Browning BAR Mark II Safari rifle gun

Model caliber .308 Win commercial cartridge 7,62×51 is a widely available and produced in all countries of the world universal sporting and hunting ammunition has the best performance in accuracy and range combat. System ballistic optimizing shooting (BOSS), developed by the designers of the arms company Browning about 12 years ago, used on self-loading carbines of the second generation BAR Mark II Safari series.

Description series BAR Mark II Safari

A series of semi-automatic rifles Browning series Mark II Safari differs from the previous generation, with model indexes Long or Short Trac, both externally and constructively. They are more delicate, don’t look so massive, butt in stock form has almost no inclination relative to the receiver, which is always covered with blueing, and the left and right plane has an engraved SAFARI. Saved a proprietary feature of carabiners BAR – gold plated trigger.

The structural features are more significant.

  • Retaining the classic Browning a layout in which the venting mechanism is located under the barrel and forend closed, series Safari offers hunters the ability to regulate the amount of exhaust gases to adjust the weapon under the cartridges with different type and weight bullets.
  • In addition, the gas piston reloading mechanism and the chamber to have them plated . This has increased the overall reliability of the mechanism and decreased the likelihood that a spent cartridge case remains in the chamber.

The most interesting design decision was the use of the system BOSS ballistic optimizing (it is set to optional), significantly increases the accuracy of fire. In fact it is a muzzle brake, the length of which can be adjusted, due to which the bullet leaves the barrel at the moment when the amplitude of vibration is minimal.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The weapon is extremely reliable and unpretentious in operation. Rifles caliber .308 Win you can use to hunt everything from game birds to large ungulates and carnivores, for this purpose it is only necessary to choose a cartridge with a particular bullet: light, heavy, hollow-points… System for regulated gas piston allows to set weapon.
  • Despite the fact that the descent of a carbine unregulated, has no shneller and alerts on the factory installed fixed force on the trigger is 4 pounds (1,700 grams) – ergonomics USM well thought out. Button box the fuse is located at the base of the posterior branches of the trigger guard, he has a very simple algorithm. The lever of removal from the slide stop is located between the receiver and forend. To mix these controls in the heat of passion hunting is impossible.
  • The number of lugs of the shutter is increased to seven (carbines of the first generation of four), the reliability of the locking was higher, which also affects shooting performance.
  • The Browning company produces rifles, is designed for right-handers and left-handers, they differ only by the party installing the shutter lever.
  • The eject lever is in front of the trigger guard, when pressed a leans cover, on which there is fixed capacity for cartridges. At desire it is possible to equip the store, without removing it from the cover. This design is very convenient, since the extracted shop will not fall in the snow or mud, it don’t have to search and clean.
  • Supplied with extra stelnicki butt and strips to change the angle of its installation relative to the receiver. The bed is well crafted, the area of the notches is great – they almost completely cover the handle and half of the surface of the forearm, which ensures reliability of grip in all situations. Used for the manufacture of a dark wood of noble walnut. It is doubtful that any aesthete will find something to complain about.
  • The installation of straps and brackets for optics with the pair of external sights – adjustable or stationary system (dad) is entirely closed and adjustable sights. If necessary they can be easily removed, they are mounted on the trunk of a small metric screws.

System ballistic optimization is a plus and minus.

  • It allows to achieve very high accuracy of the battle by simple manipulations, increasing or decreasing the length of the muzzle brake relative to the point specified in the tuning table.
  • The value of the MOA may not exceed a tenth. However, for its correct operation it is necessary to use cartridges of the highest quality power within the party not differ from each other by hundredths of a Joule.
  • In addition, the regular muzzle brake with holes significantly increases the power of shot noise (impact it reduces). So there is another type of device is a Conventional Recoil (CR), which has no holes. It increases not only the accuracy but also the power of giving. The hunter will have to choose what is better.

Curb weight of the rifle more than 3,5 kg. For suspension of hunting it is quite heavy.

Rifle Browning Bar .308 Boss

The purpose of Browning BAR 308 BOSS

Effective range of rifle caliber .308 Win up to 400 meters. With it you can hunt all types of game from grouse to bears. At optimal tuning BOSS he can be a sniper rifle.

