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Hunting rifle SM-2КО was based on standard sporting rifles CM-2 and received from her “inheritance” thick match barrel with muzzle chamfer in the form of a funnel having a good ballistic qualities. It is a reliable and robust weapons enjoys well-deserved popularity among fans of small caliber.

Description of carabiner SM-2КО

Carbine chambered ring ignition of calibre .22LR. The longitudinally-sliding. Trunk thick-walled, match, on the muzzle chamfer is arranged in a funnel.

The transition from the category of sporting arms in hunting accompanied by the device of the mine shop, change the ergonomics of the Lodge and the device on the top edge of the receiver two longitudinal recesses forming the likeness of the strap dovetail.

Advantages and disadvantages

Very simple design, in which simply nothing to break.

  • Trunk with good internal ballistics, allowing confidently hit targets at distances up to 100 meters. However, it is worth noting that the bullet cartridge caliber .22LR has low initial velocity, causing the trajectory of its flight is close to ballistic. Moreover, it is greatly affected by wind. So this weapon is more suitable for sport or target practice at a shooting range. In the field a distance of 50 meters can be considered marginal.
  • The shutter has no lugs. This simplifies the design and makes the recycling process easier – one less thing to jamming in the slots. However, among fans of small calibre, there is no consensus about the adequacy of the locking handles are just laying in the groove of the receiver. For example, the closures rifles CZ-452 has three lugs, which is clearly excessive. It seems that the disdain for “toy” ammunition is not the correct way of thinking.
  • The shutter is removed from the receiver after pressing the trigger, approximately the same as the Mosin rifle. Therefore, it is possible his loss at long transitions. A high probability of such an event proved practical cases with the red army, the most experienced of which this part of the rifle kept in his pocket.
  • The force on the trigger is not adjustable, it is always the same, about a kilogram. Consider whether this is a disadvantage or advantage – a private affair of each arrow. But it is possible to adjust the stroke length in the range from 2 to 4 mm, which allows the operator to adjust the arms in accordance with his temperament or character hunting.
  • Undercut, forming the bar of the “dovetail” is not the best solution for mounting optical devices. If the scope is too massive, then it will stay without proper reliability.
  • Shop carabiner made of plastic, which is a modern fashion trend, but is not supported by most adherents of classical design weapons of metal and wood. Besides, he hangs out in the mine and for the elimination of this incident have to podmahivat tape. The magazine capacity to 10 rounds is clearly unnecessary, he’s too outside the box that hunting can be a cause of loss, breakage and other troubles.
  • In the bottom of the butt is arranged in the cavity for storing spare magazines. It’s a good idea, although heavier gun, the weight of which is quite large: 3 pounds for “no big thing” is excessive.

The butt of the rifle is equipped with a protruding ridge, which makes aiming through the optics more comfortable. However, this option is found only on models of performance 07 – bed plastic, black or brown.

Photo melkashki CM2-KO


This fishing weapon for the production of small fur-bearing animals. You may also hunt upland game.


The carbine was produced only in caliber .22LR, with a cartridge .22WMR it is incompatible. The lodges are made of wood of two species: birch or beech. These weapons open front sight and butt without the ledge on the crest. Also available in a “performance 07” box is plastic, the butt with the pillow “Monte Carlo”, fly in a circular casing.

Feature The value
Type Rifled carbine bolt-on shutter
Caliber .22LR
Trunk Thick-walled, with a funnel at the muzzle. The grooves are small, light bullets with a small initial velocity.
Barrel length (mm) 500
Shop Removable, with a capacity of 10 rounds
Total length (mm) 950
Weight (kg) 3
  • Repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate. Trunk thick-walled, with small sloping grooves for light lead bullet caliber .22LR. On the muzzle is arranged a funnel that improve ballistic qualities. In the last third of the length of the fixed barrel clamp with sling swivel for shoulder belt.
  • Mate the barrel to the receiver friction, density is achieved due to the surface. Fixing one pin.
  • Receiver is machined from a single piece, the window to eject shell casings closed on the left side, closer to the recoil pad made the cutout for the lock handle bolt. On the top side are arranged two undercut for the formation of planks of the type “dovetail”.
  • Shutter without fighting protrusions, a handle with a ball on the end is an integral part of the stem. Two tooth extractor, a larva with a flat mirror.
  • Trigger mechanism with one sear, regulated only move the trigger. The safety locks the sear, it works only when the cocked firing pin, indicates the shank of the firing pin, peek-a-Boo at 3 mm from the stem. The fuse box is on the right side of the receiver. A lever with a knurled head, which slides back (Stop position) or forward (“Fire”).
  • The hopper store is located in front of the trigger guard. Latch located on the shank. Shop plastic, single row, with a capacity of 10 rounds. It can be replaced with the same capacity of 5 rounds, which is equipped with a carbine “Sobol”.
  • Pillar with two fixed height positions: distance in 25 or 50 meters. Horizontally it does not move. Fixed front sight, metal, open. Optional (in the model of “performance 07) it’s closed round casing.
  • Bed poliestireno design, the handle is pronounced. The butt plate is plastic. On the bottom of the butt is arranged in the recess for storage of spare magazines. It closes with a spring-loaded plate.
Picking and packing

The rifle comes in a cardboard box. Supplied with two magazines, manual and passport.

The principle of operation
  • Platoon projectile occurs during the movement of the shutter forward and lowering the handle into the groove on the receiver. The shank of the firing pin comes out to 3 mm from the body of the bolt.
  • Carbine can charge single cartridges through the window of the receiver. The store must be empty. The algorithm of actions of the standard for all bolt rifles: lift bolt handle, pull the stalk back, put the ammunition feeder store it and chamber the next round into the chamber manually. Close the shutter and shoot.
  • The fuse is included only with the cocked firing pin. When you open the shutter it needs to be turned off, otherwise you can damage the sear.
  • For loading the magazine it is removed from the hopper, for which it is necessary to press the button on the handguard. The cartridges fit into one row, so that the flange of the sleeve next is not hooked on the flange of the previous one.
  • To close the shutter without cocking the firing pin, keep the trigger pressed.
  1. Eject from the hopper.
  2. To open the shutter and take the stem back until it stops.
  3. Pull the trigger, remove the shutter from the receiver.
  4. Hold the handle with the fingers of the right hand, the left turn cylinder stopper clockwise to remove it, remove the spring and firing pin firing pin.
  • A carbine with a plastic stock, cost from 12 thousand rubles.
  • For models with birch or beech please to 24 thousand rubles.

The workmanship of the rifle raises no objections. Quite reliable in operation, strong spring drummer initiates any ammunition, including proflavine several decades. The best results shows the accuracy when using ammunition with a muzzle velocity of 350 m/s.

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