CZ 512 .22LR, rifled gun

Modern and easy to use rifles of small caliber proven themselves as a training option. And among the many options that are presented on the market today, the Rifle CZ 512 .22LR is one of the most popular due to the combination of the most important for this type of weapon qualities.

Compact and yet have sufficient power shots, the Rifle CZ 512 .22LR will fit as already having the skills on the arrow, and is just beginning to learn the intricacies of the shooting.

Convenient design allows the most comfortable positioning of the rifle in the hand, eliminating the possibility of wounding yourself or others. The possibility of using relatively cheap ammo also adds to the advantages of this model: use it to practice shooting without any financial cost.

Overview of the rifle CZ 512 .22LR

The rifle CZ 512 .22LR is one of the most successful models of the Czech manufacturer, and although the method of using it is not very complicated, as is known, the use of time-tested methods ensures the greatest reliability of such weapons. The model, described by customers as, reliable and convenient in operation: the small size ensures low weight, which allows not to tire the hand even when shooting for a long time.

An important advantage of the model is the possibility of installing it on an optical sight, which is several times increases the pleasure of process of training on accuracy.

Usually, small-bore versions of the carbines used only for target practice, and model the Rifle CZ 512 .22LR is well suited for shooting during target practice. The accuracy of fire from his high, which can also be considered a advantage of the model.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantages of the Rifle CZ 512 .22LR should include the following characteristics:

  • compact size that provides the greatest convenience when shooting, especially for a long time;
  • a small mass, which allows you to train in marksmanship people with any physical training;
  • the possibility of installing an optical sight;
  • the simplicity of operation of the shutter;
  • the possibility of fast and quality cleaning of the entire system with Coppola;
  • the possibility of using cheap cartridges that also increases the value of this model as a training weapon;
  • the carbine barrel has an oxide coating that protects it from the harmful effects of smoke, temperature and environmental conditions;
  • for this model also fit the cartridges and other manufacturers;
  • the relatively low cost.

Possessing a large amount of positive characteristics, the Rifle CZ 512 .22LR have become one of the most popular options for training weapons, which combines all the parameters of quality of modern weapons and excellent opportunities for training accuracy.

The disadvantages of the model, according to some owners, can be attributed to the lack of rifle CZ 512 .22LR notches on the butt that at high humidity the hands or the air can cause slippage of the arms. And this adversely affects the accuracy of the shot.

The rifle CZ 512 .22 LR Tactical


The rifle CZ 512 .22LR is used in the training process when you need target practice. In target shooting, as a fun Rifle CZ 512 .22LR has proved popular among the same options of weapons of small caliber.

According to the annotation from the manufacturer, the Rifle CZ 512 .22LR is also suitable for sport shooting and hunting.


Today for sale is a variety of the models made of wood that has a lighter weight. Not to be confused with the rifle CZ 512 .22LR and the CZ model 512 ZKM and CZ 512 WMR, which is also good.

Next, we consider the characteristics of the rifle CZ 512 .22LR.


Since technical parameters greatly determine the quality of shooting from this small-caliber rifle, their analysis will allow to assess how the model’s capabilities and its advantages in comparison with guns from other manufacturers. The following table provides data on the technical capabilities of the rifle that are considered fundamental when using it as a sporting and hunting models.

Specifications The rifle CZ 512 .22LR
Country of origin Czech Republic
View Semi-automatic carbine
Kind of caliber .22LR
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

The attractive appearance of the housing of the carbine due to the use of birch in its creation: high-quality wood, specially treated, retains its quality for a long time. Also treatment of the wood ensures the absence of negative influence of external factors, such as the change of the ambient temperature, the possibility of ingress of dirt and humidity variations.


The simplicity of the design of the rifle determines the ease of its operation. A housing made of wood, has an ergonomic shape that ensures comfort when applying it. And combined with a compact size gun is ideal for use by men and for use by teenagers and women.

The carbine barrel is optimal for sports and training of fire length 524 mm. Consists of two halves. The upper part consists of a light alloy, which makes the weapon itself is not too heavy, and the bottom is plastic which has high resistance to any mechanical influences.

On the barrel is just install a telescopic sight, which greatly enhances the enjoyment of shooting. Sight you can choose any manufacturer. As noted by many buyers and owners is excellent and the course trigger: maximum smoothness, the possibility of slow motion make the most accurate shot.

Picking and packing

Carbine of the model offered for sale in cardboard packaging, which has the required information on the name of the product and the manufacturer. The instructions allows you to understand the subtleties of the operation of the rifle.

The principle of operation

The use of the rifle model CZ 512 .22LR is simple: when inserting cartridges in five units then select the target using the forearm or optical sight and pull the trigger. Positioning the carabiner should be close to the arm shoulder, the opposite of making the shot.

Many noted the convenience of this model, and the lack of significant recoil allows you to use the carbine, even for novice gun enthusiasts.


The process of disassembly of the rifle is also simple; this manufacturer has achieved the simplicity of its design. Disassembly may be required when cleaning the weapon, and also for upgrading or repaired. The barrel of the rifle with the screws attached the following names:

  • pillar;
  • fly;
  • die.

To die can also be attached by means of a screw handguard for a more accurate shot.

The presence of holstengate increases the degree of usability of the rifle. The simplicity of his device is also important for beginners in shooting.

Cleaning of weapons is performed using a standard cleaning rod. It is recommended to clean the gun at least once during the year use in normal climatic conditions, and also after each use and when dipping to prevent the formation of rust on the metal barrel.


This type of small caliber rifle can be improved by installing an optical sight on the barrel. This allows for greater accuracy each shot. It is also possible to install a bipod, and the manufacturer consider the possibility of this: there is a special notch for this installation.

However, according to most buyers, the Rifle CZ 512 .22LR does not require major modifications and tuning: the quality of his shooting, as well as ease of use is high enough.

Review of the price of the rifle (carbine) CZ 512 .22LR is given below.

The product price

The value indicator model has also its advantages: the price can range from 41 to 44 620 520 rubles. Next, we consider the opinions of owners of the rifle CZ 512 .22LR.

Owner reviews
  • In the opinion of the majority of owners, the Rifle CZ 512 .22LR is perfect for beginners: its small and compact size contributing to light weight, no recoil when shooting and a good striking ability will help to develop accuracy when shooting at targets. Since this model is suitable for shooting sports, shotgun is good to use and in the acquisition of initial skills.
  • And the possibility of the use of rifles in hunting increases the opportunities for its application.
  • Positive evaluations received and the appearance of a carabiner: high quality wood (birch), resistant to mechanical stress and negative impact of the environment for a long time retains an attractive appearance and weapons. The optimal length of the barrel gives the ability to quickly clean it from the accumulated fumes and dust in the process of shooting.
  • As one of the examples of modern small-bore rifles, Rifle CZ 512 .22LR can be considered one of the most popular.

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