartridge, the shutter becomes on gate delay. To remove it, click on the lever on the front branch of the trigger guard or remove the magazine.

For loading it is necessary to press the lever in the front branch of the trigger guard, tilt the hopper lid, remove the store and fill it with ammo. To bring the rifle into firing position, rack it.

If you do not want to shoot, click on the check box of the fuse from the handle of the shutter.

The installation of the carabiner

The carbine comes disassembled, consisting of two blocks. Its Assembly is done without tools.

  1. Hold the unit consisting of the butt, the receiver and forend. Using towing eye the front swivels as the lever, remove it together with the nut. Remove the eyelet.
  2. Remove the forend by sliding it in the direction of the muzzle.
  3. On the mechanism of gas outlet loosen the nut with the holes on the faces using a tapered pin of the forearm, which is attached to a sling swivel.
  4. Cock on USM.
  5. Hold the unit consisting of a barrel, receiver cover, and insert the body of the gas chamber on the slide and the recoil mechanism so that the ribs on them matched. The shutter should be drawn back.
  6. When putting on the barrel “tail” of the shutter is passed through a tube USM and rests on the back plate of the receiver.
  7. Fixed butt on the floor or Desk, push down on the trunk and get the entrance cover to the back plate of the receiver and it locks into place with a distinctive sound.
  8. Tighten the nut with the holes on the sides, fixing gazobetonnyh mechanism. For greater strength use the same conical projection on the shank.
  9. Install and secure the shank by screwing the nut with the lug swivels.

Carbine Benelli Argo-E Comfort class cal.30-06 (for 10 rounds)


Possible to install straps weaver and Picatinny, brackets for optical devices, as well as change the height of the butt plate or angle it is installed using gaskets supplied.

The price and the reviews on the carbine Benelli Argo is given below.


The cost of the rifle, depending on model and configuration, is in the range from 150 to 250 thousand rubles.


Opinions about semi-automatic rifles Benetti diametrically opposed. The cases when it is impossible to get to the bucket at a distance of 100 meters, or the diameter of the scattering ellipse is more similar to grobovoy scree frequent.

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