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Thus, the German gunsmiths were able to maintain the status of the brand. Mark was one of the leaders of arms of the world level in Germany and Europe. Rifle in our days, “Heim” high competitor as a worthy opponent to the known arms manufacturers in Europe, USA, Russia. Real, fair competition has allowed the company not only make great hunting weapons, to track the trend of world level, to implement the operational response to the current fluctuations in demand on the market.

Well-known hunting rifles and a horizontal tee-type widespread during the last decades of the nineteenth – early twentieth centuries from the company Heim in Europe and Russia. They were the prototype and symbol of reliability, quality factor, quality and reliability of small arms and civil weapons.

Despite the fact that the middle of the last century, particularly the period after the Second world war was quite dangerous crisis time for the company, which lasted long enough, management was able to do the impossible.

Overview of the rifle Heym SR-21

A true global leader as is always true German approach literally to every detail. The hallmark of the Neum carbine SR-21 as is always the subtle charm of modesty and clarity of every detail from the shape of the butt to the trigger mechanism.

In addition, the manufacturer is famous for the exceptional quality of materials and very reasonable price. The weapon is distinguished by conservatism technological solutions that fundamentally is a leading priority for the buyer.

The commitment to tradition is reflected on the main trends in company Heim did not reduce the cost of construction due to the lightweight alloys or plastics.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hunting enthusiasts and lovers of sport shotgun shooting note the many advantages of weapons – good exterior design, nice slide mechanism, well-researched barrel, open sight system, excellent German optics, three position safety.

Users consider the disadvantages:

  • several high price
  • not too easy system the rear mounting optics
  • the presence of the rotor in the form of a dovetail.


Exclusively a hunting version of the weapon for almost all kinds of animals that live in the vast expanses of our Motherland. Practical Germans could not be better adapted your rifle for the needs of our hunters and those who like to travel through forests, meadows and swamps.

New Heym SR-21 gave the best performance, as they say – has everything that is allowed within the law, from goose to moose and bear.

The rifle Heym SR-21


The manufacturer of a hunting rifle Heym SR-21 in the configuration of N can be offered in three types of caliber guns:

  1. The most popular caliber 9.3 x 62 mm.
  2. Export version 30 – 06 spr.
  3. The largest caliber 223 rem.

In short we can say that the Russian buyer can purchase a range of calibers – 243 Winchester, . 308 Winchester, . 30-06 Springfield, 9, 30 x 62, . 300 Winchester Magnum, 8 x 68 S. Mass dealers for some reason are not interested in gauges . 25 – 06, 7 x 64, 6 x 62, but they are available in individual custom campaign “Heim”.


No. Feature Ed. izm. The value
1 Company manufacturer Heym Waffenfabrik


2 Figure caliber . 308 Win
3 The net mass discharged kg. 3, 30
4 The length of the weapon overall see 106, 50
5 Barrel length see 61, 00
6 Store capacity cartridge. 5 + 1 extra.


Structural solution – a simple operational module consists of a replaceable barrel, a receiver, a spacious store and the trigger mechanism.

Picking and packing

Included with the carbine SR-21 included a passport for a weapon, the license of the company for the production of the rifled small sample, quality certificate, user manual and maintenance. On the domestic market the rifles come with a Russian translation of documents, in a disassembled state, without ammunition, in oiled cloth and fastened with branded box.

The principle of operation and disassembly of the rifle Heym model SR-21 are listed below.

The principle of operation and disassembly

  • The action mechanism is based on a longitudinally sliding gate with a turn bolt type.
  • All the procedures for the disassembly, maintenance, preventative lubrication and Assembly manufactured in accordance with the attached manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Tuning is currently against the brand firm of Heym Waffenfabrik not considered.

The price and the reviews on the rifle Heym SR-21 are listed below.

Prices and reviews

Price category somewhat high, complete basic set with accessories will cost from 2 to 200, 00 $ 2 320, 00 $. The owners of German carbine noted that well-designed the barrel, the passage of the shutter in the receiver smooth, with no pauses or delays.

Interchangeable barrels is easy and simple to reinstall, even without special skills, they are qualitatively weighted and centreway. In this brand of rifles to save on the little things professionals consider inappropriate.

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