Carbine Boar

Many hunters, both professionals and Amateurs were able to assess the reliability and manufacturability of the weapon plant “Molot” – a hunting trehlineyki, shotguns Bekas various modifications, commercial SKS carbines. And, of course, it’s impossible to ignore the most famous products of the “Hammer” line rifles “Vepr”. One of the first examples of this model number was “Vepr-308”.

Products of the plant “Molot”.

Not one generation of hunters quite successfully using hunting weapons produced by the plant “Molot”, located in the town of Vyatskie Polyany. This factory was established during the great Patriotic war – it has been mastered mass production of the legendary PCA for the red army, fighting against the Nazi invaders. During the war in Vyatskiye Polyany has collected more than 2.5 million units of the PCA.

After the war, the plant kept its “gun” profile, but nevertheless significant role in the range of products began to play and the goods of civilian areas. It produced the popular scooter “Vyatka”, side trailers (“cradles”) for motorcycles IZH, and other “consumer goods” – washing machines and gramophones to children’s skates. But the basis of the production were still Armory products, including those intended for civilians.

The history of the rifle “Vepr”.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union is gone and military orders. In the new environment to the former state-owned weapons plants had to adapt to market conditions. It is a natural response to changed conditions was the release demanded in the market of hunting weapons systems. The first such recharacterization decided Izhevsk concern, then the rest of the plants producing small arms. Was no exception and “Hammer” producing a carbine “wild boar”. The basis for it was the AK (7.62 mm), already decommissioned Russian army and replaced by AK-74 (5.45 mm).

Later, in 1994, in Vyatskiye Polyany began the production of upgraded modification developed under more lethal finasterise cartridge 308 (7.62 x 51 mm). This was due to insufficient power of the standard cartridge of the AK (7.62 x 39 mm) is sufficient for lethal force to defeat an enemy soldier on the battlefield, he was weak against larger animals, especially when shooting with maximum distance. As a result, when you use this cartridge for hunting large animals, a large number of wounded. This led eventually to the prohibition on the use of “Kalashnikov” cartridge 7.62 x 39 mm vs large ungulates.

New “Vepr-308” in its initial version was similar to the PKK. External differences were only that the “Vepr-308” had a long wooden handguard, which was missing the top trim on the trunk, butt orthopedic shape. Internally the “Vepr-308” different from the military Kalashnikovs a little in the firing mechanism there was no self-timer, and the sear, the trigger and details of the retention system had a different form. The rest of the design of the rifle in General, repeating the design of the Kalashnikov.


Later modifications under the bullets of the AK and the Winchester 308 was added new – chambered in Remington 5,56 x 45 mm, trilinear 7.62 x 54mm, 7.62 x 63 mm Every model had several versions.

Versions of the Vepr carbines

The factory “Hammer” was produced and is available at the moment, a few variants of the rifle:

  • – Self-loading hunting carbine “Vepr” mod. 1994 – under the “Kalashnikov” cartridge (7.62 x 39). At the moment there are armed private security.
  • – “Vepr-308” (7.62 x 51). The second modification of the rifle, the most common at this time.
  • – “Super” (7.62 x 51). Third sample of “wild Boar”, released in 1998 in a number of ways.
  • “Super – M” and “Super-Sport” (7.62 x 51). Sports samples, the last sample for today is not available.
  • “Super – 35” (35 Remington). According to 2015, not available due to low demand.
  • – “Vepr-Pioneer”. Modification of 2000.
  • – “Vepr-1V”. Model, specifically designed for the NATO 5.56 mm and is designed to supply the Western arms markets.
  • – “Hunter”. Produced in two types: 7.62 x 51 mm and 7.62 x 63 mm cartridge.
  • – “Vepr-K2” “Vepr-KM” – guns, fired from a military samples of the Kalashnikov assault rifle by artificial Troubleshooting and deprivation of the ability to shoot bursts.
  • – Mod. 243. The carbine is chambered for 243 Winchester (6.2 x 52 mm).
  • – “Vepr-Molot” 12 gauge. Smoothbore option under the hunting cartridge 18.5 x 76 mm.
The design of the rifle “Vepr”.

The scheme design of the rifle is based on the design of the AK and has a high degree of reliability as other models, performed on such a scheme. The “boar” does not lose its quality even when used in the most extreme conditions in the heat or in the cold, dust and humidity.

Recharges “Vepr” when fired, the powder gases through the gas chamber and the return energy of the return spring. The inner surface of the chamber and barrel plated with chrome, which significantly increases its durability. To prevent glare the hunter when fired at dusk, on the barrel is a flash suppressor, and to prevent unintentional shot “Vepr” is provided with a lever safety. Stock, usually orthopedic with pistol grip for easy hand and the back side has a rubber “shock absorber”. For mounting optics is used “Lastochkin the tail”, similar to the AK, and the rib can fire to a distance of three hundred meters.

The pros and cons of the rifle “Vepr”.

By all accounts hunters “Vepr” – simple enough, and weapons, balanced on the parameters “price – quality”. Receiver is made from 1.5 mm hardened steel by stamping and is provided with stiffening ribs, which increases its strength significantly compared to combat Rifles or the same Saiga, but clearly inferior milled from a solid billet box “Tiger”. “Vepr” inherited from the AK long stroke piston – piston rod and bolt carrier are then one item.

This design, though, and increases the overall system weight and recoil, but it provides almost 100% reliability when shooting. Among the disadvantages of a carbine from Vyatskiye Glades often notice a quite hard descent, which of course is not conducive to target shooting. In this case it is necessary to note one feature of the “wild Boar” – his character, in relation to a trigger, for some reason, is strictly individual.

The range of estimates there can be anywhere from “quite acceptable” to “very negative”. But at the same time, the trigger mechanism is “wild Boar” is extremely easy, and the hunters a little bit about your weapons easily fix the problems, adjusting the parts with needle files.

Special attention to the “Hammer” traditionally paid to the longevity of the trunk. Probably, according to tradition trunks “Belch” twice subjected to chrome plating – how to kromerowo there used to machine-gun barrels for the PKK. The barrels are manufactured by cold forging, thus, unfortunately, unlike the American rifles, the Hammer does not produce the cryogenic treatment of the barrel. As a consequence, in the trunk of the stored internal stress of the metal, influence over time on the accuracy.

However, such machining cold forged barrels on serial hunting weapons we never. You can also mention another small drawback – if you set optics it is impossible to use an open sight, which is possible on the same “tiger”. The rest of the “boar” is quite reliable and durable weapon, little inferior to what even the more expensive domestic versions of a self-loading carbines.

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