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ISSC SPA22 has received wide popularity thanks to high-quality performance, and the reasonableness of the form. Her technical abilities of the manufacturer can be well combined with perfection of form, balance, structural parts which provides maximum comfort in the use of weapons and gives you the opportunity to more fully develop their properties.

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The rifle ISSC SPA22 by becoming a real bestseller among hunting and sporting rifles, provides its owners with excellent opportunities for training accuracy, for hitting even far away stationary and moving targets in the hunt.

Overview of the rifle ISSC SPA 22

The popularity of the model is defined as its attractive appearance and classic design, and good reviews are determined by the characteristics of the rifle. A simple design with significant opportunities provided by the manufacturer, gives the opportunity to carry out a partial disassembly, which is needed for a small repair structural parts of the weapon, cleaning it. This is important in the operation of the weapons often.

Rifle this model, having a distinct style and brevity “appearance”, excellent specifications and the perfect basic equipment, is considered today one of the most popular. Interest from buyers is determined by the excellent balance of appearance and convenience when using justified ergonomics all structural parts guaranteed reliability throughout the structure when using is provided by the manufacturer.

The combination of attractive appearance, excellent technical characteristics, and elaborate the basic configuration allows to apply this model to anyone who appreciates the combination of quality and significant opportunities. The rifle ISSC SPA22 combines the best quality of firing, guaranteeing high accuracy of the made shots, range of the bullet and the required accuracy of the shots, and thoughtfulness of the design: even women and teenagers who choose to learn the basic skills of shooting from professional firearms, will conveniently get practical skills. And the ergonomics of all components will provide convenience in use.

Advantages and disadvantages

The analysis of the advantages and technical data model allows to obtain the most complete picture of how its capabilities and advantages over similar variants of carbines. Modern appearance, implementation of parts of the rifles in classic style, without the use of distracting attention from the details reveals this carbine is awesome.

Important advantages of this model should include also such features:

  • the elongated stem without the slightest change of shape, which ensures the optimal trajectory of the bullet;
  • high initial speed of a bullet that gives you the ability to hit targets even at a considerable distance;
  • modern style, ergonomics of every design details that ensures maximum comfort in the process of operation;
  • relatively affordable price is one of the most important parameters which determines the degree of demand for the carbine compared to similar available on the market options hunting rifles.

Referring to the bolt group, model ISSC SPA22 is easy to use: the sealing mechanism is easy to operate, easy to disassembly that may be required in the repair of the rifle or in the process of its improvement.

Flaws, in the opinion of the majority of owners of the model ISSC SPA22, this rifle has not.

Photos of the rifle ISSC SPA 22



Use the rifle ISSC SPA22 may like hunting (it was originally designed by the manufacturer with technical performance) and training accuracy. Due to the good speed of a bullet, accuracy of firing the rifle ISSC SPA22 is also used in competition shooting.

For beginners, this rifle is well suited: the relative compactness, light weight and balance of the device is easy to operate and women and men.


This small-caliber carbine may have some differences in the trim butt: it can be used different types of wood, which immediately changes the appearance of weapons. So, walnut is proved that the use of the rifle in field conditions: it is less terrible mechanical effects and temperature drops when compared with the wood of other deciduous trees.

For firing rifle ISSC SPA22 apply the standard ammunition calibers .22LR and the .22WMR., and a more powerful ring of ignition. Both species fit the concept of “small caliber weapons”, which avoids the need to obtain special permission to use it.


The following table shows the main technical parameters, which will largely determine the capabilities of the considered carbine. The most important is considered to be the effectiveness of the shot, shooting accuracy, as well as the overall length of the barrel, the butt, the method of manufacture of the barrel.

Specifications The rifle ISSC SPA22
Country of origin Austria
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting, target practice, training new
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Kind of caliber .22LR and the .22WMR.
The total length of the body 1 170 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2.27 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

We offer for sale a variety with using different wood in the design of the rifle and different caliber bullets, have nearly identical characteristics; the demand for them is great as among professional hunters and hobbyists.


For hunting, this rifle has proved itself perfectly due to their technical characteristics.

The possibility of using the carbine model ISSC SPA22 to train novice shooters – important advantage, and this contributes to the simplicity of the design of the rifle, and the reliability of the whole structure, guaranteed by the manufacturer to be sure the exception of accidents. The consistency of the structural parts (barrel and butt) the size and mechanics of the operation, good technical parameters, high efficiency of each performed shot and the shooting parameters are most important for the evaluation of weapons.

Picking and packing

Basic equipment is thoroughly thought out: high quality riflescope, foregrip and front sight, properly installed, provide a comfortable operation of the rifle. Model ISSC SPA22 is in the case of a lightweight plastic, which perfectly protects from possible external influences. The case is in a package on which is written the data about the model name, about the company-manufacturer. The individual is issued a quality certificate to buy a rifle, and his personal passport.

Also the basic kit includes two magazines of 10 cartridges, which are easy to install.

The principle of operation

The simple design allows you to use the rifle even for beginners, which is important when teaching shooting skills. The carbine model is valid ISSC SPA22 since the introduction of cartridges in the store, and then send them the barrel with a trigger mechanism. Retaining spring comes out when carrying a sharp blow to the striker at this point is a shot.


The implementation of the partial dismantling of the ISSC SPA22 is relatively simple and does not require the use of special tools. This gives you the opportunity to pursue her even in the field.

Handguard and front sight removed using the key supplied in the kit.


The rifle ISSC SPA22 can be improved by installing other optical sight. This allows to increase the efficiency of fire of the weapons. Can also be replaced with a handguard and front sight.

The price and the reviews on the rifle ISSC SPA 17/22 standard is given below.

The product price

The cost model ISSC SPA22 by many buyers is available for the majority of buyers. Figure the cost from different dealers may vary significantly; it is about 31 850-37 890 rubles.


Customer reviews about this model ISSC SPA22 mostly positive; make the owners of reliability and simplicity of design, which is important for beginners of shooting firearms.

Many noted attractive appearance: with natural wood makes the rifle most aesthetic quality in this case can be considered ideal for a rifle of this class.

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