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Italian arms company Bernardelli produces a whole series of semi-automatic shotguns under the brand name Mega. Structurally they are very similar and differ only in design and equipment is as elegant instances supplied in the hard saddlebags with extra bullet guns, and quite utilitarian, which can be used as a forwarding weapons.

Description of shotguns Bernardelli Mega

Semi-automatic shotguns 12 and 20 gauge, with the automation which uses the principle of gas engine. Shop grenade, tubular, bed polupoltina. The weapon is to high price class.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Very high quality workmanship, impeccably crafted trunks. Consider whether the advantage or disadvantage of the coating chamber and chrome channels – a private matter of hunter, because of the unity on this issue is still there. The manufacturer positions the trunks are as suitable for shooting steel shot.
  • The original design of the gas engine, which can be regulated under the cartridges with different powder charge. There is no need to increase or decrease the venting hole in the trunk, we only need to swap the pistons, which are marked in order to avoid ambiguity. Simplicity of design – it only has two piston sealing ring and return spring to ensure high reliability of weapons in all operating conditions.
  • The control set trigger mechanism supplemented by a lever perehvatyvaet of cartridges in the store. This allows you to quickly change the type of equipment or to discharge the weapon for transport not emptying at the same store.
  • Quality workmanship is complemented with a refined finish, this gun is a pleasure to take in hand, it’s aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.
  • The use of a fiber-optic front sight instead of the classic bronze someone will like, it really helps to build a line of sight with less errors.
  • Sorry, but this is a General rule manufacturers ignored 16-gauge. Available in 12-th and 20-th. One is too large and is suitable mainly for shooting duck or goose in flight, the other too shallow and more suited for hunting swamp game.
  • The ergonomics of the lodges can be considered exemplary. In addition, the kit supplies a set of shims that allows you to adjust the tilt of the butt to the axis of the trunk at the desired angle for the shooter.

Compared to other semi-automatic weapons companies, Bernardelli Mega much up to a pound – lighter.

Bernardelli Mega Silver


This is a hunting and sporting weapons, used for the production of mainly game birds. With bullet barrel 12 gauge it is possible to fill up a medium size boar.


Models are divided into two groups: 12 Gauge and 20 Gauge, inside each of them five or six models.

Group 12 Gauge models:

  • Mega. The basic variant of the gun. The receiver is blued, no frills, blued barrel, with chrome channel and the chamber. Crafted of drilling. Polupoltina bed, made of select walnut wood, varnished. The butt plate is plastic. Comb straight, with an inclination to the axis of the barrel. Trigger and button box fuse covered with gold. Sights – vented placket and front sight – fiber-optic white “the stump”. Supplied with extra slug barrel.
  • Mega Silver. From the previous model has a Nickel-plated receiver.
  • Mega Sporting. The metal parts are covered with a carbon mesh. The front sight is made of red fiber-optic strands. Bed polupoltina, nutty, with a ridge butt the adjustable height and shock-absorbing butt pad.
  • Mega Synthetic. A gun with a plastic stock, the butt of the shock-absorbing recoil pad. There are swivels for the strap mount. The receiver is covered with a carbon mesh. The barrel is blued, the front sight – white fiber-optic “stub”. Supplied slug barrel with rifling.
  • Mega Levriero. Shotgun with exquisite finish: Nickel plated receiver is engraved with a gold notch, polupoltina bed crafted from dark walnut of the highest quality, trigger and button box fuse gold plated.
  • Mega Camo. A gun with a plastic stock with a camouflage color. The same coating on the barrel. The rest of the model is similar to Synthetic.
  • Mega Anniversary and Anniversary Ceramica. Rifle with Nickel receiver having a luxury finish engraved with a Golden cross differ only by the theme of decoration. Produced for the 60th anniversary of the release of the first semi-automatic model of the company.

A group of 20 Gauge submitted by:

  • Mega. A basic model of a group differ from 12-gauge only type of fly is made in the form of cut red fiber-optic strands. Supplied with a short rifled barrel a bullet of the type “Paradox.”
  • Mega Silver. You’ll be Nickel-plated receiver. The fly in the form of a fiber-optic “hemp”.
  • Mega Sporting. Full analogue of the model of the twelfth calibre with the same designation.
  • Mega Synthetic. Bed synthetic stock with cushioned recoil pad. The metal parts are covered with a carbon mesh. There are swivels for the strap mount.
  • Mega Camo.
  • Mega Anniversary and Anniversary Ceramica.
Group 12 Gauge
Type Semi-automatic with a gas engine
Caliber 12, chamber 76 mm
Shot the barrel Threaded for interchangeable barrel constrictions, channel chrome
Slug barrel With rifling a bullet of the type “Paradox”
Length shotgun barrels (mm) 610, 660, 710, 760
Bullet length barrel (mm) 610
Capacity 4+1
Length of butt (mm) 362
Total length (mm) 1130 (stem 760)
Weight (kg) 3,1
A Group Of 20 Gauge
Type Semi-automatic with a gas engine
Caliber 20 the chamber 76 mm
Shot the barrel Threaded for interchangeable barrel constriction channel chrome
Slug barrel With rifling a bullet of the type “Paradox”
Length shotgun barrels (mm) 610, 660, 710, 760
Bullet length barrel (mm) 610
Capacity 5+1
Length of butt (mm) 362
Total length (mm) 1130
Weight (kg) 2,67

Semi-automatic rifle with a gas engine.

