Fausti Stefano Elegant standard, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Modern and characterized by a high degree of reliability in operation even in difficult field conditions, shotgun Fausti Stefano mod. Elegant standard, used for hunting, is becoming increasingly popular.

And the interest in it is maintained both among professional hunters as well as beginners who just started to learn the basics of shooting firearms. And this is not surprising because Fausti Stefano Elegant standard by its characteristics is a universal carbine with optimal external dimensions, high precision shots from both barrels and can be used for hunting medium and large animals and big game.

The ideal ratio of the lengths of the trunk and butt, as well as the ability to adjust its fixation at the shoulder, allows you to comfortably use it, even women with delicate Constitution.

Combining ease of use, shotgun Fausti Stefano Elegant standard well-known manufacturer that has an excellent reputation for its previous models, with attractive exterior design, the model enables the use of cartridges of various caliber, with accuracy and accuracy is largely determined by technical characteristics, show a perfect result.

Overview of carbine Fausti Stefano Elegant Standart

First and foremost, buyers attracted by the appearance of the rifle. Stylish design, sleek design, the use of precious wood in the manufacture of butt – all of this should be considered an important advantage of the model. Its use does not cause difficulties even for beginners: a relatively small mass of the rifle and its size does not cause discomfort in use, and the simplicity of the scheme allows to acquire the basic skills of shooting firearms.

Standing out among peers with a number of advantages on the technical opportunities provided by the manufacturer, the carbine proved to be a great use for hunting and also for training accuracy and the skills of shooting newcomers.To get an idea about the capabilities of a carbine, and also about the different types of models should explore the list of virtues and flaws. This allows you to form your own opinion of the carbine, to understand on what parameters it is better than analogues, which may require revision.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of any modern rifle are numerous, and the model Fausti Stefano Elegant standard is no exception: a large number of positive characteristics that distinguish the considered carbine, allow us to call it one of the most successful of this manufacturer.

The advantages of a carbine Fausti Stefano Elegant standard should include the following parameters:

  • compact dimensions and, as a consequence, a relatively small weight, which facilitates the transportation process. This is especially important when it requires frequent transfer of weapons and when traveling while hunting over long distances;
  • quality materials used for the manufacture of structural parts of the rifle and its finish. It is polymer materials with increased strength, resistant to external influences, natural wood, giving a special attraction to the butt, and stainless steel high-strength, processed by cold forging, used for the manufacture of the barrel;
  • simple partial disassembly that may be required when tuning or repairing weapons;
  • good firing rates for maximum considering the possibility of hitting carbine.

Many positive reviews of both buyers and owners of carbine Fausti Stefano Elegant standard, allow to call him one of the most popular today and also explain the constant interest in all kinds of this carabiner.

The disadvantages include the relatively high cost model; the cost consisting of inherent possibilities, the external design of the rifle and extremely positive evaluations of its quality by the users at the same time is quite reasonable.

Carbine Fausti Stefano Elegant Standart


  • The manufacturer of this carabiner is offered for use in professional hunting: excellent striking skills, attractive appearance and a lot of good feedback when using it for the extraction of the beast(medium and large) explain the popularity of this model in the hunt.
  • However, Fausti Stefano Elegant standard is well-established for learning the initial skills of shooting, due to its relatively small and compact size, low weight and optimal balance of constructive parts, which explains the ease of use.
  • Also carbine Fausti Stefano Elegant standard can be used for training accuracy: using it in the sports of shooting is provided high the shooting settings, excellent technical capabilities laid down by the manufacturer, and usability of the rifle.
  • Today for sale is a kind of tree nut that has a lighter shade of wood, and a variation with a darker color of oak wood. Model the oak is more resistant to use, because this sort of wood is more durable and not susceptible to external influences. Nut the softer the material, because when a significant mechanical influences probably dents. However, if necessary or loss of the original appearance of wood on the butt can be treated with sandpaper and then re-covered by a protective layer of oil paint or varnish.
  • When fired from a carbine can be used the following ammo calibers: .243 Win.; .270 Win.; .308 Win, which ensure good luck in the hunt as medium and large animals.

Modern and the most balanced, the carbine model enjoys significant popularity among customers due to its features and beautiful appearance. Although parts made from natural wood, can resist mechanical stress, unique appearance immediately attracts attention as seasoned professionals and novice beginners who can assess the technical capabilities of this model. Below are the most important parameters, which first drew the attention of any buyer of weapons of this kind.

Specifications Carbine Fausti Stefano Elegant Standart
Country of origin Italy
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting, target practice, training new
View Semi-automatic repeating rifle
Kind of caliber .22-250 Rem., .243 Win
The total length of the body 1 170 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

The presence of stem, made of high quality stainless steel, the oxide coating helps prevent rust, it also makes the attractiveness of the appearance of the rifle. Stylish design, use of quality materials for finishing of the butt, multiple barrel linings, – all this should be attributed to the most important advantages of Fausti Stefano Elegant standard, which immediately attract the attention of buyers.

  • Use to train novice shooters – this contributes to the simplicity of the design of the rifle, and the reliability of the whole structure, guaranteed by the manufacturer to be sure the exception of accidents during the shooting.
  • The consistency of all structural parts of the size and mechanics of the action, good shooting performance, high efficiency of each performed shot, – these qualities of fire are most important for the evaluation of weapons, and they can be determined by the system mechanisms and a General design model.
  • Longitudinal-a sliding shutter provides quick and smooth flow of cartridges into the barrel, from the store, and the ease of movement of the trigger provides the fast performance of the shot. And reliable plug-in mechanism protects against the risk of damage from gas pressure.
Picking and packing

Basic is well thought out: high quality riflescope, foregrip and front sight, installed correctly and having the ability to replace them on the same high performance, comfort and safety of operation of the rifle. Model Fausti Stefano Elegant standard is in a case, made of plastic, which perfectly protects from possible external influences.

The case is in a package on which is written the data about the model name, about the company-manufacturer. The individual is issued a quality certificate to buy a rifle, and his personal passport.

To care for a carbine in basic configuration there is oil that is used for lubrication of pre-cleaned of dirt and soot of the barrel.

The principle of operation

Hunting rifle Fausti Stefano Elegant standard takes effect at the time of the introduction of cartridges in the store, and then send them in the body of the barrel with a trigger mechanism. Retaining spring comes out when carrying a sharp blow to the striker at this point is a shot.


Conduct disassembly in the model is quite simple: using a special key, located in the handguard, you can quickly change the barrel, replace the optical sight, which is offered in the base set, more advanced in its capabilities.


The tuning is usually performed to replace the optical sight, the installation of a different forearm and flies. However, the model Fausti Stefano Elegant standard , according to most owners, not needs to change its technical characteristics.

Reviews and prices on gun Fausti Stefano elegant Standard Fausti Stefano Elegant 12х76 standard and other cal are given below.

The product price

The cost model Fausti Stefano Elegant standard by many buyers is considered high, but this figure due to the use of high-quality materials when making stock and making the barrel. Figure the cost from different dealers may vary significantly; it is about 250 520-275 580 rubles (the money, by the way, will cost the Sauer S202, Benelli Argo).


Modern design, high-quality natural and polymeric materials (high-level resistance to external influences, considerate design – all these advantages of the model Fausti Stefano Elegant standard made it the most popular Italian manufacturer. Today the sale of the rifle increased, that allows to speak about the quality of the implementation of the weapons firing and the effectiveness of the shots.

Many owners, and buyers, the thought-out design, which guarantees maximum ease of use, and compactness.

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