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This is because the rifle model of the HK-417 (Heckler&Koch) combines an attractive stylish design, excellent performance and great shooting ability to defeat. The numerous positive owner reviews indicate the reliability of this rifle, the sophistication of its design and totally safe with proper maintenance.

For equipping of the existing military units of the company Heckler&Koch has created a unique in its capabilities automatic rifle HK-417, which showed excellent data of the shooting, found a large number of fans around the world.

A few aggressive appearance excellent excellent killability can surprise even the professionals, and relatively light weight with compact size ensures the greatest ease of operation of the rifle. The possibility of quick partial disassembly and carrying out tuning give additional benefits of this model. Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the rifle allows you to obtain the most complete picture of the qualities and to compare it with analogues available on the market today.

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Based in modular design consider a model in many ways resembles the German assault rifle the M16, but it is to a greater extent well-thought-out automation, providing better exhaust-gas when making a shot. This can help to produce military actions and to reflect attack of the enemy, and to hit the target when using rifles in hunting. The presence of an optical sight in the base allows you to easily hit stationary and moving targets, which is important for a rifle of this class.

Because of the existing positive characteristics and its shortcomings provide the most complete understanding of the capabilities of the rifle, the analysis of these qualities will help to more fully assess the model.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important positive characteristics of the model include:

  • unique range and penetration of the rifle, provided technical specifications of the model;
  • used to create structural parts (stock and receiver) only high-quality advanced polymer materials which guarantee durability of the whole structure and its reliability;
  • greater rigidity of the trunk, which is made from lightweight aluminum alloy by cold forging;
  • simplicity of design allowing for quick partial disassembly of the rifle, which may be required in its repair, replacement of parts or tuning;
  • a convenient form of stock, guaranteeing maximum comfort during prolonged use rifles, and when teaching beginners;
  • removable magazine, which is important for the possibility of firing without a break for the filling (the rate has a high index);
  • a quick and thoughtful extraction of gases;
  • relatively light weight, which gives the opportunity to easily transport the rifle is most important in cases where when using the rifle you want to travel on foot for significant distances.

Modern and effective rifle model of the HK-417 (Heckler&Koch) has a lot of positive reviews from owners, and buyers: immediately attracting attention for its “brutal” appearance, it has excellent performance shooting and easy to operate.

The disadvantages, according to most users, this model has not.

Photo rifles of the latest generation HK-417


The primary user of this model – the armed forces used rifle for combat operations. In free sale this model is not available.

Also, this rifle can be used for hunting: its characteristics allow successful hit even far away moving targets, which is especially appreciated by professionals-hunters.


Offered today rifle HK-417 (Heckler&Koch) in several different types, which differ somewhat from each other in appearance and characteristics of fire:

  • HK417 12″ “Assaulter” Model – version with standard barrel length of 305 mm.
  • HK417 16″ “Recce” Model – version with standard barrel length of 406 mm.
  • HK 417 16″ “Recce” Model – variant with improved handling barrel length of 406 mm.
  • HK 417 20″ “Sniper” Model – variant with improved handling barrel length of 508 mm.

These varieties are suitable for use in a war zone, when hunting medium and large animals.


Having a high vitality of the stock is made by cold forging, the model is well-proven when used in adverse ambient conditions. And the technical ability to provide continuous interest from both professionals and beginners.Having the ability to hit far away targets that may be in motion, rifle HK-417 (Heckler&Koch) is also easy to use: the reasonableness of its design, the balance of stock and barrel – all makes this model particularly popular.


The design of the model was relatively simple. The main structural part of the model HK-417 (Heckler&Koch) is the barrel and the butt. On the barrel is a flash suppressor that is also a mount for a removable silencer.

Deposited on the receiver thread, which is necessary for quick installation of silencer: the firing sound of this model loud enough that requires the use of a silencer. On the receiver, you’ll easily removable bracket, which is used for fastening the optical sight.

Picking and packing

The basic kit to the rifle of the model included: high quality optical sight mount for a silencer and front sight, the most rational set handguard make the process of using the rifle comfortable, and the shooting is most effective. Model HK-417 (Heckler&Koch) offered for sale in cardboard packaging, which presents information as model name, release date and manufacturer.

When selling a rifle Packed in with increased rigidity of the case for ease of transportation.

The principle of operation

Semi-automatic sniper rifle HK-417 (Heckler&Koch) begins its action since the introduction of cartridges in the store with their further sending to the barrel with a trigger mechanism. Restraining the cartridge, the spring comes out with a sharp blow to the striker’s shot.

Optical sight for accurate shots, a silencer, also supplied to the rifle ensures quiet operation making the rounds.


The peculiarity of this model should be considered the possibility of quick disassembly and changing of barrels. The removal of the optical sight with quick release bracket, guaranteeing the convenience and reliability of installing the sight is integral with the guide, which is located on the top of the receiver. The muffler is easily removed with a flame arrester, which is also on the barrel.


According to most users, assault rifle model of the HK-417 (Heckler&Koch) does not require additional design changes. However, instead of the base of the optical sight can be mounted different, with better performance.

Machine price and reviews of the rifle HK-417 (manufacturer Heckler&Koch) is given below.

The product price

The cost of this model can range from 192 200 rubles to 215 000. The price may vary from different sellers. In this money, by the way, you can buy Sako 85 Brown Bear .338, Bavarian Carbine .30-06, Kodiak .375 H&H; Browning Bar .300WM Zenit Prestige Wood HC or, for example, Maral 9.3×62 HC.

Owner reviews

Buyers noted an attractive and stylish exterior design of the model. These figures shooting out of it, as rate, which may rise when you replace the “native” store with a small amount of more spacious, the most important benefits that in their reviews indicate the owners of the model. Also good average received rate of this model.

Modern materials ensure a long preservation of the attractive appearance of the rifle even when operating it in field conditions. Some of the owners as the noted advantage of transportation convenience: compact size, well thought-out forms make the rifle comfortable wearing, which is especially important when you move during operation of the weapon over long distances.

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