Feature The value
Type Self-loading rifle with gas piston
Caliber .308 Win (cartridge 7,62×51)
Barrel length (mm) 559
The pitch of thread (inches) 12”
The coating of the barrel Polished blueing
Capacity 4 + 1 in the chamber
Bed Polupoltina, Turkish walnut
Total length (mm) 1092
Weight (kg) 3,58
  • Self-loading carbine, operating on the principle of the gas piston. The return mechanism located under the barrel and forearm closed. There is the possibility of its control – in channel of the gas chamber set screw with a metric thread. The gas piston is chromed.
  • Barrel made by cold forging, the connection to the receiver all-in-one. Receiver machined from solid blocks of metal by milling. It is closed, there is only a groove for the handle of the shutter and the window, extractor. The chamber is covered with a chromium outer coating – burnishing.
  • The shutter when locking turns, he has seven lugs.
  • The trigger mechanism unregulated, the force on the trigger 1.7 kg. Box-the safety button is located on the posterior branches of the trigger guard. He shifted perpendicularly to the axis of the barrel. Far right – Fire, left – “Stop.” The lever of removal from the slide stop is on the right side of the receiver, between it and the forend.
  • Removing the magazine by pressing on the lever located at the front branch of the trigger guard. It is installed on the flip cover, it can be removed completely.
  • Buttstock with pistol grip mounted on the receiver screw. It is straight with no pillows and ridges. Used in its manufacture, the wood is Turkish walnut. The fore-end from wood, it is removable. The fastening screw is located under the front sling swivel.
  • On the receiver there are holes with metric thread for mounting straps and brackets under the scopes. There is a adjustable rear sight and hooded front sight. The rear sight can be optionally adjustable (slider with remote line) and fixed on a long prismatic base system (dad).
Picking and packing

The rifle comes in a hard case with a foam damper inside. Supplied with three detachable butt plate, set of gaskets to install angle table adjustment system BOSS, manual.

The principle of operation of the system BOSS
  • The ballistic system of stabilization consists of the muzzle brake, the length of which can be adjusted, and lock nuts. It is based on the fact that the wavelength of the vibrational oscillations of the barrel for cartridges of one caliber and bullet type are the same. Increasing or decreasing the length of the muzzle brake, you can ensure that the bullet will exit the barrel at the moment when the sine wave oscillation crosses the zero conditional.
  • Attached to the carabiner configuration table based on empirical (experimental) results obtained by shooting a few hundred rounds of one caliber on the bench. The shooter, knowing the type of ammunition, wind on the threaded part of the barrel locknut until an integer value measuring range that is specified for them in the table. After that screw onto the muzzle brake. If the table of values decimal, the tenths are exposed rotary ring dial mounted on the bottom face of the muzzle brake.

Adjusting BOSS is consistently shooting three rounds, measuring the distance between the points of contact with the target and change the position (plus or minus) of the muzzle brake relative to the empirically computed point, which is specified in the configuration table. Typically, the optimum configuration is three-four series of three shots. It is not recommended to turn the adjustment dial more than 0.5 division at a time.

Disassembly of the rifle

Is performed if necessary, clean the gas piston mechanism and USM. The design is so robust that in ordinary cases it is only possible to remove the fore-end delay weighting down the recoil mechanism and surface processing technical liquid of type WD-40. Complete disassembly is carried out in several stages.

  1. Discharged the carbine, removing the store to distort the shutter, remove the shutter delay makes control descent.
  2. Unscrew the front sling swivel and screw under it, remove the forearm by pulling it in the direction of the muzzle.
  3. Unscrew the nut of the gas chamber from the muzzle.
  4. To delay the weighting of the recoil mechanism, whereupon the movement from the receiver to the muzzle slice to push the piston out of the chamber using a flat screwdriver with a narrow tip.
  5. Open the hopper lid of the store to retrieve two guides. One of them may not be removed, so emboss the shaft of the slide stop lever and remove it.
  6. Pull the bolt back, pull away from the gas chambers guide of the recoil mechanism and remove it all with weighting, springs and rod.
  7. knock out two pins of the trigger Assembly on the receiver and remove it.
  8. Remove the bolt handle, why pull it back and slightly to between her and the larva formed a gap. To insert a screwdriver and pry the latch lever. After that, the shutter is removed from the receiver without any problems.
  9. On the stem of the paddle to knock out the pin, remove the firing pin, the spring and the larva with the lugs.

If the spent cartridge case extracted from the chamber vigorously enough, you can adjust the gas mechanism. To do this, follow the first two paragraphs from the section above. Put the carabiner handle of the paddle up.

On the channel connecting the barrel and the gas chamber, locate the screw with a straight slot. Turn it counterclockwise a quarter turn. Assemble the rifle, do a control shoot 2-3 rounds. If necessary, reduce the cross section of the gas channels, tightening the screw 1/16 or 1/8 turn.

Next, consider the reviews and price rifle Browning BAR Mark II Safari .308 Win Boss.


On the Browning website States that the price of the rifle is a .308 Win 1229.99 $. In online stores it is from 138 to 150 thousand rubles.


The owners say that the carbine is very reliable. It is possible to hunt at distances up to 400 meters. The system allows BOSS to achieve a deviation from the average point of impact no greater than 0.5 cm, However, with the standard muzzle brake the sound of the shot is magnified.

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