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In 1980, the German gun company Krieghoff of Ulm began producing sports double barrel shotgun K-80 design which is a modernized version of the shotgun K-32, produced in 1950 and was almost a complete copy of the Remington-32. Like everything that is manufactured by the Krieghoff, K-80 is a model of armour, excellent shooting performance which are complemented by refined decoration, to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic needs.

Description guns K-80 Krieghoff (Krieghoff)

Smoothbore sporting gun K-80 is a double-barreled bokflint, charging a broken barrel. From the average “shotgun” it features a precision manufacturing quality trunks and mechanisms. The arms of Ulm guarantee that the weapon can withstand at least a million shots, after which it requires no repairs, and tuning.

The barrels are threaded on the muzzle, allowing you to install the nozzle in different chokes. They are connected by a Central plate, and coupling, as is done in domestic combined IZH-94 on the basis of the IZH-27.

The manufacturer offers bokflint in several versions, which differ not only in caliber but also the type of sighting mouldings and design of the Lodge. The athlete can choose the most convenient configuration. The possibility of tuning “by hand” if necessary. By adjusting the efforts of descent and the height of the trigger.

Metal parts of the rifle is decorated with maximum elegance. Engraving and etching adorn the receiver, release lever and trigger guard.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The gun piece, hand-built, its quality can be considered as a reference. Shooting performance is very high. The athlete can train with this gun all my life and not to feel that “outgrown” it.
  • The manufacturer offers a set of five choke constrictions, from cylinder 0 – 0.2-reinforced Coka 1,00/0,4. Also in the set of options five types of sighting bars.
  • There is the option of customizing the efforts of descent and the length of the trigger.
  • The locking mechanism withstands more than one million shots, after which it needs a service and tuning. However, it is worth noting that the gun is not designed for the use of stronger powder charges and shooting bullets.
  • Inexperienced shooters can cause inconvenience power ekstragirovanija cartridges. They are just in the eye, so it takes skill to drop to the side.
  • A weapon of your device is much harder and thinner than the hunting shotgun, so handle with care, almost like a crystal vase. Although at a cost of more than six hundred thousand rubles is obtained as if by itself.

For use in hunting it is hard – almost four kilograms. This is a specialized sports equipment.

Krieghoff K-80 (photo)


In the first place – is sports equipment that allows to achieve high results. Of course, you can use on the hunt, although the use of bullets and powder charges reinforced strongly not recommended.


The manufacturer offers several options aimed planks and boxes, which allows you to “build” a gun unique configuration.

  • Fixed ventilated sighting strips 76 and 81 cm
  • Adjustable straps Trap Special, Doppeltrap Special Unsingle Trap, Trap Topsingle.

Lodges are always made of solid Turkish walnut. Three types of the forearm, differing in the shape and area of the notches. The same types of butts that can be with the so-called Bavarian cheek or not, with a smooth comb or pillow “Monte Carlo”, which, in turn, offers fixed or height adjustable.

Feature The value
Type Shotgun, bokflint
Gauges 12, 20, 28, .410
Length of stems (mm) 760 or 810
Set jokovich contractions C, IC, M, IM, F
Weight (kg) Of 3.96

Double-barreled shotgun with a smooth barrels arranged vertically (bokflint). Loading a fracture of shafts, which do not have connection along the entire length, and combined in a muzzle coupling. Rib ventilated.

  • Muzzle sections have a threaded portion for mounting a replaceable constriction from cylinder head to complete the choke.
  • In the middle part of the trunks installed the clutch with the Cam, which is used to change the position of the barrels in sotrile – process adjustment, allowing to obtain a single point of contact. In the assembled rifle it is closed fore.
  • Locking dual horizontal latch and forend. A platoon of drummers performed at the time of the locking blocks of the trunk.
  • The fuse is automatic, it has a full unlock, allowing you to not turn it off during the competition before each shot.
  • The trigger mechanism with one hook. There is a possibility to set order triggers actuation of the trunk. The selector lever is under the trigger guard, in front of the hook. There is a possibility of adjustment efforts descent (nominally 1.25 kg) and height change trigger.
  • Bed wood Turkish walnut, polished. Manufacturer are three types of the forearm, differing in the shape and size of notches for grip, and the same types of butts with the adjustable shock-absorbing butt pad. There are Gladki and pillows “Bavarian cheek”, “Monte-Carlo” (fixed and adjustable height).
Picking and packing

The gun comes disassembled. Packed in a hard coffer-tube, sheathed on the outside with leather and lined inside with maroon velvet. Complete with adjustable straps sighting they are placed separately from the trunk.

Also supplied with the keys for the adjustment of the efforts of descent, the length of the hook and the height of the recoil pad, and the installation of muzzle attachments. A set of eight barrel spacers (couplers) for different types of muzzle of the contractions and regulation of costrel. Applied cleaning kit, manual and certificate.

The principle of KRIEGHOFF K-80 described below.

The principle of operation

The gun is charged a fracture of the barrel block.

  • For this purpose the release lever on the back plate of the receiver is given to the right until it stops. Platoon projectile occurs when locking the trunks. The fuse is triggered automatically. Have the ability to disable it completely, which is useful for competitions – before the shot is not required to move it up.
  • For Astrela (get a single point of contact), use a nozzle on the bottom of the barrel different height marked on the body. For their installation it is necessary to rotate the screw-eccentric coupling connecting the barrels at the front edge of the forearm.
  • To change or install nozzles muzzle narrowing used the socket supplied. First remove the plug threads with a muzzle. After that, the nozzle is installed with the desired narrowing.
Assembly and disassembly

In contrast to the utilitarian hunting shotgun, the barrel block K-80 has the usual hook which he hooked onto the shaft of the receiver. But the principle of the Assembly is almost the same.

  1. Take the butt stock to the receiver in your left hand and the barrel block to the right. Verify that the ejectors are extended to the end.
  2. Take the release lever to the right until it stops.
  3. Put the barrel block inside of the receiver so that the pairing angle was about 450.
  4. The barrel block has a bottom protruding pin-axle. They are introduced into engagement with the levers platoon USM, which takes a little pressure on the breech of the barrels from the top down.
  5. To raise trunks in a horizontal position, close the lever lock, putting it parallel to the axis of the stock.
  6. Pull the latch on the underside of the forearm and set it in place (a triangular tooth-the protrusion on the lower trunk), tightly pressed to the barrel block.
  7. To rest the butt plate to the solid surface and pull the forearm down so that it snaps on with a characteristic sound.
  8. Make sure the forearm is installed properly. To do this, swipe palm across the interface from receiver to butt plate and back. If never caught, everything was done correctly.

The price and the reviews about the gun, Krieghoff K-80 (krieghoff k80) is given below.

Price and reviews
  • The cost of sporting guns K-80 starts from six thousand rubles.
  • This is a gun for higher sporting achievements. His opportunities for beginner excessive.

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