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On the market today model smoothbore carbines differ reasonableness of its design and performance shooting: range a high velocity bullet, aimed to ensure the effectiveness of each shot, and accuracy have made such rifles are especially popular today.

Thanks to its qualities, they have a lot of fans, and most of their owners have noted the predominance of the advantages of this weapon over the flaws of the manufacturer.

Maximum modern and sophisticated weapons for hunting model HPE-209 (Hammer Weapon), well established as a professional hunting and for entertainment (training accuracy, participation in competitions in sport shooting), it also scored well in self-defence. Comfort when shooting is provided by the ergonomics of each design details and the possibility of replacing the classic butt on the pistol grip enables the most convenient to operate the carbine – and it’s important for women and men with different palm size.

The review of the model VPO-209 from Hammer Weapons

Combining advantages of the previous models of the manufacturer Molot, model HPE-209 (Hammer Weapon) is the most modified rifle with a minimum amount of drawbacks. Through the analysis of existing positive qualities of the model, one can fully get an idea about its features, strengths and weaknesses.

Most important appearance: application in the finishing of the stock of natural wood enhances the attractiveness of the carbine, and methods of making the barrel method (cold forging) allows us to speak about the guaranteed safety of its perfect straight shape and strength, which is especially important when frequent mechanical impacts on the trunk, which is inevitable during active operation of the rifle. Polymer materials used in the manufacture of the main body portion carbine VPO-209 (Hammer Weapon), have unique levels of resistance to external mechanical influences, not afraid of the changes in temperature and humidity.

Modern stylish appearance immediately attracted the attention of buyers, model HPE-209 (Hammer Arms) are popular due to design and due to its possibilities, which are laid by the manufacturer. The reliability of the whole structure, the possibility of quick partial disassembly and tuning ensures that the demand for the model.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we consider a comparison of the merits of the model VPO-209 (Hammer Weapon) and its shortcomings, it is necessary to dwell separately on the following features of this carabiner:

  • ergonomics details and reasoning of the whole structure is an important component of the successful application of the model;
  • the possibility of adjusting the design of the rifle for a particular user gives you the opportunity to increase the level of comfort;
  • great range allows you to hit targets not only close, but in the far distance;
  • the targeting, as well as its accuracy, and also determine the effectiveness of each shot;
  • the relative affordability provides good indicators of demand and bestselling, and the performance of this rifle should be considered as one of the best lines VPO;
  • the compactness and relatively low weight allow easy transport of the rifle – this quality is especially important in active operation.

Thanks to many positive reviews from owners of the carbine model of the HPE-209 (Hammer Weapon) stands out from analogues due to how the firing rates, and due to their external design: made in a classic style, this carabiner is easy to use and easy to disassembly.

The disadvantages, according to owner reviews, this model almost does not matter.

Smoothbore carbine VPO-209 and saiga 12S with the folding stock


Used rifles model HPE-209 (Hammer Weapon) for hunting, as it was originally conceived by the manufacturer), and for entertainment, training, marksmanship and self-defense.


On sale at a hunting store offers a model of carbine VPO-209 (Hammer Weapon) for firing ammunition caliber .366 .336 TKM and TCM, which are designed for hunting medium and large animals, and smaller game. Cutting the barrel has six grooves, the length is from 125 to 135 mm and is located in the muzzle part.

Specifications of AKM HPE 209 described later.


Their technical characteristics and based on their capabilities considering the carbine is able to surprise, because technical parameters largely determine the performance of fire, ease of loading and reloading of the carbine, as well as the comfort of its use.

Specifications Carbine VPO-209 (Hammer Arms)
Country of origin Russia machine-building plant “Molot”
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Pump-action smooth-bore carbine
Capacity cartridges 10
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Modern and attention to the smallest details is the carbine model of the HPE-209 (Hammer Weapon) ensures comfort in use, easy to disassemble and has a lot of positive feedback from owners.


The relative simplicity of the design of the model VPO-209 (Hammer Weapon) gives the maximum comfort to make operation of the rifle. The fuse on the trigger mechanism ensures maximum security when using the rifle, fixed the trigger mechanism is hammer type allows you to make single shots with the further arming of the fuse.

The body (the butt and the barrel, which is the main structural parts of the rifle) are not afraid of such factors as changes in temperature and humidity: during operation of the rifle under field conditions applied to all its manufacturing materials are not afraid of mechanical influences, and this allows them to maintain an attractive appearance both when the temperature changes and high humidity (that’s what the indicators have the greatest impact when hunting).

Picking and packing

Depending on the wishes of the customer rifle HPE-209 (Hammer Weapon) may be equipped with an optical sight, forearm, front sight. “Native” the stock is tubular, with a capacity of 10 rounds. Sights – front sight and rear sight.

Packed carbine at the time of its sale in plastic packaging and cardboard box. On the box there is information about the model name, manufacturer.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the model VPO-209 (Hammer Arms) is relatively simple: the gate frame along with the shutter moved forward with a chambering of the cartridge in the breech by the action of the return spring. Press on the trigger provokes a sharp blow of the hammer under the action of the mainspring on the firing pin, the trigger skewers primer-igniter and the shooting.

  • Recoil is relatively small.
  • Native shop for VPO-209 has a capacity of 10 rounds, which gives the possibility of more rapid implementation of consistent shots and series.

For the partial disassembly of pre-separated store, retrieve ammo from the store and the receiver. The abstraction back of the bolt allows for disassembly of the rifle. Disassembly can be made for repair, when cleaning the barrel. Mount the stem to the body of the box is a screw which easily Unscrew.

Tuning, price, and owner reviews of the HPE-209 are given below.


The improvement of the rifle may by reinstalling the optical sight, and replacement butt. As noted by many owners, model HPE-209 (Hammer Weapon) does not need to be improved.

The product price

The cost of this carbine can vary from 30 to 180 33 850 rubles.

Owner reviews

When choosing a model a customer first attention is drawn to the appearance of the model. Because these indicators determine the level of interest in the carbine. Owners, and buyers, notes the attractive appearance of the rifle. The use of natural wood, properly treated for the conservation of its species, increases the interest to this kind of butt.

Comfortable and sophisticated design, combined with excellent firing rates provide a constant interest from the buyers, and the affordable cost makes the model VPO-209 (Sickle Weapon) the most popular.

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