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Excellent technical characteristics inherent in the manufacture, attractive appearance and maximum convenience of operation due to the quality of forms and the ratio of structural parts – these are the advantages of modern rifles presented popular today, the German manufacturer Вlaser.

And the high level of demand, not only due to proper marketing, but also the efficiency of fire of these rifles, allows us to estimate the level of demand in the selling models of the company.

Among the most successful variants of hunting rifles with a great external design with the required characteristics to enable its use not only in terms of professional hunting, but for training accuracy, you must stay on the rifle model r93 Вlaser, which became especially popular among those who appreciate style and quality.

A high degree of reliability due to the sophistication of the shape of each structural part (they all have a increased rate of ergonomics), ease of use, attractive appearance – all this is just part of the advantages of this model Вlaser r93. A more detailed consideration of its advantages and disadvantages will allow you to get the most detailed picture.

Overview of the Blaser rifle R93

Application in the design of the butt and barrel of polymer as advanced materials with high strength and natural (tree of firm breeds, resistant to mechanical stress), made it clear to the high demand of customers for this carbine. However, in further consideration of the characteristics of the model reveals many of its positive qualities, ensuring ease of use of the carbine and getting pleasure from the process of its operation.

Also, convenience deliver compact dimensions and relatively light weight: easy transportation and possibility of using even women and adolescents, should be attributed to the merits of the rifle.

Advantages and disadvantages

The manufacturer takes into account all the wishes of consumers to the hunting rifle, and as a result, buyers got a perfect model with a lot of interesting and useful qualities. In comparison with similar models, having approximately the same value, carabiner Вlaser r93 stands out due to the high shooting efficiency with high accuracy of fire, and also due to the convenience, which is particularly relevant with the active use of weapons for a long time.

The list of positive characteristics clearly prove the advantage of the model over similar rifles designed for hunting, from third-party manufacturers.

The advantages of a hunting rifle model should include the following qualities:

  • compactness, which allows a relatively small weight. This makes it easy to transport the rifle and use it, even women and adolescents;
  • the smoothness of the trigger when you click on it. This allows for greater accuracy, the effectiveness of each performed shot;
  • the optimal ratio of the size of the barrel and the butt, which also positively affects the efficiency of fire;
  • affordability is an important indicator of significantly influencing the level of demand for the carabiner;
  • the ability to quickly change (even in hunting) barrel store to a bigger and larvae shutter. This allows to use this model for a large variety of ammunition that increases the efficiency of firing;
  • increased wear resistance of the materials that were used in the manufacture of carabiner, which is especially important when operating it in field conditions if possible, extreme temperatures, high humidity and frequent mechanical exposures.

These advantages distinguish the considered carbine from peers, while its cost is accessible: acquisition of the model is possible even if there is some limitation of the budget purchases.

Buyers also noted a stylish classic design. It makes considering the carbine is interesting for those who appreciate elegance of form and lack of spare parts.

Flaws, in the opinion of the majority of owners of a carbine, the model is not revealed.

Blaser R93 30/06 (photo)

  • Use the carabiner can to professional hunting medium and small game, and bird.
  • Features carabiner clip makes it also suitable for training marksmanship, recreational shooting and teaching new players the skills of possession of firearms.
  • Due to its simplicity this model allows to learn the initial basics of shooting and it’s compact dimensions and relatively light weight provide the greatest convenience in the training of women as well as teenagers.

The market today there are several modifications of this model, but they all have the characteristic of this carabiner as: the ability to quickly change the barrel and store. This greatly extends the scope of the various rounds, increasing the ultimate efficiency of fire.

  • The caliber of ammo that can be used in the shooting of the carabiner may vary from .22 Long Rifle to .416 Weatherby Magnum. Both of these options has the distinct characteristics of fire, however, when using the caliber .416 Weatherby Magnum revealed a great rate and accuracy.
  • 300Win Blaser R93 Varmint.Mag, Professional (9,3х62) 308 Win and 223 Rem is the most marketable members of the series.

Because the specifications provide the most detailed impression of the capabilities of any modern rifle, should perform such indicators as the initial speed of a bullet, the ratio of the length of the barrel and butt, as well as the material making the barrel, the capacity of the store and the overall weight of the device.

Having the ability to quickly change the store and larvae of the shutter, the model can be used with different cartridges. This quality should be considered essential for understanding the degree of ease the rifle of the model.

Specifications Carbine Вlaser r93
Country of origin Germany
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges 10, 20, 30 depending on the volume of the store
The total length of the body 1 020 mm
The length of the barrel 406 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Using this method in the manufacture of the barrel, as cold forging allows you to not worry about saving as his original appearance, and the appearance of corrosion on its surface. A high quality steel provides strength and resistance to mechanical stress. Ergonomic shape is accompanied by maximum comfort during use.


The simplicity of the design Вlaser r93 implies a lack of complexity in the process of its operation. The main structural part of any modern – the barrel and the butt. Their optimal ratio in the model Вlaser r93 can be called the most thoughtful, because it gives the opportunity to provide shooting range and a high degree of effectiveness of each shot.

Installation of the barrel or cylinder and a shutter shop with a large amount is fast and can be performed even in field conditions.

The trigger Assembly activates the cartridge, sending it into the barrel upon pressing the trigger, when this occurs, the disengagement of the striker and is a sharp blow on the cartridge, resulting in a shot. Adjustable sight and front sight with limiters allow a better aim and hit the chosen target. On the slide box is the base for mounting the optical sight, which significantly increases the effectiveness of shooting.

Picking and packing

Packaging of the carabiner is performed at the point of sale when it meets all the rules for transporting a weapon without having a negative impact on its appearance and characteristics.

Rifle model r93 Вlaser the sale is Packed in polymer film that allows you to eliminate deterioration in appearance of the mechanical influences on the body parts. The rifle is in the gun case indicating the name of the product and of the manufacturer.

The principle of operation

A simple device – the key to the greatest convenience of the carabiner. The action of the trigger based on touch of the trigger, which is smooth-running, whereby the output out of engagement with the firing pin, resulting in the extension-limiting springs is a sharp shock, which sends the cartridge in the barrel.

Guard button – this kind of is recognized as the most user-friendly.


Disassembly can be carried out for repair of weapons, when the cleaning and tuning. With its simple design model Вlaser г93легко can be disassembled independently. With shutter direct action disassembly is carried out as quickly as possible: it recharge and further disassembly is carried out with a single arm movement back and forth.

  • The improvement of the rifle may be carried out at the expense of the installation of the barrel, which has a special place, the telescopic sight, increasing the targeting.
  • Can also be purchased separately and installed store a larger volume.
  • And easy replacement of the trunk and larvae shutter allows in the shortest possible time to install them and use ammunition of a different caliber.

Next, let’s talk about the reviews and the price of the rifle r93 Вlaser.

The product price

The cost of r93 rifle Вlaser from different sellers may insignificantly vary. Its price is from 25 to 30 520 520 rubles.

Owner reviews

The highest number of positive reviews got the opportunity of quick reinstallation of such structural parts as the barrel, a store and a cylinder lock. This allows the use of cartridges of various calibers.

Thanks to its excellent technical characteristics, the rifle model r93 Вlaser has a lot of opportunities to defeat even far away targets. Ease of use, ergonomic shape and compactness at a high rate of fire, great sighting and it is possible to improve the models provide a constant and justified interest from buyers.

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