CZ 527 Lux rifle gun

Model Lux is distinguished by its particularly well-made stock and five-charging shop. Improved shooting performance it provides muzzle chamfer in the form of a funnel (crown). Arms company Česká Zbrojovka from the town of uherský Brod (ČZUB) releases a series of hunting rifles under maloimusciye cartridges of caliber of 5,6 mm, marked with the letter 527.

Description carbine CZ 527 Lux

Rifle with a longitudinally sliding (bolt) bolt, removable in-line store with the capacity of five cartridges and a lacquered box from walnut wood.

The trunks are made by cold forging, all metal parts except bolt body, covered with blueing.

  • The shutter is a smaller version of the Mauser 98.
  • The set of sighting devices consists of a rear sight, adjustable for horizontal, closed fly with adjustable height and position along the axis of the barrel, and cut strips of the type “dovetail”.
Advantages and disadvantages
  • High quality workmanship, durable construction, good ballistic performance, the value of MOA, when well-matched cartridges does not exceed 0.5.
  • High quality made bed, it is comfortable for shooting offhand due to the comb of the butt type “hog-back” and the Bavarian pillow on it. At the same time, the varnish makes it not too practical to use, possible scratches, chips, local oblasenia.
  • Five-charging store is very dimensional, it goes beyond the Lodge and spoil the look of the rifle. In addition, it is inline, so charge your rifle through the window of ejector cartridges in the receiver can only one cartridge.
  • The paddle is made according to the scheme of Mauser 98, having two lugs and a long lever ejector. On the receiver there are no guides for the lugs and bushing on the recoil pad like Remington 707, so maybe a slight dragging of the bolt body when fully opened. Movements during the operation they should be smooth. Part of this deficiency kompensiruet short stroke the bolt. On the rifles caliber .308 Win was more prominent.
  • Fuse dual action. In the Stop position box forward, a red dot on the receiver is closed, blocks the trigger and bolt handle.
  • The trigger mechanism with adjustable stroke lengths and shneller. Some hunters trigger seems too soft, but when installed on shneller it works at the slightest touch.
  • Because of the peculiarities of cartridges – bullets flying on depressed trajectories, the designers did not make the rear sight adjustable for elevation, only horizontally. However, the fly can be adjusted for height, and position relative to the muzzle. This is somewhat different from the traditional Russian weapons-school algorithm for adjusting sighting of the pair, which requires, above all, to change the position of the rear sight.
  • Slat “swallow tail” is not universal, it limits the set of scopes that can be installed on the rifle.
  • The rifle has a light weight – 2.8 kg, which makes it convenient for suspension of hunting and shooting offhand.

There are models for people with a basic left hand, they have a bolt handle, the box of the fuse and lever remove the store on the left.

The carbine CZ-527 EXCLUSIVE EBONY edition centrefire .223

  • The rifle is suited for hunting upland game birds, small ungulates and predators squad canids (foxes, coyotes, foxes).
  • The effective range of the shot reaches two hundred meters.
  • Good ballistic qualities allow to use it as a sport.

Five-charging rifles with this stock – the crest of the “boar’s back”, the Bavarian cushion pistol grip with hook – in the lineup ČZUB no more. There is a similar variant of the CZ 527 Carbine with a simple box (straight comb of the stock) and barrel that is shorter than thirteen inches. In the set of his caliber is 7. 62×39.

Technical characteristics of the carbine CZ 527 Lux 223 rem. calibers discussed below.

Feature The value
Type The rifle is bolt-on, paddle
Caliber .22 Hornet, .222 Rem, .223Rem
Barrel length (mm) 600
Shop Removable, single row, metal
Capacity 5
Full length (mm) 1077
Weight (kg) 2,8

A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate. The trunk of a cantilever, cold forged steel, blued.

  • The receiver is cylindrical in shape, open, pair with the barrel threaded. The bolt with two lugs, built on a Mauser 98.
  • Trigger adjustable (stroke length trigger) mechanism shneller. The adjustment screw is in front of the trigger. To set the mode of shneller the trigger moves forward.
  • Fuse dual action. When the check box is in its extreme forward position (red dot is closed), blocks the trigger and bolt handle.
  • To extract the shutter latch lever which is located on the left side of the back plate of the receiver.
  • Store removable, single-row, five rounds. The latch is on the shank, above him, on the right (in the model under the left arm to the left).
  • The set of sighting devices consist of an adjustable horizontal rear sight, closed fly, altitude and position relative to the muzzle where you can change, and strap type “swallow’s tail”, consisting of two halves, fixed on both sides of the window of the receiver.
  • Polupoltina bed from walnut wood and varnished. The handle is a cool set, buttstock with a comb-type “hog-back” and the so-called Bavarian cheek. There are unregulated shock-absorbing recoil pad. At the front end of the forearm extension in the form of a rosette. Equipment provided installed swivels.
Picking and packing

Packaged in cardboard box with foam absorber. Additionally, the rifle Packed in a plastic bag.

Shutter shot is in the package. In the maximum configuration with the rifle are the rings for the optics on the middle brackets. The attached data sheet, Protocol test shooting, instruction manual.

The principle of operation
  • Shop inline. Therefore, the loading through the window of ejector cartridges in the receiver is possible only one cartridge. To fill the store, remove it, press on the latch above.
  • For the filing of the cartridge in the chamber it is necessary to take the fuse box back (to open a red dot on the receiver), then raise the bolt handle and withdraw it back until it stops.
  • When the forward movement of the breech forward of the lower edge of its larva pushes the top round from the magazine, after which the tooth of the extractor is hooked onto the recess on the flange of the sleeve and retains the cartridge, directing it into the chamber.
  • During rotation of the handle shutter is locking down the breech and a platoon drummer. If you do not intend to fire immediately, move the fuse box forward until it stops to close red dot.

Mode lightweight descent shneller – is activated by moving the trigger forward. The fuse should be off. Remove from the shneller without a shot. To do this, check the fuse (the box forward until it stops) and hit the trigger, then he gets back in position.

After the hunt with the cz 527 lux (223 or otherwise), not to keep the drummer cocked, it is necessary to discharge the weapon.

  1. To remove the store.
  2. To remove the rifle from the guard, to open the shutter and take him back.
  3. Submit the slide forward to close it and make a control trigger. As a variant – to keep the trigger pressed.
  4. To install the store.
  1. Remove the magazine.
  2. Open the gate and take him back.
  3. Click on the button located on the left side of the back plate of the receiver. Remove the shutter.
  4. Remove the two screws to the rear of the trigger guard and the front of the store. Remove the bin store Assembly with the trigger guard.
  5. Separate the barrel to the receiver and the trigger mechanism from the stock.
  6. To disassemble the bolt, hold it with one hand on the stem, and the other to Unscrew the back plate of the drummer.

Reviews and price carbine CZ 527 Lux 223 rem. calibers discussed below.

Prices and reviews

There are models for people with a basic left hand, they have a bolt handle, the box of the fuse and lever remove the store on the left.Opinions on this rifle is controversial. In most positions it is noted that the workmanship is decreasing every year.

However, the capabilities of even the unchanged instances usually surpass abilities of shooters, spending no more than two or three stores a year. For best results, you want to pick up ammo under the step grooves, the value of which is indicated on the barrel.

In the ideal case, if there is no wind (bullet caliber .223 Rem him very susceptible), the value of the MOA does not exceed 0.5. Long barrel CZ 527 Lux allows you to confidently hit targets at distances up to 300 meters, so it makes sense to spend money on good optics.

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