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Many professional hunters noted the unique combination of excellent technical characteristics that determine opportunities for use, and attractive appearance of the rifles offered in the market today.

And the line of light rifles Elk with good opportunities for use in the field, both for sport shooting and for participation in competitions.

The most distinguished among the models version of the rifle for hunting Elk-4, which immediately draws attention due to the classic appearance without unnecessary detail, quality materials used to manufacture the constructive parts of this rifle. The ergonomic shape, the possibility of improvement and simple partial disassembly is one of the most fundamental positive qualities of the rifle Elk-4, we note both buyers and owners.

Overview of carbine Elk-4

The technical characteristics of this model allow to assess the capabilities of the rifle, manufacturer considered all the nuances of its use for different purposes: short barrel, simple mechanism, good basic – is all about a balance of all parameters of this rifle. The affordability allows you to name the carbine Elk 4. attractive for those looking for the best combination of attractive appearance and high quality of shooting at affordable cost. Multiple positive feedback helps evaluate the interest of the model Moose 4 even in comparison with the types of rifles for hunting, having similar parameters.

After analyzing the available benefits, you will notice the predominance of them over the shortcomings of the manufacturer: according to most owners of the model, attractive exterior design, good performance of fire (these include rate of fire, accuracy and efficiency of fire) made a carbine Elk 4 one of the most popular today. The interest of the model arises not only beginners, but also professionals who appreciate the reliability of the machines, ease of operation and shooting effectiveness.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern external design, designed in classic style, the perfect adjustment of all mechanisms, the overwhelming number of good reviews from buyers and owners has led to a high degree of interest in a model of the Elk-4.

To determining the merits of the rifle should include the following characteristics:

  • relatively light weight with compact size provides ease of movement of the carabiner, and the possibility most convenient for its use in shooting and for men of any build, and for women;
  • the ergonomics of the butt, which ensures comfortable fixation on the shoulder during the shooting and the lack of tangible impact;
  • the availability, modification, equipped with a mechanical sight, which provides the ability to hit a target located as far as possible – up to 300 meters;
  • the ability to adjust the effort to press the trigger, this changes the nature of the performed shot;
  • smoothness of trigger is also an important component comfortable use any model of a hunting rifle: it provides the best possibility of hitting the target, the expenditure of less effort for firing;
  • the presence of an optical sight with good characteristics in the basic configuration that allows you to make shooting with high accuracy and sighting;
  • polymer materials applied in the design of the buttstock for the carbine Elk-4 and the trunk, have a high rate of of strength and retain their attractive appearance even when influences of various kinds – when changing temperatures, moisture, shocks, which are inevitable with the frequent use of the rifle.

In the decoration of various modifications of this model used a natural material – different varieties of wood (birch, walnut, maple), which, when coating them with varnish to retain its attractive appearance. It adds to the finish of the rifle more attractive.

Carbine Elk-4 (photos)

  • Initially the line of rifles Moose intended for the extraction of the middle of the beast.
  • Today, thanks to a number of improvements to the rifles of this brand is used for hunting, and for training accuracy.
  • Carbine Elk-4 well-proven when tested by the index of fire. Its characteristics allow to hit a far away target.

In commercially available models with finishes of different wood species. Modifications can also vary their firing rates due to the possibility of installation of additional equipment – an optical sight, front sight, forearm.

The most popular caliber rounds for the carbine Elk 4 is considered to be 7.62 mm. However, you can apply more powerful cartridges, which are perfect for hunting big game.

Technical characteristics of the rifle Elk-4 described below.


With the help of technical parameters laid down by the manufacturer, you can get the most complete picture about the capabilities of the rifle. Presented in tabular form, they allow you to see the most important parameters of the model.

Specifications Carbine Elk 4
Country of origin Russia engineering plant, Izhevsk
Appointment Hunting, shooting, fun, target practice
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges From 5 to 9
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Possessing all the positive qualities affordable price, the carbine Elk 4 can be considered as one of the most frequently purchased models.


Manufacturer provides an easy disassembly, which is determined by a relatively simple mechanism. The simplicity of the design of the model Moose 4 allows the disassembly of the carbine, it may be necessary to conduct its current repair or during cleaning.

The barrel of this model made of quality steel, its length is optimal for the model. Cold forging allows to create a coating of the barrel with a unique degree of strength, this material is not subject to corrosion even in high humidity. Varnished stock, made of wood (birch or walnut) that is pleasant to use and retains its appeal due to high-quality treatment.

Picking and packing

There are several variants of the basic specification models that are used immediately after its acquisition to start its operation.

  • The basic kit for rifle Elk 4 includes an optical sight which can be replaced with a more three-dimensional front sight and cleaning rod to clean the barrel.
  • Attached strap that helps in transporting weapons.
  • Also carabiner in the sale is accompanied by a certificate of quality and an individual passport.
  • Packed the rifle in a cardboard box with the necessary information on the lateral part of the name of the product and the company-seller.
  • Carabiner packaged in plastic material: it allows to retain its attractive appearance during transportation and to avoid damage to relatively soft wood, which is decorated butt.
  • The store attached to the carbine in basic configuration, involves the building in it 5 rounds, which are arranged in a staggered manner. If necessary, the base shop can easily be replaced with a larger one.
The principle of operation

Using the carbine model of the Elk-4, it is possible to notice that the whole operation process is not complicated. This the manufacturer was able to achieve due to the simplicity of the mechanism. Actuation of the rifle is standard. The use starts with the room to store ammo.

When you press the trigger is tripping hook bolt, straightened the spring produces a sharp pressure on the firing pin, resulting in a shot.


Modern and do not require special skills in operating a carbine model of the Elk-4 can easily understand that it may be necessary for the improvement and repair of weapons.

Longitudinal rolling shutter is easy to disassemble. For a partial disassembly of the rifle does not require special tools, and it can be carried out even in field conditions. Inserting the bolt from withdrawal from it is abstraction ago, then the fuse is attached to a vertical position, and can then be removed from the stem box the shutter.


Using the optical sight or the same third party, which improves the targeting due to its characteristics. May also be replaced by a native fly, butt, increasing comfort during operation.

The price and the reviews on the carbine Elk-4 is given below.

The product price

The value indicator model Elk-4 is relatively low, which determines the high level of demand for the carbine. The price for this model in different companies may differ insignificantly and it is about 12 200-13 250 rubles. Buyers point out the possibility of acquiring models of Elk and 4 with a limited budget purchase.

Owner reviews

Many owners first noted the perfect and attractive appearance, which guarantees attention to the carabiner at the time of purchase. The lack of superfluous details, classic style and quality materials – all this is one of the most important positive characteristics of the carbine Elk-4.

Excellent technical characteristics allow to fully assess the possibilities for wide use of the rifle of the model. Also, the owners speak well of the ability of the rifle to hit a far away target, which provides a high speed of a bullet when fired.

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