Browning Maral Carbine, rifled gun

Carabine Browning Maral (Browning maral) is a compromise between a bolt rifle and semi-automatic

Carabine Browning Maral was created for hunters from the EU, the legislation which banned hunting with semi-automatic, with a magazine capacity over two rounds.

Donor design was the self-loading rifle Browning BAR Zenith from which you removed the gas piston, but left the spring return mechanism of the shutter, so the reloading is done in one movement, which significantly increases the rate of fire compared to rifles, classic bolt having a bolt.

Description of the rifle the Browning maral (Browning Maral)

Carabine Browning Maral is a converted semi-automatic Browning BAR Zenith.Structurally different from their donor muted channel gas piston and a modified return mechanism comprised of two guide rails, each of which is driven by a flat spiral spring.

Externally – the handle of a paddle with a ball on the end, almost the same as that of a conventional rifle with a longitudinally sliding (bolt) shutter and no lever of removal from the slide stop. Unchanged levers left hand platoon USM and opening of the store, located in front of the trigger guard and gold-plated trigger.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Compared to rifles that have a bolt the bolt, reloading the rifle Browning Maral is significantly simplified and accelerated. For this purpose it is only necessary to pull the bolt handle back and then let him go. Excluded three movements: raise the handle; apply slide forward; to lower the handle.
  • When reloading the arrow, there is no need to distract from the line of sight, since the bolt is not out of the backplate of the receiver, threatening to fall into his eyes.
  • The absence of a mechanism, gas piston theoretically simplifies the design and makes it more reliable. However, the designer of the recoil mechanism – Claude Dodrio is clearly too clever by half, using two flat spiral springs (one on each rod), instead of one spiral. Therefore, the advantage is, but it is not so significant, than it could be.
  • The trigger mechanism remains the same as the BAR – unregulated, with direct rifle down (without warning) with a force of 1.7 kilograms (4 pounds).
  • The ability to cock the gun manually greatly increases its security. You can have a round in the chamber throughout the hunt, and during the transitions, don’t fear.
  • The shutter has seven lugs, which guarantees the reliability of the locking chamber.
  • Bolt handle is made of duralumin, in the frost it can easily be broken off. In addition, the lever is fairly large and he really stands, because there is no need to turn, and at the same time and should be embedded in the groove of the Lodge. The probability to catch them for the branches to hit on the body of the car or sit on it accidentally, so not too nice.
  • Complaints about the quality of manufacture of boxes is not, as in its ergonomics, it is the same pricedata and comfortable for shooting offhand, like semi-automatic BAR.

The carbine was intended as a weapon for driven hunts on ungulates, primarily deer (hence the model designation Maral), so it features an entirely unregulated dad with two fiberopticheskie threads of green on either side of the slits and open front sight with red fiber-optic thread.

  • Anyone can set the bar or the scope mount, which on the upper side of the receiver made four holes with metric thread. However, the optics is less suitable for offhand shooting at fast moving targets, because it limits the viewing angle, so the presence on the trunk all kinds of sights too clearly.

We can say that the rifle Browning Maral is a godsend for hunters of the Old world, because it allows you to shoot almost the same speed of the semi-automatic, and have it store large capacity. For example, the model Browning Maral 30-06 caliber can be equipped with ten horns. For Russian hunters a compromise between “boltovskoy” and the machine is useless. If desired, you can fully tighten the adjustment screw on the gas channel of the piston the rifle BAR Safari and get the same thing.

Browning Maral .308 WIN (photo)


The carbine is designed for hunting battue on small and large ungulates. Can be used for hunting wild fowl from ambush. The effective range of firing with an optical sight up to 400 meters.


When you buy a carbine, you can choose the style of the receiver: the Wood, Ultimate, or Big Game. In the basic version it comes with the Lodge of the Bavarian type (butt crest of the “boar’s back”), the option of a Monte Carlo.


Technical characteristics of the Browning Maral rifle (Browning maral):

Universal gauges Magnum
Type The carbine with the bolt direct action
Caliber .308 Win, 30-06 .300 Win Mag, of 9.32×82
Barrel length (mm) 560 588
Capacity 4, for 30-06 optional 10 3
Bed Wood Turkish walnut, Bavarian, or Monte Carlo
Weight (kg) 3,1 3,3

The carbine with the bolt direct action on the basis of the design of the semi-automatic BAR Zenith. Trunk console (posted), made by technology of cold forging.

