Browning BAR Zenith rifle

Carbine Browning BAR Zenith are manufactured in their historical homeland – in Belgium, the city of Herstal. It is a weapon of large caliber to be used on driven hunts in private estates of Europe. Design feature is the manual cocking lever of the trigger, which are equipped with all the carabiners produced after 2013.

Description of the carbine Browning BAR Zenith

Self-loading carbine, kinematic scheme of which is similar to the models of the Browning BAR Long Track and Mark II. Gas piston and return mechanism are under the barrel. A feature of the design is that the store has become completely removable in the previous models it remains on the flap of the hopper.

In addition, the safety button is moved from the posterior branches of the trigger guard on recoil pad receiver. It not only blocks the trigger, but also removes it from combat platoon. The carbine is equipped with a strap batyu and open front sight with red fiber-optic thread. Installation of optical sights are not provided – the mounting holes on the cover of the receiver do not exist.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • High quality workmanship, reliability is quite enough for hunting under normal conditions, far from extreme. However, it’s quite elegant, European “thing”. For those seeking a rough, primitive weapons and AK reliability, it is better to choose a “Tiger” or “wild boar”.
  • The store is made completely removable, however, only in order not to disturb the design of the rifle, on its bottom face arranged overall panel, with no functional responsibilities. This increases the weight of the store and makes carrying a spare is not very convenient occupation.
  • In the package there is a protective pad on the top handle, which is locked with a key or digital code. This allows you to make a weapon unavailable for use by anyone. For example, children.
  • The lock barrel is rotatable by the larva, which has seven lugs. Therefore, shooting performance of the weapon closer to bolt rifles. However, up to sniper standards, it is far. The value of MOA at least three units.
  • External sights are equipped with fiber-optic threads. Strap dad – two green located on the edge of the slot and the front sight – single red. The fact that the receiver has no mounting holes for the strap under scopes, somewhat reduces the functionality of the weapon. However, it is designed exclusively for use on driven hunts, maintained at distances up to 100 meters. These types of sights which usually do not apply.
  • The carabiner features a fine crafted box, in the manufacture of which was used walnut wood with a particularly beautiful natural pattern. The butt cushion butt pad has a comb-type “hog-back” and the Bavarian ledge-pillow.
  • The neck butt is excessively thinned, with the weakening of the fastening screws connecting it and the receiver, may cause cracks. Foregrip slightly rough, but this is due to the location underneath the gas piston mechanism.
  • The receiver is decorated with plates of wood or Nickel silver with engraving depicting hunting scenes.

Carbines, beginning in 2013, equip the mechanism for manual removal from combat platoon (Hand Cock). His lever is located on the back plate of the receiver, he replaced the safety button, located on the posterior branches of the trigger guard. To operate them easier, and the overall security of the weapons increased.

However, the designers cared primarily about how to circumvent the law prohibiting the use in Europe of semi-automatic weapons with a magazine capacity over two rounds. The ability to shoot weapons with cocking turns it into a not quite fully automatic.

Browning Bar K. 30-06 Zenit Prestige Wood HC


The rifle is used for hunting large ungulates. Sighting range of 150 meters.


Produces three types of Browning BAR Zenith:

  1. Prestige Wood box made of selected walnut wood, trim the receiver out of wood.
  2. Prestige Big Game box is the same quality, but the trim on the receiver of Nickel silver engraved with art illustrating hunting scenes.
  3. Ultimate Fluted – Reinforced thick-walled barrel with flutes, from the bed of walnut wood of normal quality handguard from Melchior.
Feature The value
Type Self-loading rifle with gas piston
Caliber .308Win, .270WSM, 30-06SPRG, .300WinMag, 9,3×62
Barrel length (mm) 510, 560, 580, 610
Capacity 2+1, 3+1, 4+1
Total length (mm) 1035
Weight (kg) 3,25
  • Self-loading rifle with gas piston, located under the forearm. The barrels are cold forged, chromed inside and covered with blueing on the outside. In the models they are thick-walled Flute, with the flutes.
  • The receiver is of light alloy, with decorative strips of wood or Nickel silver (engraved).
  • The larva of the rotating paddle, with six lugs.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated, the trigger is gold plated. On the back plate of the receiver includes a slider with a button, actuating a lever or removal arming.
  • A setting mechanism for the shutter delay after shooting the last cartridge. The release lever is located between the forearm and receiver, on the right side.
  • Store recoverable latch is on the front branch of the trigger guard.
  • Sights external – Planck dad with two green fiber-optic strands and a white stripe down the middle and an open front sight with red fiber-optic thread. Mounting holes for straps under scopes there.
  • Bed polupoltina, has a strong handle and butt with the crest of the “boar’s back” pillow type “Bavarian cheek”. The shock-absorbing recoil pad, fixed. It is possible to install antabok for a sling and a bipod.
Picking and packing
  • The rifle comes pre-assembled, it is placed in rigid case with a foam damper inside.
  • In the package store, a secure pad on the trigger guard, the keys to remove stock and fore-end, a set of hexagons to adjust the front and rear sights.
  • Attached passport, instruction manual Browning BAR Zenith.
The principle of operation
  • The mechanism of recharge of the rifle uses the principle of gas engine. Part of the propellant gases is withdrawn from the bore and actuates the piston and return mechanism. After the shot bolt carrier is pushed back, remove the spent shell casing, cocks the drummer of the trigger and then returned, along the way picking up a round from the magazine. The larva of the breech when chambering the breech rotates and locks into six military projections.
  • The rifle can be charged in two ways: deselecting the shop, which pressed the latch lever on the front branch of the trigger guard and through the window, ejector sleeves, when laid back the bolt carrier. If the store is out of ammo, then switched to shutter delay.
  • From Browning BAR Zenith can shoot single, stacking the cartridges into the carrier store. The bolt carrier is removed from the delay by pressing the lever on the right side of the receiver. She takes the cartridge in the chamber, then you can press the trigger.
  • The manual cocking mechanism is on the back plate of the receiver. His arm is a slider with a button. To deactivate the weapon, you have to press the button and slide the slider down. So that closed red dot. In this position, the projectile removed from platoon, weapons safely in any case, even if you press the trigger.

The mechanism of the rifle consists of many parts, disassembly in field conditions is not recommended.For routine cleaning is enough to remove the handguard and handle return mechanism technical liquid of type WD-40.

  1. Eject, to wank, to make sure that the chamber has no cartridge.
  2. Remove the screw on the forearm (the position of the swivels, which can serve as a key).
  3. Pull weighting the return mechanism to the receiver.
  4. Pulling the pusher of the piston and bring it out of him.
  5. Unscrew the nut on the gas chamber, movement from the receiver to push the piston out.
  6. Knock lever shaft receiver delay, remove the guide from the weighting.
  7. Pull the bolt back, take out the stock recoil mechanism with a spring.
  8. Knock out the retaining pins of the trigger Assembly and remove it from the receiver.
  9. Remove the handle bolt and bring it out of engagement with the guides of the receiver.

For removing the butt it is necessary to remove the butt pad, under which lies a deep groove screws.

The price and the reviews on the carbine Browning BAR Zenith are given below.


The carbine is worth it, depending on the caliber and execution, from 200 to 280 thousand rubles.


With regular cleaning and lubrication reliability of the rifle is not satisfactory. Recoil, even with Magnum ammo, is overly cruel. Shooting performance is average, the magnitude of the scattering ellipse fit to 3 MOA.

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