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Turkish producers supply to our market a large number of quality weapons for commercial and recreational hunting, which is established and has positive reviews from their owners.

Analysis of the available technical characteristics in combination with a variety of options from the lineup Kral will allow you to select the most suitable for each user of the rifle.

Today special interest is not only the Tundra, but the model Kral Kinematix, which has for a long time showed itself as a high quality professional gun that can have widespread use. This model is suitable for the following purposes: training accuracy, compete in sports shooting and for self defense. And external data (compact size and relatively light weight) allow the use of the carbine model Kral Tundra and for teaching beginners.

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Turkish shotguns designed for hunting and training accuracy, is well proven in field trials. Their reliability and thoughtful design, a large number of positive reviews and high competitiveness has ensured increased interest in the Turkish variants of hunting rifles. And model Kral Kinematix, becoming one of the most popular for a short period of time, became a model in many ways: appearance, quality of firing, reviews buyers and owners. All these parameters allow us to understand the degree of quality of the executed work on creation of models, its level of reliability and convenience in operation.

Perfect classic design with modern polymeric materials of increased strength, and natural materials (wood durable species of trees) provides a constant interest of the buyer. Indicators of shooting will give pleasure not only for beginners but also for professionals.

The possibility of training accuracy and the use of the carbine for fun, self defense allows you to name Kral Kinematix one of the thoughtful, and has great potential for use carbines. In the visual appeal it has a high accuracy of fire, sighting and range, which provides a high initial speed of a bullet. Using the rifle Kral Kinematix can affect how close the stationary target and at a distance (of the order of 80-120 metres), as well as in motion.

The combination of advantages and disadvantages, determine the overall assessment of the quality of shooting from this model, and their analysis makes it possible to imagine how thought out it is, if there are any defects.

Advantages and disadvantages

Important qualities that can be attributed to the merits of any model hunting rifle, should include the following characteristics:

  • appearance and design;
  • ease of use;
  • security and safety guarantee;
  • the firing rates.

And for the model Kral Kinematix these characteristics are the most significant, because for all the listed items of advantages in comparison with the same options for modern hunting rifles Kral Kinematix it can be called one of the most well-designed and easy to use.

Inertial semi-automatic rifle for professional hunting of this model has a classic design with a polymer material characterized by high strength and resistance to mechanical stress. A perfectly straight trunk with a relatively small weight, is made from lightweight aluminum alloy by cold forging, which guarantees the best hitting the target regardless of external conditions.

Many owners as an important advantage considering the rifle note the thoughtful design of the rifle. A relatively simple device provides the possibility of making a quick partial disassembly of weapons, which is necessary for the improvement of the rifle or its repair and cleaning.

The magazine capacity is 5+1 cartridge, which is enough for firing. The installation of the extension tube of the barrel is also one of the important advantages of this model.

The presence of plastic limiter ensures shooting safety, smooth running of the trigger ensures a high performance each shot. Designed shape and ergonomics of each design details provide the greatest ease of operation of the rifle. Precision soldering all connections, a perfect balance of all the parts of the rifle gives you the ability to get pleasure from the process of using this gun for hunting and entertainment purposes.

And the possibility of use of cartridges of various caliber and type provides more opportunities for application. Moreover, the chrome barrel, you can now use steel shot.

Photo Kral Arms Kinematix Wood Yarı


Manufacturer model Kral Kinematix was conceived as a hunting rifle, but in practice this gun has shown itself to be “excellent”, with wider use. Opportunity training level accuracy, use a carbine for self defense and shooting sports, and entertainment industries – excellent quality of the model.

  • Today for sale is a variation of this model, designed using natural wood (wood Turkish walnut, which has high resistance to external influences).
  • The caliber of both species – 12/76 can be used cartridges of almost all manufacturers. As shown by the feedback, the result of firing the ammunition manufacturer of the effect has not.

The below specifications Kral Kinematix give an understanding of the effectiveness of the made shots. Also the technical characteristics allow to evaluate the model’s capabilities, the possibility of its application at the defeat the purpose of the different size and different distance.

Specifications Carbine Kral Kinematix
Country of origin Turkey
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Inertial semi-automatic rifle caliber 12/76
Capacity cartridges 5
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 710 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Lightweight aluminum alloy made barrel very light, which has a positive effect on the whole entire design of the rifle. Simple design model Kral Kinematix makes it possible to use the carbine, even novice shooters, and the presence of two Kurkov provides accuracy and simplicity of shots.

Lever cocking Kurkov considerably enhanced on the butt there are swivels for installation of the belt.

Picking and packing

Carbine Kral Kinematix is packaged in a soft polymer film for protection from mechanical influences, and when he is placed in carton sturdy box. Carbine is applied to the individual passport and a certificate of quality.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the model Kral Kinematix is relatively simple, making it easy to work with him. The presence of attachments on the barrel provides for greater efficiency make every shot.

To make the shot to send the cartridge in a carbine, then by pressing the trigger the action of the spring on the cartridge, causing the cartridge chamber, the cartridge goes into the barrel and fire a round.


Disassembly Kral Kinematix can be made for repair, when cleaning the barrel. Mount the stem to the body of the box is a screw which easily Unscrew. Fiber optic front sight is removed by removing the nuts from the stem of the box.


To improve the model can be used to change the front sight and forend, and install the optical sight. However, many owners consider this carbine is not in need of carrying out improvements.

Reviews and price Kral Kinematix described below.

The product price

Depending on the variety can vary the cost model and it is 27 130 – 28 050 rubles. This price is equal to the cost of, for example, models such as the saiga-MK, VEPR-223 PIONEER, Vepr-9 (VPO-139), Mr-155, HPE-208 etc.

Owner reviews

How to find buyers, the model Kral Kinematix has an attractive “appearance” at the expense of performance in the classical style without unnecessary detail, and through the use of polymer tough, impact-resistant materials and natural wood. Comfortable and sophisticated design with ergonomic details provide maximum comfort during operation of the rifle and a good firing rates provide exact hit in the purpose.

Many owners is a reasonable cost model, which provides a steady demand for it.

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