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Turkish carbines, designed for commercial and Amateur hunting, proven themselves in our market. Their reliability and thoughtful design, a large number of positive reviews and high competitiveness has ensured increased interest in the Turkish variants of hunting rifles.

Among the models that are in high demand should highlight Kral Tundra, which has proved very successful as a professional gun for hunting and for recreational shooting: training accuracy, compete in sports shooting and for self defense.

Having the characteristic of the classic hunting rifle “appearance“, model Kral Tundra will surprise their owners not only excellent in terms of shooting, but also opportunities that were invested in it by the manufacturers. Analysis of the available technical characteristics in combination with a variety of options from the lineup Kral Tundra will allow you to select the most suitable for each user of the rifle.

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Double-barreled shotgun with a unique “appearance”, perfect for any arrow regardless of his height and build, and high lethality, – all these qualities are typical for this carbine model Kral Tundra. Having a good indicators of fire, the carbine, designed originally for professional hunting, provides both the performance of the made shots, and safety during firing due to the existing locking mechanism and clever design.

Comfort when shooting is provided by the ergonomics of each design details and the possibility of replacing the classic butt on the pistol grip enables the most convenient to operate the carbine – and it’s important for women and men with different palm size.

According to owner reviews, the carbine model Kral Tundra provides the most efficient fire protection is provided by its technical parameters, laid down by the manufacturer. Analysis of strengths consider a hunting rifle from the Turkish manufacturer will allow you to form your own opinion about its merits and shortcomings.

Perfect classic design with modern polymeric materials of increased strength, and natural materials (wood durable species of trees) provides a constant interest of the buyer, good performance and range, its accuracy and sighting provide positive feedback from owners of these rifles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Important positive characteristics of the model include:

  • worthy of attention “appearance”: a special kind of processing of natural materials helps to ensure the preservation of the attractive appearance of the model in a long time, protecting it from the effects of moisture and temperature, and polymeric materials, also used in the creation of the carabiner, ensure the necessary strength and reliability of the whole structure;
  • the ergonomics of all the details – this quality allows you to use the carbine with the greatest convenience and comfort;
  • ease of design Kral Tundra provides the trunk, which is one of the most important structural parts of the rifle, which is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it particularly easy. A method of making the barrel method (cold forging) allows us to speak about the guaranteed safety of its perfect straight shape and strength, which is especially important when frequent mechanical impacts on the trunk, which is inevitable when the active operation of the carabiner;
  • easy trigger Kral Tundra, enabling them to make every shot smooth and effortlessly;
  • the presence of the locking trigger mechanism – it ensures the safety of using the model;
  • the use of modern technologies and achievements in the field of hunting weapons have created the most convenient and productive model, which is in field trials.

Some owners believe the small drawback of the model the manual safety, which must give effect to the shooter. However, most of the buyers notes what model Tundra as Kral has a number of advantages against the background of almost complete lack of flaws of the manufacturer.

Double-barreled shotgun Kral Tundra 12-76


Manufacturer model Kral Tundra was conceived as a hunting rifle, but in practice this gun has shown itself to be “excellent”, with wider use. The possibility of training accuracy and the use of the carbine for fun, self defense allows you to call one of Kral Tundra thoughtful, and has great potential for use carbines.


The Agency offers two versions of the model Kral Tundra:

  1. The option of extractors, pad which is made of steel класса4140. Its color is a matte bright.
  2. The option of ejectors, also has a steel box and trim butt Turkish walnut.

Both models are equipped with two trigger hooks for convenience of the made shots.


With the help of technical characteristics you can get an idea about the capabilities of the rifle that laid in its production.

Specifications Carbine Kral Tundra
Country of origin Turkey
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Dvuhmetrovy double-barreled carbine caliber 12/76
Capacity cartridges 5
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 710 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Simple design model Kral Tundra makes it possible to use the carbine, even novice shooters, and the presence of two Kurkov provides accuracy and simplicity of shots.

Lever cocking Kurkov considerably enhanced on the butt there are swivels for installation of the belt.

Picking and packing

Carbine Kral Tundra is packaged in a soft polymer film for protection from mechanical influences, and the sale is placed in a shock-resistant case made of polymer materials. The basic kit includes five interchangeable nozzles jokovich. The carbine is applied to an individual passport.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the model Kral Tundra are relatively simple, making it easy to work with him. The presence of attachments on the butt ensures a solid hold in the hand of the rifle during firing.

To make the shot to send the cartridge in a carbine, then by pressing the trigger the action of the spring on the cartridge, causing the cartridge chamber, the cartridge goes into the barrel and fire a round.


Disassembly can be made for repair, when cleaning the barrel. Mount the stem to the body of the box is a screw which easily Unscrew. Fiber optic front sight red color is removed by removing the nuts from the stem of the box.


According to most owners, this model needs no improvement. Its characteristics can be called perfect for this type of hunting carbines.

Reviews and price on the gun was Stolen Tundra (Tundra Kral) 12-76 given below.

The product price

Depending on the variety, may be different cost models: the variant with the extractors is 30 170-31 050 rubles, with the ejectors- 31 850 – 33 210 rubles. This cost can be purchased, for example, boar hunter, saiga-MK, boar (CRS-95-02), VPO-208, Snipe-auto Hammer HPE-201-05, Vepr-12 MOLOT.

Owner reviews

Thanks to its ingenious appearance the carbine model Kral Tundra is in constant demand. The use of natural wood, properly treated for the conservation of its species, increases the interest to this kind of butt.

Comfortable and sophisticated design, combined with excellent firing rates provide a constant interest from the buyers, and the affordable cost makes the model Kral Tundra the most popular today.

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