Brugger&Thomet AG APR308, rifle, smoothbore weapon

Among the most interesting models, you should select a rifle Brugger&Thomet AG APR308, which can be used for hitting far away moving targets and for hunting, and for training accuracy.

The combination of attractive appearance, excellent technical characteristics, and elaborate the basic configuration allows to apply this model to anyone who appreciates the combination of quality and significant opportunities. The rifle Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 combines maximum quality of firing, guaranteeing high accuracy of the made shots, range of the bullet and the required accuracy of the shots, and the thoughtful design of a shotgun: even women and teenagers who choose to learn the basic skills of shooting from professional firearms, will conveniently get practical skills.

Sniper rifles offered on the market today, proven to be a reliable, thoughtful and safe device that can be used for different purposes. Their predatory appearance, the use of modern polymer materials, characterized by high resistance to external influences, provide a constant interest from buyers, and owners highlighted the characteristics of all the models as excellent performance shooting, no danger to shooting due to the soundness of the whole structure and ease of operation.

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Rifle this model, having a distinct style and brevity “appearance”, excellent specifications and the perfect basic equipment, is considered today one of the most popular. Integrated silencer, supplied in the kit, allows the use of weapons and night hunting, which greatly increases the possibility of using the rifle. The presence of a large amount of advantages provides interest from buyers, which given the numerous positive owner reviews with great interest in this model.

The linear design of the rifle is good for hitting the target as during military operations and for civilian purposes: simple design with significant opportunities provided by the manufacturer, gives the opportunity to carry out a partial disassembly, which is needed for a small repair structural parts of the weapon, cleaning it.

Advantages and disadvantages

Using the following list of advantages of this model can obtain the most detailed view about its features and overall assessment of the use of the owners. A small number of faults indicates the reasonableness of the manufacturer of all subtleties of operation, and attractive appearance immediately draws the attention.

The benefits of Brugger&Thomet AG APR308, according to owners and purchasers should include the following qualities:

  • ergonomic shape – this quality provides the greatest convenience when you use the carabiner;
  • the elongated stem without the slightest change of shape, which ensures the optimal trajectory of the bullet;
  • high initial speed of a bullet that gives you the ability to hit targets even at a considerable distance.

Used for arming the armies of many countries, the rifle Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 is well-established for civil purposes: hunting, entertainment. Its design is well thought out, the security requirements are met, even the presence of two longitudinal slots in the barrel, providing the most rapid cooling and a reduction in the total weight of the whole structure is an element that is important when using the carbine. The manufacturer has thought through the smallest moments related to the process operation: usability determines the ease with use, compact size eases transport, and a stylish and aggressive appearance attracts attention.

The relative lack of should be considered a high cost model due to the use of the latest technologies in its manufacture and guaranteed quality.

Photo rifles Brugger&Thomet AG APR338


Unique technical characteristics and balance of the model initially determined by the use of a rifle for use in parts of the existing armies. However, many professional hunters are very effective using it for hunting on medium and large animals. The carbine models are Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 is well-established for learning the initial skills of shooting, due to its relatively small and compact size, low weight and optimal balance of constructive parts, which explains the ease of use.

Also a carbine model, Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 can be used for training accuracy: his striking characteristics give the opportunity to learn shooting skills, participate in sports.


Today has to sell several varieties of this model. They all have unique firing rates on the accuracy of shots, the efficiency and range shooting. Used caliber cartridges – 7.62 mm.

Varieties of the following:

  • BT-APR308 Militarywith professional muffler and night optical sight;
  • BT APR338, which is most commonly used in the armed existing armies with the use of more powerful cartridges;
  • B&T APR308Pused by the police and issued under it;
  • B&T APR308S Suppressed mode with ideal characteristics over a wide range of applications.

The study of the technical characteristics will allow us to fully assess opportunities for the use of this model.


A perfect combination of robust design, attractive appearance and high firing rates made the model Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 one of the most popular today. The accuracy and effectiveness of firing at all on the market today varieties of rifles are the highest, because the interest in models Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 constantly kept at a height.

The elongated shape of the barrel provides a perfect target hit, the modern form of the rifle gives it a special elegance appearance without unnecessary details that distract attention. The application of this method to handle high-quality stainless steel, like cold forging, guarantees no rust on the body of the barrel, even at high humidity and in contact with the rifle in the water.


The use of rifles in war and for civil purposes – not the only opportunity for this model to use. For hunting, this rifle has proved itself perfectly due to their technical characteristics.

The possibility of using the carbine model, Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 to train novice shooters – important advantage, and this contributes to the simplicity of the design of the rifle, and the reliability of the whole structure, guaranteed by the manufacturer to be sure the exception of accidents. The consistency of the structural parts (barrel and butt) the size and mechanics of the operation, good technical parameters, high efficiency of each performed shot and the shooting parameters are most important for the evaluation of weapons.

Picking and packing

Basic equipment is thoroughly thought out: high quality riflescope, foregrip and front sight, properly installed, provide a comfortable operation of the rifle. Model Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 is in the case, made from lightweight plastic, which perfectly protects from possible external influences. The carabiner is attached to the oil suitable for the lubrication of the mechanism and the barrel.

The case is in a package on which is written the data about the model name, about the company-manufacturer. The individual is issued a quality certificate to buy a rifle, and his personal passport.

The principle of operation

The carbine models are Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 valid since the introduction of cartridges in the store, and then send them the barrel with a trigger mechanism. Retaining spring comes out when carrying a sharp blow to the striker at this point is a shot.


Partial disassembly of the Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 relatively simple and does not require the use of special tools. This gives you the opportunity to pursue her even in the field.

Handguard and front sight removed using the key supplied in the kit.


According to most owners of model Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 can be considered one of the most refined and improved at this product is that its operation is almost not needed tuning.

However, to increase the accuracy of shooting may be replaced by a basic optical sight in the same with a more powerful approach.

Reviews and price of the rifle Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 given below.

The product price

The cost model Brugger&Thomet AG APR308 many buyers is considered high, but this price is due to the use of high-quality materials when making stock and making the barrel, a perfect balance of the rifle corps, whose centre of gravity shifted closer to the trunk. Figure the cost from different dealers may vary significantly; it is about 5 200 US$.


The unique capabilities of the model are provided with the maximum reasonableness of its design. The owners mentioned the possibility of using this rifle as a hunting and training accuracy. Good lethality, the combination of high speed of a bullet and accuracy of fire are important parameters in ensuring the performance shots.

Attractive appearance also means a lot when choosing a model, and Brugger&Thomet AG APR308, having good appearance, allows you to get a real aesthetic pleasure from using it.

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