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Production of the 455 series of rimfire rifles CZ in the town of uherský Brod started in 2010. She replaced the 452-Yu, the prototype of which are the training rifles, produced during the German occupation and different from the military rifle Mauser 98 caliber only.

Description of the rifle CZ 455

Small-caliber magazine rifle with a longitudinally sliding shutter under the cartridge ring of ignition.

Series 455 were created based on the design developed by an armourer Josef Koucký in 1947. It made minor changes. For example, between the pistol grip and butt arranged a smooth interception, making the box more convenient to use.

  • The barrel was a cantilever, the opportunity of its change. The rest of the design has not undergone any changes. The same left trigger and hammer mechanisms, only the shape of the box of the fuse. On the cover of the receiver, instead of the two longitudinal recesses for mounting optics, fixed full strip of the type “dovetail”.
  • A dramatic visual difference – the line of transition between the receiver and the breech. Of its predecessors it was conical, but in 455 series made her the ledge.
  • Most importantly – significantly expanded model range, it has a long-barreled rifle for shooting at distances up to 200 meters, permiting, as well as having a special design and details, like for example silver-plated trigger, raising the status of ownership. I think that this article makes no sense to talk about all the models of the series. We will mention only the most interesting, in our opinion.
  • CZ 455 Ultramatch – sniper “melkashki” with the cantilevered barrel length of 630 mm. Accuracy ensured by precision machining and increased the number of rifling – twelve of them. Lodge beech, varnished, pistol grip cool set, high. Butt with the crest of the “boar’s back” and the pillow “Bavarian cheek”. The rear sight on a prismatic base with a remote line, closed front sight, adjustable. There is a level of “dovetail”. Equipped with ten store.
  • CZ 455 Varmint rifle with a heavy match barrel length 525 mm cantilever design. Bed wood Turkish walnut. Buttstock with straight comb pistol grip gentle, small height, forearm straight. Comes only with a strap of the type “dovetail”. Shop five-charging.
  • CZ 455 Thumbhole – rifle with a laminated stock (maybe a grey, yellow) with an irregular shape, with a hole for the thumb for the convenience of the girth of the handle. Buttstock with straight comb and pillow type “Monte Carlo”. Forearm straight, massive, type “beaver tail”. The match barrel (heavy wall) with the ribs (flutes) to increase strength and efficient cooling. Its length is 525 mm. External sighting devices are not, on the receiver mounted plate “dovetail” with a width of 11 mm. for sale is a carabine CZ 455 Thumbhole 22 LR, WMR.
  • CZ 455 Jaguar. Rifle with the long series of barrel – 726 mm. Bed wood Turkish walnut, the stock has the crest of the “boar’s back”. On the pistol handle of the original notch in the form of four claw marks of a Jaguar. On the shank calligraphic engraving Jaguar. The rifle is equipped with adjustable sector as a whole, on a scale which has the figure of 200. It the trigger is silver-coated.


CZ455 .22LR (photo)


Advantages and disadvantages

A real rifle, without discounts for small caliber with excellent ballistic qualities. The trunks of the console.

  • Removable magazine for five or even ten rounds that are not often found even in “adult” guns. In its design, there is a subtlety – it inline, so the charging process is not so simple. In addition, it is impossible to draw through the window in the receiver.
  • A very reliable locking system. The shutter with one combat tab formed at the hilt. The 452 series rifles such two stops. Designers of other brands is limited by the focusing handle into the groove of the box.
  • Efficiently crafted bed that fits perfectly in the shoulder when shooting offhand. Unfortunately, it is covered with varnish – not a very practical solution for hunting weapons.
  • In all models for the force adjustment on the trigger is necessary to separate the box.
  • A safety catch blocks the striker. Therefore, even when accidentally pressed the trigger, the weapon remains safe.
  • Kind of spoils the rifles abrupt or gradual, the transition from the receiver to the breech.
  • Have the opportunity to change the barrel within the group of cartridges ring of ignition.
  • Slat “swallow tail” is not universal, it is incompatible with most optical sights designed for Picatinny rail bar.

