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Having a truly charismatic “appearance”, a Benelli MR1 rifle is fully met the expectations of connoisseurs of the perfect indicators of firearms: easy to use, attractive appearance, created with the modern technology, shotgun models Benelli MR1 is proven in field tests.

Resistance to environmental exposure through the use of materials with higher sustainability indicators as to changes in temperature and high humidity, and also due to maximum balance in case of the rifle makes it possible to apply it not only for professional hunting, but also for training on accuracy in sports.

Fans of the shooting of a firearm does not cease to look for the ideal rifled carbine, which will meet all the requirements to ensure perfect firing rates and ease of use. And among peers in the market, you should select a rifle Italian manufacturer Benelli MR1, which has won one of the first places according to his ability, designed by the manufacturer, and the many positive reviews of both buyers and owners of this type of weapon.

A review of the Benelli MR1 carbine

The stylish design attracts buyers even at first glance on the carbine model Benelli MR1. However, even upon closer inspection it is the impression of the excellent work of Italian gunsmiths who know exactly what is waiting for them the consumer: ease of use, excellent specifications and a wide range of weapons, due to their parameters.

Benelli MR1 rifle shows excellent firing results: the accuracy of the shots combined with the perfect sighting – not only of its dignity. Due to the simple design, it can be used to get initial skills of shooting from a firearm of the newcomers, which is convenient to use a weapon with relatively small external dimensions and weight. It also allows for maximum convenience to transport the rifle.

Advantages and disadvantages

Thanks to its numerous advantages, shotgun models Benelli MR1 may be considered almost ideal weapons for hunting: hitting even a moving target at a considerable distance (about 200-300 m), the weapon has minimal recoil, which certainly should be counted among the advantages of this model over larger counterparts. Also a great quality rifle model Benelli MR1 can be called the maximum smoothness of walking in the trigger that provides the most accurate shots, no sudden jerks when making a shot and makes it easier to hit the target.

Analysis of the existing advantages of this model allows to compare it with other models and other manufacturers, and find the shortcomings weaknesses of the weapons and its possible shortcomings.

The main advantages of this model include the following characteristics:

  • stylish design, which immediately draws attention to itself, and the lack of spare parts the weight of the rifle and interfere in the process of its operation;
  • features twist barrel, which allow you to apply a fairly wide range of cartridges;
  • “omnivorous” model, which allows the use of even cheaper options of cartridges for it, which is especially important in active service arms and budget constraints;
  • using this model of the venting system, which is adopted in the marine corps of the United States that can be considered an indicator of its reliability. After all, such a system provides full use of arms, even in particularly difficult conditions, with a sharp and significant drop in temperature and moisture characteristics.

With all the opportunities for effective fire, shotgun models Benelli MR1 can be used by both professionals and budding enthusiasts shooting firearms: the most convenient form and its well thought-out ergonomics give you the ability to make effective shooting, even with little practical experience.

If to speak about disadvantages of the model, the most owners of serious shortcomings have been identified. However, buyers can call as a relative disadvantage: a rifle can be considered quite high. However, the combination of its positive characteristics and technical features designed by the manufacturer and are increasing due to the possibility of tuning, explains this cost.

Benelli MR1 (photo)


  • The use of the Benelli MR1 carbine is a professional hunting and shooting for accuracy training and participation in competitions in sport shooting.
  • Also it can be used for teaching beginners the basic skills of shooting firearms.

The carbine model is available for Benelli MR1 .223 Rem cartridge. This gives the possibility of using a fairly wide range of bullets of different caliber and weight.

The varieties of this model include:

  • the rifle earlier models of the RX4 Storm, which has a somewhat bizarre appearance, however, the firing rates of it also at a high level;
  • the Benelli R1 rifle, which became the basis for the previous model and characterized by a high rate of fire, and also a great sighting.

For the considered model rifle Italian manufacturer Benelli fit cartridges of various type and caliber. So, the cartridges 5,56х45 mm worked well when shooting at long distances, and the cartridges 7. 62×39 mm can be used to engage targets in the far and middle distance.


Because of the technical characteristics provide the most complete impression of the possibilities of any model of shotgun, you should perform such indicators as the initial speed of a bullet, the ratio of the length of the barrel and butt, as well as the material making the barrel, the capacity of the store and the overall weight of the device.

The table below includes the most fundamental characteristics of a carbine model, Benelli MR1.

Specifications The Benelli MR1 carbine
Country of origin Italy, company Benelli MR1
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges 10, 20, 30
The total length of the body 1 020 mm
The length of the barrel 406 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Using this method in the manufacture of the barrel, as cold forging allows you to not worry about saving as his original appearance, and the appearance of corrosion on its surface. A high quality steel provides strength and resistance to mechanical stress. Ergonomic shape is accompanied by maximum comfort during use.


Simplicity of design models Benelli MR1 implies a lack of complexity in the process of its operation. The main structural part of any modern – the barrel and the butt.

Their optimal ratio in the model, Benelli MR1 can be called the most thoughtful, because it gives the opportunity to provide shooting range and a high degree of effectiveness of each shot.

  • Adjustable sight and front sight with limiters allow a better aim and hit the chosen target.
  • On the slide box is the base for mounting the optical sight, which significantly increases the effectiveness of shooting.
Picking and packing

The rifle in the sale are Packed in polymer film, which allows to prevent the deterioration of its appearance under mechanical effects on her body. The rifle is in a cardboard box indicating the name of the product and of the manufacturer.

The basic package includes the rifle, the ramrod for him, the store which can contain 10 rounds. Additionally can be purchased store a larger capacity: 20 and 30 rounds.

The principle of operation

Committing shot is done by pressing the trigger when you exit the clutch to the gate, due to sudden blow to the drummer is the extension-limiting springs and the cartridge goes into the barrel.

The action of the rifle is simple enough that allows not to cause difficulties when shooting even for a beginner.

  • The job of the fuse is possible in the open and closed shutter, but only with the hammer cocked.
  • Switch button fuse from left to right the most convenient, however, for left-handers and those who prefer the reverse movement, there is the ability to quickly change direction to the opposite.

The implementation of disassembly may be necessary when conducting a routine inspection of the weapon during its renovation and cleaning.

Greater ease of disassembly facilitates the separation of the stem of the box into two parts. One part is made of metal, the other of polymeric material. and due to the highest rigidity and ease of disassembly of the connections can even be done independently and in the field.


As for other models of carbines, rifles Benelli MR1 can be spent tuning.

  • The improvement is achieved by installing an optical sight, which increases the efficiency of fire.
  • Also to increase the efficiency of firing can be purchased separately more voluminous removable magazine – from 20 to 100 rounds.

Reviews and price of the Benelli MR1 carbine is given below.

The product price

The value indicator of the Benelli MR1 rifle many consider quite high. However, as practice shows, the degree of its bestselling not reduced by the balance of its technical capabilities and attractive appearance, which determine the final price of the product.

Today, the Italian Benelli MR1 rifle is sold in specialty hunting stores at a price of 110 to 117 252 450 rubles. Guaranteed reliability, ease of construction and attractiveness of appearance fully justify such a measure.


In the opinion of the majority of owners of this rifle, the possibility of a pleasant surprise even experienced professionals having considerable experience in working with firearms of different manufacturers. Ease of use, ergonomic shape and compactness at a high rate of fire, great sighting and it is possible to improve the models provide a constant and justified interest from buyers.

Many owners also noted a few predatory and stylish design of the rifle. The reasonableness of the design, its small size make it easy to cope with it, even women.

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