  • Shot the barrel is designed to shoot steel shot, channel, and chamber chrome on the muzzle thread is arranged for a replacement of the contractions.
  • Slug barrel with wide shallow rifling a bullet of the type “Paradox.” In both cases, the sights consist of a ventilated strap and a fiber-optic front sight.
  • The receiver is made of steel, milled from a solid billet. The release liners on the right. Loading cartridges through the window of the bunker on the bottom. Ejector cartridges located on its inner side.
  • Shop tubular underbarrel, is the basis for the gas engine and the recoil spring. For protection against gases it is made of stainless steel.
  • Gas engine has two pistons mounted coaxially. They have different diameters of the skirt and are designed for use cartridges with different batches of powder. Adjustment requires disassembly and change their position. To exclude ambiguity for them marked.
  • The bolt carrier is rigidly connected by a thrust with a gas engine. The larva is round, with a flat mirror and a tooth extractor. Used for locking the swinging arm, will the tooth of the bulge the receiver.
  • When shooting last bullet slide is to delay. To remove a button located on the right side of the receiver above the bunker store.
  • The trigger mechanism is hammer type, adjustment of the stroke of the trigger and the efforts it is not provided. For intercepting the rounds in the magazine, a lever mounted between the front branch of the trigger guard and the bin store. It blocks the movement of the Elevator, the cartridges to the line loading is not available.
  • The fuse is mechanical, the check box is located on the posterior branches of the trigger guard. To bring weapons in combat position it should be shifted to the left, then it will be a red ring mark.
  • Polupoltina bed, with a large handle. Buttstock with straight comb, sports models its height is adjustable. The forearm acts as a shroud gas engine.
Picking and packing
  • Models with wooden stock are delivered in a hard carrying case. The barrel is cleared. Supplied with shot and slug barrel, five interchangeable nozzles muzzle of the contractions, the key for the installation.
  • Model with a plastic stock, and are shipped in a cardboard box. Additional, bullet, barrel supplied no.
The principle of operation

Automatic rifle uses the energy of part of the powder gases tapped from the barrel. During the shot they go to the gas piston and move it toward the butt, simultaneously compressing the return spring and moving the bolt. Pivot arm larvae falls in and out of engagement with the groove in the receiver. When moving the bolt back liner is removed from the chamber and ejectives, then the feeding of the cartridge into the hopper store and a platoon drummer. During the return movement of the feed Elevator picks up the ammunition and takes it to the line loading, where it grasps the larva shutter.

Before loading the shotgun, put the safety on, by sliding the button to the right. The pistol is fed sequentially muzzle of a cartridge case forward, and fixed in the store. If you need to charge an additional cartridge, press down on the lock lever located between the front branch of the trigger guard and the bin store. Then pull the bolt back and put the ammunition to the supply line through the window of ejector sleeves. Release the bolt.

If you want to quickly change the type of equipment of the cartridge, then turn the lock lever, pull the bolt back and eject the cartridge from the chamber, then put the right ammunition in the receiver and release the bolt.


You need to change the sample of powder in the cartridge in the up or down to change the position of the gas piston.

  1. Discharge the weapon several times twitching bolt carrier and having it placed on hold.
  2. Remove the molded nut on the shank and remove it by sliding forward.
  3. Remove the spring store and the applicant cartridges.
  4. Print the barrel out of engagement with the receiver.

On the pistons there is a marking: Magnum Heavy and Light STD, complemented by arrows. When you change the position must be the first piston, corresponding to the type of sample. Shooters have to look at each other.

If necessary, further disassembly, do the following:

  1. Remove the shutter delay (hold the handle with your finger, avoiding sudden movement forward).
  2. Remove from the detail shop gas engine to the pusher ring of the sealing frame.
  3. Pull out the shutter arm, remove it from the receiver by pulling on a rod, put on the store.
  4. Remove from store weighting and a return spring.
  5. Knock out the two pins holding the trigger Assembly and remove it from the receiver.

Depending on the caliber, the gun is from 80 to 120 thousand rubles. For comparison, note that in this money you can buy a semi-automatic Remington 1100 Trap (1334 $), bokflint Mossberg Silver Reserve II (60-100 T. R.), rifle Remington R-25 (90-100 T. p.) and other interesting models.

Owner reviews

The gun functions flawlessly with both imported and domestic ammunition. The heap and sharp fight, the impact is moderate.

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