  • The bolt with the rotating cylinders, with seven lugs. He is driven by a return mechanism, consisting of two guides and the same number of flat wound spring on the same axis. Guides taken from the carbine BAR is unchanged, the channel of the gas chamber plugged.
  • The receiver is closed, it is only the groove for the shutter lever and ejector sleeves. With the barrel it is connected tightly, with no possibility of parsing.
  • Bolt handle similar to the lever bolt bolt with a ball on the end, she does not turn and not be recessed in the grooves of the Lodge.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated, with a fixed force of the descent, equal to 1.7 kg. His platoon is done manually, by means of the slider located on the back plate of the receiver.
  • The eject lever is in front of the trigger guard, when pressed opens the lid with the attached store. Models of the .30-06 are available with optional ten store, which is removed completely (lid is missing).
  • Sights consist of a pair of adjustable rear sights – front sight. The pillar system the old man – flap with slot on long prismatic base. It is equipped with two fiber-optic strands in green. Fly open, with a fiber-optic thread red. For installation laths weaver, Picatinny or bracket under the optical sight on the receiver has four holes with metric thread.
  • The butt is removable, poliestireno with a handle set at an angle of 450. It is made from wood Turkish walnut with oil. In stock form the comb of the stock has a bend (the so-called hog-back), you can optionally select a pillow with the Monte Carlo.

There is also the possibility of choice of design of the receiver – Wood, Ultimate, or Big Game. Handguard attached to the barrel, it is always made of wood, finished in a rosette.

The butt plate of the shock-absorbing rubber, removable, supplied there are three other great height.

Picking and packing

The carbine comes disassembled with butt, separated from the receiver and removed antabok. Parts stowed in the compartment elegant box of high impact plastic.

Supplied with interchangeable stelnicki butt, shop, universal wrench with polymer handle for installation of the butt and lift of the forearm, swivels, manual.

Browning Maral 9.3×62 HC

The principle of operation

The carbine with the bolt direct action. To give cartridge in the chamber, it is necessary to pull back the shutter lever and release it. A spring mechanism located under the barrel and closed the stock returns the bolt back, it catches the round from the magazine and rotated into the breech, catching lugs for his projections. Feeding forward, to raise and lower the shutter lever, as is done in the rifles bolt design is required.

Setting the firing mechanism to cocked manually, via a lever-slider, which is located on the back plate of the receiver. Sliding it forward and up, you put the weapon on a combat platoon indicates the opened red button. In this position the bolt is locked, pull his arm back will not work. Removal from combat platoon is made the reverse movement of the lever of the slider.

After shooting the last cartridge shutter takes the delay (in rearmost position). For its withdrawal it is necessary to file it back a bit more, pulling the lever and releasing him.

Installation of the weapon from the trunk

The stock is mated with the protrusion on the receiver and fastened thereto by a screw, whose head is located in the recess on the back side poliestireno handle. Groove deep to get to the slot, it is necessary to use the key from the delivery kit.

Swivels installed on the butt if necessary. One is by the butt plate, the other on the front face of the forearm.

Disassembly of the rifle

Is to clean the bolt, firing mechanism, breech, and recoil mechanism.

  1. To discharge the rifle, which eject, cock it, shoot it delays and to make a control trigger.
  2. Remove the front sling swivel and Unscrew the fixing screw using Allen key supplied.
  3. To remove the fore-end.
  4. To disassemble the return mechanism, removing the guide from the springs and perches on the stem of the valve.
  5. Knock out two pins in the base of the trigger and remove it from the receiver.
  6. To remove the shutter lever and then move it back to the backplate of the receiver, then remove it along with the cylinders, bypassing the slots in the guides.
  7. Remove roll pin at the end of the bolt, remove the firing pin, spring, remove the larva with the lugs.

Improvement is possible by installation of laths weaver, Picatinny or bracket under the optical sight. In principle, nothing prevents to change the shape of the shutter lever, making it, like the SVT-40, in the form of a convex ring.

The price and the reviews about the Browning Maral rifle (Browning maral) is given below.

Browning Maral (Browning maral) 30-06 Sprg HC


The value of the rifle depends on the caliber and type design of the receiver. It starts from 150 thousand rubles. The carbine is chambered for Magnum 9,32х82 costs about 250 thousand roubles.

Now let’s read the reviews about the Browning Maral rifle (Browning maral).

Owner reviews

The carbine is reliable and unpretentious in operation. Effective range of cartridge calibers 30-06 and Magnum reaches 400 meters. The accuracy of the battle fit into the 1.5 MOA.

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