A surprise is the weight of the rifles. The standard model with the barrel length 525 mm weigh the same as rifle CZ 527 under malinowsky cartridge Central ignition of calibre of 5,6 mm. long and match barrel weighing over 3 pounds.


For the most part is a sport rifle. To hunt with them only to small fur-bearing animals or upland game.

Ultramatch Varmint Thumbhole Jaguar
Type A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate
Caliber .22 LR .17 HMR, .22 LR, .22 WMR .22 LR .22 LR
Barrel length (mm) 630 525 (a match, a thick-walled) 525 (match, thick-walled, fluted 726
Bed Beech Walnut Laminate Beech
Capacity 10 5 5 10
Overall length (mm) 1085 980 975 1191
Weight (kg) 2,7 3,2 3,4 3,3

Rifle with a longitudinally sliding shutter under the cartridge ring of ignition.Console the barrels of chrome-molybdenum steel obtained by cold forging.

  • The connection to the receiver are detachable, with locking pins. It is possible to replace a trunk within the group of cartridges ring of ignition.
  • Receiver is a cylindrical, milled from a solid billet, on the top side secured the two halves of a strap of the type “dovetail”.
  • The shutter with one combat ledge in front of the handle (smooth cylinders). On the stem there is a hole for the exhaust gases from the breech. The fuse is located on the gate (locked drums) and together with him, through the sear and the trigger. The shutter has two extractors.
  • The trigger mechanism comprises a trigger, sear and return spring. Possible to adjust the force of the descent, but for this it is necessary to separate the box.
  • Store removable, cartridges are arranged in one row. Latch shop is located on the handguard in front of him.
  • If there is iron sights, the rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, there is a remote line, and the fly closed, with the ability to adjust its height.

Polupoltina bed, solid wood or laminate. Depending on the model can be equipped with a buttstock with a comb and a ledge with a pillow under his cheek arrow.

Picking and packing

Rifles are Packed in a cardboard box with foam absorber. Supplied shop, manual, Protocol test shoot, passport.

The principle of operation
  • The rifles in-line store, so loading through the window of ejector sleeves is possible only one cartridge. Store is extracted by pressing the latch located in front of him on the forearm. The cartridges in it are laid from the front edge to the rear. The previous need to be embedded finger. Flanges store hold the sleeve for the last third of the length.
  • The store is set in place with a distinctive click. You can then open the shutter and take him back. The role the store plays off the ridge on the lower stem of the valve. He pushes a cartridge from the store, after which he served in the chamber. Platoon projectile occurs at the moment of turning the bolt handle down.
  • To put the safety on, move the box on the back plate of the shutter forward. So that closed red dot. The trigger is also blocked.
  • When the weapons storage it is necessary to discharge the rifle: remove shop to open the shutter and ensure that no cartridge in the chamber. At the time of filing the slide forward, hold the trigger down so that the drummer is not cocked.
  1. Remove the magazine.
  2. Open the gate and take him back.
  3. Press the trigger and remove the bolt.
  4. Remove the two screws – one behind the trigger guard, the other in front of the MAG release.
  5. Remove the metal plate (trigger guard and frame of the hopper), remove the hopper store.
  6. Separate the box from the receiver with the barrel and trigger mechanism.

If you need to replace the trunk remove the two screws on the top edge of the receiver at its front edge, output the public part of it.

For disassembly of the shutter abut the back plate of the impactor to the table, turn the check box of the fuse to “Fire” and remove it. Loosen the pressure, remove the drummer with the mainspring, remove the bolt handle. Further disassembly is only possible in the Armory workshop.

Reviews and price of the rifle-no big thing CZ 455 is shown below.

Prices and reviews

Rifle CZ 455 are from 38 to 45 thousand rubles. Owners say the small high quality rifles.

When well-chosen cartridge value MOA does not exceed a few tenths. Robust design, maintenance free. With the charging process, we should adapt.

If you are wondering how to choose a rifle, I advise you to read more about this special material.

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